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Is the Second Amendment in jeopardy

Posted in Cool Sites, Florida, Global, Internet, Internet Video, Law, Links, Local, Military, National, News, Opinion, Politics, Projects, State, Upcoming events on February 6th, 2010

YouTube Preview Image
This video is scary!
Currently, our freedom and rights including the Second Amendment right to bear arms have legislation threats from our own government. But this video provided by the NRA shows that anti-gun politics and organizations here in the United States are not the only evil lurking to destroy American rights. There are other countries in alliance with the UN and a evil organization called IANSA that want to take away our right to defend or home and family.
It is wrong that so many have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom, The Constitution of The United States and the Bill of Rights. Currently we have troops in hostile environments fighting in wars putting their lives on the line to defend freedom. How can we, as Americans, stand by and watch as our rights are being subjected to deterioration! As our troops are over in distant lands fighting for our rights, we not only owe them our support. We also owe it to them and those who have fought before them to defend those very same freedoms from the enemy here in our own country. Americans here on the home front were given the right to keep and bear arms by the founders of our great country. It is also written that that right shall not be infringed. However, now has come the time when we must stand up and let our voices be heard. Today with the threats at hand that want to take away those very same rights, it becomes our responsibility to defend those rights and our freedom.
So, in this post I have presented to you a problem, but I also want to provide you some solutions.
On April 19, 2010 The Second Amendment March will be held in Washington DC. Visit The Second Amendment March web site for more information and make plans to attend. Join the NRA and GOA

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Bub Enterprises Returns to 2007-2008 Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows Presented by Toyota

Posted in Bike Shows, Entertainment, Media, Motorcycles, National, News, Press Release, Upcoming events on October 10th, 2007


Santa Ana, Calif – (October 9, 2007) – Riding the wave of success following last year’s show series, Denis Manning, designer and builder of the BUB “#7” Streamliner, the world’s fastest motorcycle, and owner of BUB Enterprises, will once again participate in the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows® Presented by Toyota 13-city tour with an expanded display area to feature even more record-breaking motorcycles. After participating in the 2006-2007 show series, BUB Enterprises, designer and manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust pipes for motorcycles and ATVs, saw their Web site hits jump substantially, increasing steadily from 1.78 million in October, during the first show in Phoenix, to 4.7 million in March, immediately following the final show in Atlanta.

The company also saw a 50 to 80 percent sales increase over the same period during the previous year when they were not a part of the series. “Our increase in sales and Web site visitors are certainly an indicator that the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows contributed to BUB Enterprises’ steady growth last year,” said Denis Manning. “Both figures saw dramatic increases during the series, so we are thrilled to return to the shows this year with an expanded showcase.

The motorcycle show series puts us in front of hundreds of thousands of our core customers throughout the country making it the ideal spot to showcase our latest collection.” This year’s History of Speed display will not only showcase the current speed record holder, the BUB “#7” Streamliner, but also four other world-record breaking motorcycles. These landmark motorcycles will amaze crowds with their astonishing historical speed records, dating back to 1937 and reaching more than 350 mph. For the 15th consecutive year, Cycle World, the world’s most popular motorcycle magazine, is the title sponsor for the series and leading manufacturer Toyota will return for the tenth year as presenting sponsor. The Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows® presented by Toyota is the world’s largest motorcycle show series. For more information on upcoming tour dates, call 800/331-5706 or visit

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Metric Revolution

Posted in Announcements, Chopper Builders, Entertainment, Media, Motorcycles, National, News, Television, Upcoming events on March 28th, 2007

Motorcycle Build Off

Season Premiere Saturday March 31, 11am EST

Metric Revolution Season Premiere

Metric Revolution Motorcycle Build Off premieres March 31, 2007 on ESPN2A national motorcycle build off featuring 22 of the country’s best custom motorcycle builders. From metric sportbikes to cruisers, this competition will revolutionize the custom motorcycle world.

Log on to for more info or check your local television program.

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Support Our Troops Then and Now

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Editorial, Global, Internet, Links, Military, National, News, Politics, Upcoming events on March 1st, 2007

The Eagle and US Flag

I just learned of a critical situation that will be going on in Washington DC on March 17th. So critical that I have heard the call to be present in DC on that day. The call of  a group called Gathering of Eagles has brought to attention that there are anti-war protesters that wish to use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial also known as The Wall as prop in their political protest march to the Pentagon.

A Gathering of Eagles 

 I can not….. NO! I will not sit in Florida and wonder if there are enough volunteers that will show up to help protect The Wall. I will be standing with the eagles to send a message, a message that will be heard around the world.

