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Osama Bin Laden killed hiding in plain site

Posted in Editorial, Global, Internet, Internet Video, Journalism, Media, Military, National, News on May 2nd, 2011

Obama makes late night announcement of the successful operation to kill Osama Bin Laden
It was reported late evening Sunday that Obama was going to make an announcement from the White House at 10:30 pm. but when the news broke , many could only speculate as to what the announcement might be. I was monitoring the White House live feed waiting for the President to come on while moving from news site to site when I learned that the announcement was going to be about the death of one of the United States most wanted persons. Osama Bin Laden had, after all, been on the wanted list for almost 10 years and with a bounty of 25 million dollars. The live address scheduled for 10:30 pm did not take place until nearly an hour later from the White House when the President announce live on television that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan.

In fact, as of this post Osama Bin Laden remained on the FBI top ten most wanted list. The President warned Americans in his announcement that while this was a major milestone, it would not end the threat of Al Qaeda. Immediately after the announcement all U.S. Embassies were put on high alert around the world. The news from the white house brought almost an immediate reaction of people gathering at the White House and Ground Zero in NYC of people carrying flags, singing and shouting USA, USA!

The crowds grew quickly and contrary to one Pentagon leader saying the crowd was small only a handful of a younger crowd gathering and he opposed the celebrating of the death of Bin Laden. The large crowds in DC and NYC quickly proved him wrong, the gatherings closing the streets to local and police traffic in both spots.

After the live announcement from the White House, the news began to break out of the early morning assault by U.S. operations with scattered chunks of what happened. Still only small amounts of details were being released a little at a time of how the raid was constructed and when it had been determined that a million dollar compound did actually house one of the most wanted men in the world. It has been reported that the assault happened by helicopter and one of the helicopters crashed and had to be destroyed. However, there were no American casualties reported.

Later on in the early morning more details broke out of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. It was reported that there were other people killed in the early morning raid that included two other males and one female. It has been reported that one of the men may have been one of the sons of Bin Laden and a courier. The woman killed was said to have been used as a human shield in what was called heavy resistance within the compound that was described as a high security compound with walls up to 18 feet and barbed wire. It was also reported that the original intelligence about the whereabouts of Bin Laden had been learned in August, but the confirmation of where he was living did not come until mid-March. The President signed the order for the operation on Friday before he left to visit the devastation of the storms in Alabama.

Many of the news agencies still trying to get the break on what really happened while in New York more and more people gathered at Ground Zero singing God Bless America and the Stars Bangle Banner. Questions began to pop out about how long Bin Laden may have been living in a mansion less than 60 miles from the Capitol of Pakistan. It was learned that the mansion was built for Osama nearly 5 years ago but only speculation as to if he had lived there that long.

This was great news to hear that our troops have finally prevailed in a long battle and our intelligence officers were able to gather the information that lead them to where Bin Laden was. The strike force was successful in their mission and carried it out without any reported injuries of the task force. There will still be a battle for our troops and I pray for the safe return of them all.

UPDATE!!! AP has just reported that the body of Osama Bin Laden has been buried at sea.

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Patriot Guard Riders a security risk?

Posted in Editorial, Florida, Internet Video, Journalism, Military, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycle News, Motorcycles, National, Opinion, Politics, Rants and Raves, Sanford, Titusville on August 28th, 2010

I try to stay away from political commentary on this blog, but I am making this post for a few reasons.

  1. I recently read a news article that is still eating at me (to be discussed below)
  2. I have not made a post in a long time. I have been busy.
  3. There are a lot of things going on in this country that can’t continually be overlooked.
  4. This post is about dignity, dying , veterans and a motorcycle organization of honor.

Recently I stumbled across an post entitled Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost. Yes, it is kind of an old article, April of this year, but not old enough to raise a valid concern over it. First off, the title of the post is a little misleading as no one apparently no for sure who called off the Patriot Guard Riders from being allowed. One thing was for sure the families of the 29 miners killed in a West Virginia mine accident asked for and welcomed the riders. Evidently so did the Governor of the state. So to set the scene a little better, on April 5, 2010 there was a huge coal mine disaster that took the lives of 29 miners. A memorial was planed for late April and the families of the miners asked the Patriot Guard Riders to attend and escort with honor their loved ones. Somewhere along the line a message was sent that the Patriot Guard were to “stand down” for this mission as Obama and Bidden were to attend. Again, no one has come forward with who actually issued the order, but I am sure it was relayed through the secret service.

