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I thought it would be a good thing to start this News and Updates page so that you (the reader) and I (the writer) would know when things have been changed that will effect the use of this blog.

This will enable me to keep track of the things that I have installed and it will help you by my explaining their use. First you will see me referring to a thing called a “plugin”. In simple terms this is a extra item that can be added to the original software to enhance the user experience. I will list the plugin name, tell what it does and explain how you can use it along with the date and version of installation for my reference.

You will also find that the name of the plugin will be highlighted. This is an outgoing link to where the plugin can be found. This would only be of interest to those of you who have your own blog and want to get it for yourself. For the average reader, these links will not be of interest. All plugins will be listed under updates.


November 28th this site went “live” running the Word Press software. The installation was relatively easy and took only about 10 hours to be transferred over from the previous installation of b2Evolution.

Did you know? You can return to the main page of the blog at any time by clicking on the title at the top of the page.


01/15/2007 I finally found a Video plugin for WP that works! This is going to make the pages of this blog more entertaining than ever. The WP-Video plugin is called Viper’s Video Quicktags by Viper007Bond.

01/08/2007 Happy New Year and here is the first WP Plugin that has been added to help you navigate the blog pages. It is called Popular Posts and it will display the most popular posts on the MNO Blog in the lower section of the side bar. One note, I was viewing my blog from a friends computer the other day and I noticed that when using the AOL browser, the right sidebar seems to drift to the bottom of the page. Because I very rarely view any of my sites using this browser, I was not aware of this problem. I am not sure as of this date what, if any corrections can be made. So, if you are using the AOL browser and can not see the right navigation sidebar that I am speaking of, please scroll way down to the bottom of the page and look right, you should see it there. Sorry for the problem and I am looking into it. A note on the popular posts plugin: I notice that the plugin seems to be starting from now, so it may take a bit for it to catch up to the true most popular posts. I will have to keep an eye on this. Updated 1/15/2007- this plugin works great!

12/05/2006 Added Related Entries. This plugin will automatically list the last 5 related posts using keywords. The related post list will be shown directly after the post and just before the comment section. Each related post will have the title highlighted and a few words excerpted from the post. The title is a link, just click on it to read the related post article.

12/03/2006 I have installed the Gallery2 and Word Press Gallery2 Plugin. Now, these plugins are supposed to make life simpler for me. This one is not doing so well. I am still trying to get the hang of it and get it properly configured. If you want to see what the gallery looks like click here. You may just want to wait and let me get it up and running correctly first.

12/02/2006 Added the Subscribe Me plugin. I like this plugin for its simplicity. You can subscribe to my blog with your favorite news reader with one click of a button. The feed buttons are all images from the readers, so they are easy to recognize. Just click on the button of your choice and you are on the news reader subscribe page with all the site info filled in for you. Easy enough.

12/01/2006 – Bookmark this! was installed. This link will appear after every post to allow you to bookmark the post to as a favorite for others to find and bookmark. If you are a user, please use this link on posts that you have enjoyed. Share them with others : )

12/01/2006 DiggClick was installed. This plugin will enable a Digg button at the end of each post so that users can digg them. This is great to bookmark pages that you find interesting for others to find easily. DiggClick is a wonderful WP plugin, highly recommend! Thanks to Michal for the help.

12/01/2006 Subscribe to comments was installed. This is a cool tool that I thought many user would like to know when a comment they have made was answered. When you read a post and if you leave a comment, below the comment box you will see a radio button (check box) to receive an email when any other comments are posted to the same post. I have made this box checked by default for now to see how it works out. I also added the option to subscribe without leaving a comment for those who simply want to watch, but may not be ready to comment on a post. This too I may change depending on abuse of spammers.

Once you have subscribed to a post, you will receive an email whenever someone makes a comment after that. The email will contain the comment that was posted, a link to the post and comments as well a a link to control your comment subscription. You can opt out at anytime.

I have tried and tested this plugin without any problems. If you should encounter any problems with this or any other item on the blog, please use the contact page to make me aware of any errors or problems. I will respond as quickly as I can.