Most important, a message that will be shown to our troops that are currently on tour and fighting with their lives on the line every day. The troops need to see that America cares about them then and now. They need to know they they are not forgotten, just as those who have already given the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. While the anti-war protesters from answer, code pink and other so called peace movement organizations claim they march for peace, we have seen the destruction and defacing that they have committed during past protests.

These anti-war protesters have the right to protest, but they are so very wrong if they think they will be able to approach The Wall as part of their demonstration. Leave The Wall out of it!

Gathering of Eagles, an impromptu coalition of veterans’ groups, pro-military organizations and Internet activists, wants to right the wrong. “We are a non-violent, non-confrontational group. We look to defend, not attack. Our focus is guarding our memorials and their grounds,” they explain. “We believe in and would give our lives for the precious freedoms found in our Constitution. We believe that our freedom of speech is one of the greatest things our country espouses, and we absolutely hold that any American citizen has the right to express his or her approval or disapproval with any policy, law or action of our nation and her government in a peaceful manner as afforded by the laws of our land.”

What the Eagles will not stand for, however, are “violence, vandalism, physical or verbal assaults on our veterans, and the destruction or desecration of our memorials. By defending and honoring these sacred places, we defend and honor those whose blood gave all of us the right to speak as freely as our minds think.”

Watch this video below by clicking the play button

YouTube Preview Image

Our troops in Vietnam

Never Forget what they did for us.

Our troops in Iraq

 Don’t forget those who are fighting now.

The message needs to be clear that the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC is sacred ground and there is no tolerance for political debate or abuse toward it and the honorable Americans that it represents. This can only be accomplished in numbers, strong numbers of Veterans, Friends, Family and Volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder in protection of our memorial.

What will I do? I am going to be there to help and document a very important day in American history. What can you do? Join us on March 17th in Washington DC to show we care. We care about and support the men and women that have fought in the past and we care and support those who are fighting now. If you can not make it for any reason, you can help me to make the trip. This month is a very expensive month for me as it is and finances would dictate that I not go, but I will not allow that to stop me. If you wish to help me with the added expense of travel to DC, click on the donation button to the right. Any amount is appreciated. If you are going to be in Daytona for Bike Week, hire me to do photo work of you and your motorcycle. If you can not afford to donate, help by spreading the word to your friends. Thanks for any effort you may be willing to give.

More information at


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Bike Week 2007 Annual Rider Info Meet and Greet Party

Posted in Announcements, Bike Week, Biker Sites, Entertainment, Florida, Forums, Internet, Links, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, News, State, Upcoming events on March 1st, 2007

The Daytona Bike Week 2007 Annual Rider Info Meet and Greet Party set for Saturday, March 10, at Art’s Place in De Leon Springs will feature The Bad Apple Band.

The annual Rider Info member appreciation party takes place the second Saturday of Daytona Bike Week beginning at approximately 12 noon with The Bad Apple Band performing at 1 PM. Admission is free.

All are welcome to attend the party and participate in a Best Bike Contest with five categories; Best Bike, Rat Bike, Farthest Trailered, Farthest Ridden, and a You Won prize to be given for reasons we have not made up yet.

There will be door prizes of tee shirts and food. Stop by and enter to win.

Arts Place
5115 US 17 (near Berlin St.)
De Leon Springs, Florida 32130
- 6.6 miles south of SR 40 on US 17 – 5.8 miles north of US 92 on US 17 –
Maps to Arts Place and local information.

Bring a friend and be prepared to have a good time. We look forward to meeting you.

Download and print the Daytona Bike Week 2007 Rider Info Meet and Greet Flyer.

More discussion on the Daytona Bike Week 2007 Rider Info Meet and Greet.

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Super Bowl Facts

Posted in Editorial, Entertainment, Food, Media, National, News, Shopping, Sports, Super Bowl, Television, Upcoming events on February 1st, 2007

With the approach of Super Bowl this weekend, I thought I would post some interesting game stats. These stats are not for the football game, rather they are statistics surrounding the super bowl and how it effects the media.

  • Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts sports merchandise have seen a dramatic rise in retail sales this year.
  • More women are drawn to the Indianapolis Colts
    than the Chicago Bears. Data show that 59% of Indianapolis women are Colts fans,
    vs. 46% of Chicago women who are Bears fans.
  • The 2006 Super Bowl was the highest rated TV show
    of the year, attracting more than 90 million U.S. viewers.
  • The cost for a 30-second TV advertisement reached
    an all-time high in 2006, while traditional advertiser categories continued to
    dominate the broadcast.
  • Super Bowl advertisers in 2006 saw a sharp
    increase in visits to their web sites following the big game.
  • Album sales of the Super Bowl halftime performers
    soared in the week following their appearance in the halftime show.
  • Box office figures continue to plunge on Super
    Bowl Sunday.
  • Sales of soft drinks, beer and chips rise
    significantly before the Super Bowl.