Whoever made the decision is under a huge misconception on what this group of people stand for and exactly what it is that they do. They certainly would not have posed any type of a security risk for Obama, if anything security would have been tighter. They are a nationwide organization many of which are law enforcement officers and veterans. What possible threat could they have posed. Did they see them as a motorcycle gang, just because they ride motorcycles? Was there some sort of paranoia fear that some rival gang might ride in and have a big shootout? By far, the Patriot Riders are not a gang, they are motorcycle riders period. It is the mode of transportation that they choose and I speak from experience when I say that they add a great deal of honor and dignity to a funeral procession and memorial. My brother died on the streets a homeless vet in July of 2005. I asked the Sanford Chapter of Rolling Thunder if they would give my brother Lonny one last ride before I scattered his ashes in the water at the Veterans Memorial Park in Titusville. My brother loved and respected the grounds of this park and spent a lot of time there. On the day of his last ride along with Rolling Thunder there were also members of the Patriot Guard riders. I have the deepest respect for what they did that day and how they honored my Brother. I have some pictures of that day that I would like to share with you, this is what the Patriot Guard is

These people took the time out of their life to honor my brother and asked for nothing in return

over 30 motorcycles lined up for the memorial service

A short service was given before I set my brother free

 This is what the Patriot Guard Riders mean for me. They brought honor and dignity to the last ride and memorial service for my brother Lonny Odom. For the families of the 29 miners to be denied the same honor and respect was wrong. Whoever made the decision not to allow these people their rights were very wrong. My heart goes out to the 29 men who lost their lives and the loved ones they left behind. Now I share with you a documentary on the Patriot Guard Riders, who they are and what they stand for. How could these men and women have been considered a threat?

YouTube Preview Image

So now those who did not know may be a little wiser as to not only the Patriot Guard Riders and groups like Rolling Thunder, but the entire biker community in general. Respect is always given were respect is due. One more video of a funeral escorted by the Patriot Guard below. This video brings chills to me, just to see the endless line of motorcycles following in honor of a fallen military hero that has paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks again to those who came out to honor my brother, this post has been a long time coming. You don’t have to support the war folks, but always support our troops!

Dedicated to my dearly loved brother Marvin Lonny Odom

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Is the Second Amendment in jeopardy

Posted in Cool Sites, Florida, Global, Internet, Internet Video, Law, Links, Local, Military, National, News, Opinion, Politics, Projects, State, Upcoming events on February 6th, 2010

YouTube Preview Image
This video is scary!
Currently, our freedom and rights including the Second Amendment right to bear arms have legislation threats from our own government. But this video provided by the NRA shows that anti-gun politics and organizations here in the United States are not the only evil lurking to destroy American rights. There are other countries in alliance with the UN and a evil organization called IANSA that want to take away our right to defend or home and family.
It is wrong that so many have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom, The Constitution of The United States and the Bill of Rights. Currently we have troops in hostile environments fighting in wars putting their lives on the line to defend freedom. How can we, as Americans, stand by and watch as our rights are being subjected to deterioration! As our troops are over in distant lands fighting for our rights, we not only owe them our support. We also owe it to them and those who have fought before them to defend those very same freedoms from the enemy here in our own country. Americans here on the home front were given the right to keep and bear arms by the founders of our great country. It is also written that that right shall not be infringed. However, now has come the time when we must stand up and let our voices be heard. Today with the threats at hand that want to take away those very same rights, it becomes our responsibility to defend those rights and our freedom.
So, in this post I have presented to you a problem, but I also want to provide you some solutions.
On April 19, 2010 The Second Amendment March will be held in Washington DC. Visit The Second Amendment March web site for more information and make plans to attend. Join the NRA and GOA

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Happy to have helped

Posted in Bike Week, Daytona Beach, Editorial, Florida, Military, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, Parts and Accessories, Travel, Volusia County on March 9th, 2008

We were on the way back to our campsite at the Cabbage Patch Bar when I caught a bike in a parking lot across the road out of the corner of my eye. Cindi asked what was wrong as I quickly changed lanes and made a u-turn. “I think I see a biker broke down” I told her as we made our way back. It was late Sunday afternoon and we had been up since dawn out taking pictures of bike week happenings, so we were both pretty tired. I could tell this young man was happy to see someone pulling in to check on him as we turned into the parking lot. I make it a habit to carry tools and always pull over to see if I can be of assistance when I see someone broke down. It seemed a shame to see hundreds of motorcycles and cars passing by while no one stopped to ask if he needed any help.