Comparing last year’s Super Bowl food preferences in the two markets that are
home to this year’s teams – Chicago and Indianapolis – there are some noteworthy
similarities and difference between the two cities. Looking at the largest
overall percentage of sales increases, both markets showed strong sales growth
in cocktail franks and processed cheese loaves. However, Chicago area
supermarkets showed strong growth in sales of frozen unbreaded crab,
refrigerated fruit, dip mixes, and dairy dips; while Indianapolis area
supermarkets experienced bumps in the sales of ‘Miracle Whip’ type salad
dressing, frozen hors d’ oeuvres & snacks, brownie mixes, and bratwurst
& knockwurst.

Product Categories — Super Bowl Weeks*
Largest Overall Sales Increase

– Tortilla Chips — $10.2 million
– Light Beer — $9.2 million
– Regular Beer — $8.7 million
– Potato Chips — $7.8 million
– Regular Cola — $7.7 million
– Frozen Pizza — $7.3 million
– All remaining Carb Bev — $5.5 million
– Frzn Poultry 1-Food Entree’s — $5.4 million
– Mexican Sauce — $5.3 million
– Ice Cream — $4.7 million

Product Categories — Super Bowl Weeks*
Largest Overall Percentage Sales Increase

– Cocktail Franks — 118.1%
– Beef Steak-Frozen — 58.4%
– Pork-Frozen — 48.8%
– Dip Mixes — 37.0%
– Processed Cheese Loaves — 36.3%
– Dairy Dip — 36.1%
– Bread Mushrooms-Frozen — 35.6%
– Tabasco/Pepper Sauce — 34.8%
– Canned Dip — 32.2%
– Barbecue Sauces — 31.7%

* Two-weeks ending February 11, 2006
Source ACNielsen; Supermarket sales

A consumer segmentation analysis from the marketing company Spectra revealed
some of the unique characteristics of Super Bowl viewers from Miami,
Indianapolis, and Chicago compared with national professional football fans.
Utilizing Spectra’s BehaviorScape framework, viewer characteristics can be
determined based upon BehaviorStages (which bring to life key household factors
that impact consumer purchasing behavior), and LifeStyles, (which further
differentiate consumers by highlighting affluence and the neighborhood type in
which they live).
For instance, most viewers of professional football across the U.S. typically
watch on the weekend one or more times per month, and tend to come from affluent
neighborhoods from a variety of household types. They span across all
neighborhood types and tend to skew toward couples 35+ without children in the
household as well as singles under 35 with no children. Popular Super Bowl
snacks that skew highly across the average US viewer are bags of nuts, brats,
popcorn, and frozen poultry.
Super Bowl viewers in the host city of Miami watch the game on TV live in
both urban and affluent suburban households across household types.
Indianapolis residents who watched the Super Bowl last year generally come
from rural and downscale suburban neighborhoods. Additionally:
– Indianapolis viewers purchase above average amounts of sausage, buns,
and brats than the average viewer.– Indianapolis viewers are likely to do their grocery shopping (possibly
for Super Bowl snacks) at Wal-Mart, Aldi, or Kroger.

– There is also a very high concentration of Super Bowl viewers who are
likely to shop in smaller accounts such as IGA and Buehler’s Buy Low.

Chicago residents who watched the Super Bowl last year likely live in urban
and affluent suburban households across household types. Additionally:

– Viewers in Chicago tend to purchase more bagged nuts, beer, frozen
poultry and meat than the average viewer.

– Chicago viewers are likely to do their grocery shopping (possibly for
Super Bowl snacks) in Dominick’s, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods.

There is also a very high concentration of Super Bowl viewers who are likely
to shop in smaller accounts such as Wild Oats and Sunset Food Marts.

So by the numbers, it looks like on Super Bowl Sunday Americans prefer to eat tortilla chips, drink light beer but regular soda throw some frozen steaks and chicken on the grill while munching on cocktail franks. It appears that there is a toss up in dipping your tortilla chips on eating prepared nachos. Either way we seemed to have consumed over 10 million dollars in tortilla chips and drink over 17 million dollars worth of beer washing them down.

These facts and statistics were compiled by and found at Nielsen Media Research, please visit their site for complete details.