The custom motorcycle that this young man was riding looked pretty new and it seemed that the transmission plug had vibrated enough to work its way out. I introduced myself and he responded that his name was Tony. I was quick to notice that he had a great deal of respect as he spoke using the word “sir”. I wanted to tell him to leave off the sir, but I sensed there was a reason for it. Tony was in trouble and had no way of getting help, so I offered to attempt to find a Harley Davidson transmission plug or at least a close resemblance to get him back on the road. We also would need to find some transmission oil for the machine as it was all drained from the case. I knew this was going to be tough late on a Sunday afternoon during bike week, but we headed out to try.

I found a auto parts store reasonably close, but they had no idea what I might be able to use for a Harley. I guessed at the size and grabbed a couple of bolts that I thought might work and then asked if there was any type of a motorcycle shop nearby. The guy told me that Carl’s Speed Shop was up the road about 2 miles, so I gave them a call to see if they were open and had the parts we would need.

Carl’s Speed Shop

Luckily, I was able to get someone in parts and they said that they had the part and the oil. We headed on up Nova Road in Holly Hill to Carl’s Speed Shop though it was right at closing time for the motorcycle shop. When we arrived, I found the guy I had spoke with outside at one of the vendor tents and we went back inside to get the parts. When he held up the bolt I knew it was definitely not what I was looking for. This drain plug was way too small. I had measured the opening to the case and found it was about one half inch.  He asked one of the mechanics to help and though he was busy, he made his way over to the parts bin to find an assortment of drain plugs. We were able to find the correct drain plug, purchase some transmission oil and get back to Tony just before dark.

repairing a motorcycle during bike week on the roadside

When I returned, Tony was glad to see that I had brought back the exact part needed to get his bike back on the road. As he put the drain plug back in and filled the case we talked. I learned that Tony was active Army and was in fact a Captain! He was only home on leave and his parents had surprised him by booking a hotel room in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. After filling the case with oil, we found that one quart was not enough to bring the level up to the stick. He was not real sure as to the Harley specifications for the transmission either. I remembered seeing a fairly large crowd of motorcycles just up the road at a Dunkin Doughnuts, so we followed him up to the restaurant. While I was inside asking if they had WIFI to check on the transmission specs, one of the men asked me what I needed Internet for. I explained the problem and as luck would have it, he had extra transmission oil on him. This was great being as Carl’s Speed Shop had already closed and chances of finding another motorcycle shop or Harley dealer open were real thin. He had enough oil to properly fill Captain Tony’s transmission up and we got him back on the way to having a good time at Bike Week. Thanks for the help!

I followed Capt. Tony back to his hotel and it made me feel good to have helped him out. He called a few days later to thank me again.

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Support Our Troops Then and Now

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Editorial, Global, Internet, Links, Military, National, News, Politics, Upcoming events on March 1st, 2007

The Eagle and US Flag

I just learned of a critical situation that will be going on in Washington DC on March 17th. So critical that I have heard the call to be present in DC on that day. The call of  a group called Gathering of Eagles has brought to attention that there are anti-war protesters that wish to use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial also known as The Wall as prop in their political protest march to the Pentagon.

A Gathering of Eagles 

 I can not….. NO! I will not sit in Florida and wonder if there are enough volunteers that will show up to help protect The Wall. I will be standing with the eagles to send a message, a message that will be heard around the world.

Most important, a message that will be shown to our troops that are currently on tour and fighting with their lives on the line every day. The troops need to see that America cares about them then and now. They need to know they they are not forgotten, just as those who have already given the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. While the anti-war protesters from answer, code pink and other so called peace movement organizations claim they march for peace, we have seen the destruction and defacing that they have committed during past protests.

These anti-war protesters have the right to protest, but they are so very wrong if they think they will be able to approach The Wall as part of their demonstration. Leave The Wall out of it!

Gathering of Eagles, an impromptu coalition of veterans’ groups, pro-military organizations and Internet activists, wants to right the wrong. “We are a non-violent, non-confrontational group. We look to defend, not attack. Our focus is guarding our memorials and their grounds,” they explain. “We believe in and would give our lives for the precious freedoms found in our Constitution. We believe that our freedom of speech is one of the greatest things our country espouses, and we absolutely hold that any American citizen has the right to express his or her approval or disapproval with any policy, law or action of our nation and her government in a peaceful manner as afforded by the laws of our land.”

What the Eagles will not stand for, however, are “violence, vandalism, physical or verbal assaults on our veterans, and the destruction or desecration of our memorials. By defending and honoring these sacred places, we defend and honor those whose blood gave all of us the right to speak as freely as our minds think.”

Watch this video below by clicking the play button

YouTube Preview Image

Our troops in Vietnam

Never Forget what they did for us.

Our troops in Iraq

 Don’t forget those who are fighting now.

The message needs to be clear that the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC is sacred ground and there is no tolerance for political debate or abuse toward it and the honorable Americans that it represents. This can only be accomplished in numbers, strong numbers of Veterans, Friends, Family and Volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder in protection of our memorial.

What will I do? I am going to be there to help and document a very important day in American history. What can you do? Join us on March 17th in Washington DC to show we care. We care about and support the men and women that have fought in the past and we care and support those who are fighting now. If you can not make it for any reason, you can help me to make the trip. This month is a very expensive month for me as it is and finances would dictate that I not go, but I will not allow that to stop me. If you wish to help me with the added expense of travel to DC, click on the donation button to the right. Any amount is appreciated. If you are going to be in Daytona for Bike Week, hire me to do photo work of you and your motorcycle. If you can not afford to donate, help by spreading the word to your friends. Thanks for any effort you may be willing to give.

More information at


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Vietnam Veterans Memorial, bringing home the wall

Posted in Announcements, Florida, Links, Military, News, Upcoming events on November 10th, 2006

Veterans Day weekend is upon us.

Bringing Home The Wall

No better time for me to introduce to you a couple of my friends and their Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Tom and Dee Twigg of St. Cloud Florida began the project back in 1996.

Memorial table for POW and MIA soldiers

They were at a Pow Wow for Thanksgiving and had set up a table with a chair that had only a uniform to honor those missing in action and prisoner of war.

A elderly women in a wheelchair approached the table. She had with her a Bronze Star and Purple Heart medal with citations that had belonged to her son who lost his life in the Vietnam war. She told them that because of her failing health, she feared that she would not be able to make it to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. She wanted to leave the items at the table in his memory.

Dee Twigg told the woman to hold on to the medals for one year and they would bring the wall to her so that she could leave it there. Tom and Dee began constructing a small replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall and returned to the same Pow Wow the next year. The woman was there with her son’s medal and laid them at the base of the wall in his remembrance. It was a very touching sight for the Twiggs and from that came the idea of Bringing Home the Wall.

Tom, Dee and Daughter Shannon

The original wall that Tom and Dee created was on white paper and framed in panels to replicate the original wall in Washington DC. The concept was created when the Twiggs saw that there were many that simply could not get out to see a traveling wall, much less make the trip to Washington DC. So they have created a Vietnam Veterans Memorial that can be displayed indoors at Veteran’s hospitals and nursing homes. Places where there are people that are not able to get out because of health and/or financial abilities.

I met Tom and Dee at their display they had setup during Bike Week 2005 in Daytona Beach, Florida. My wife and I stopped in to take a few pictures for our Bike Week site and talked with the couple for a few minutes. As we walked away from the wall, we discussed what nice people we had met and wanted to help them. We turned around and discussed a web site for their cause. Turned out that they did not have one. Because web design is something that I do, we offered to build and host a web site as our donation toward helping the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. We have become close friends since that day and we try to get out to help and show support wherever the wall is being displayed.

The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall

The wall has been completely redesigned by Tom and Dee to look even more like the actual Vietnam Memorial. The wall now stands almost 8 foot tall at the tallest point and is printed on black laminated plastic with white lettering. The new wall was constructed and designed by the Twiggs in May of 2006 with very little financial aid to them. The only financial aid that the Twiggs receive is that of the modest donation jar that they put up at the wall during public displays. Usually the amount taken in is short of covering the expenses of transporting and setting up the wall.
This weekend on November 11th you are invited to come out and visit the wall. The Bringing Home the Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be set up at the Lakeland City Center for you to visit. The wall will be escorted in to town by the U.S. Military Vets MC and there is to be a candle light walk to the wall at 6:30 pm. You can find more information on the Lakeland City Veteran’s Day activities at the City of Lakeland web site. They are calling the day A Celebration of Heroes and it will include musical entertainment, a parade and a welcome home for troops returning form the 116th and 495th. Come on out and show your support for the returning troops and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My wife and I will be on location all day to take photographs of the event. If you can’t make it this weekend for Veteran’s Day, then please visit my friend’s web site Bringing Home the Wall and sign the guestbook there. There is also a place on their web site where you can show appreciation for their efforts with a donation using Pay Pal. If you stop by this weekend be sure to look for me and let me know that you read about the event on my blog and thanks to all that visit and read it!

Video from Lakeland Veteran’s Day

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