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2007 Rider’s Choice Awards

Posted in Announcements, Biker Sites, Blogs, Cool Sites, Entertainment, Global, Internet, Links, Motorcycles, News, Upcoming events on January 2nd, 2007

2007 MBI Awards

The nominations are now open for the 2007 Rider’s Choice Award at Motorcycle Bloggers International. Please take the time to visit the web site and enter your nomination in the 13 available rising star categories. There are also 4 fallen star categories that are open for the not so hot motorcycle groups to nominate and vote for.

Some of the categories to nominate your favorites are:

  • Best looking new motorcycle
  • Women riders booster of the year
  • Best manufacturer’s website
  • Best motorcycle blog

Nominations are open now through February 1st. Voting will begin February 12 and end March 12. If you wish to vote in the awards, be sure to sign up for the reminder to be sent to you. If you plan on attending bike week in Daytona Beach, you will need to get your vote in before you leave for the motorcycle event.

Winners of the 2007 MBI Awards will be announced on March 15th 2007



Posted in Announcements, Celebrity, Chopper Builders, Entertainment, Florida, Local, Media, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, News, Press Release, State, Upcoming events on December 30th, 2006

Senior and Junior square off in a OCC and American Chopper biker build-off special

January 6 , 2007 – Who can build a better chopper? Well now it’s your turn to vote and decide who built the better bike…..Senior or Junior.
Being filmed for a upcoming episode of American Chopper, this all day event will take place at one of the first authorized OCC dealers in south Florida. Senior and Junior will be there to show off their bikes and give you the chance to vote for the bike you like best. These bikes were made for this episode so this will be their first public appearance. Along with the voting, OCC the Band will be performing and Not Fragile later in the day.

The location of the event will be:
OCC South Florida
2608 South Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(North of the Airport and South of the MB Dealership)


Event Schedule:

  • Saturday January 6th, 2007
    • 10AM – 12PM
      • Voting For The Best Bike
    • 12PM – 1PM
      • OCC the Band Performance
    • 1:30PM – 2PM
      • Live Announcement of Winning Chopper
    • 2PM – 4PM

Just got back from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Posted in Announcements, Entertainment, Internet Video, Media, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, Movies, National, News, Sturgis, Upcoming events on December 26th, 2006


Well, not really the event, but the Screaming Eagle Films Sturgis video”Stories from the road” is almost like being at the South Dakota motorcycle event. Unlike most videos that strictly show the uncensored or hot party of a motorcycle event, this video is about the ride. We have not yet made the trip to the otherwise sleepy little town of Sturgis, South Dakota to document the Sturgis motorcycle rally, but plans are being made for very near future visit.

Sturgis Bike Week is held the first full week in August of every year with the upcoming date for the 67th annual Sturgis rally to be held on August 6th through the 12th of 2007. Sometimes referred to as the Black Hills Rally, Sturgis Bike Week is held in the area of the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. The Mayor’s ride is now in the 5th season and is a beautiful motorcycle ride through the Black Hills to Mount Rushmore state park.

Watching the official Sturgis Video will get you revved up and ready for the 2007 motorcycle event season, and it is not far away. I will be posting updates and motorcycle rally information throughout the upcoming year, so keep an eye on my blog.


Deland looking to attract more bike week visitors

Posted in Announcements, Bike Week, Bikefest, Daytona Beach, Deland, Editorial, Florida, Hotels, Local, Motorcycle Event Accommodations, Motorcycle Events, News, Orlando, Ormond Beach, State, Upcoming events, Volusia County on December 18th, 2006

The City of Deland, Florida is actively beginning to promote their city in a running for bikers visiting Florida during bike week. Deland Bike Rally is scheduled for the 3rd of March 2007, the second day of bike week in Daytona Beach.

While Daytona Beach has said it wants to downscale the city’s events, nearby cities and Harley dealers are reaching for the biker traffic. Orlando Harley has started holding a bike fest to the west of Daytona and Bruce Rossmeyer has opened a Harley Davidson megaplex north of Daytona in Ormond Beach.  Deland is located between Orlando and Daytona Beach with easy access to Destination Daytona in Ormond.

The Deland Bike Rally plans a bike show, live bands, vendors and demonstrations. If you are planing on visiting for bike week or any other Florida motorcycle event, be sure to plan ahead on hotel accommodations. To save money and reserve your bike week hotel, visit my Bike Week Travel here. If you don’t like to make your hotel reservations online, got you covered! Call toll free 1-800-780-5733 coupon 133863 someone will be there to help you 24/7.