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Google goes black and turns out the lights at

Posted in Blogs, Computers, Editorial, Internet, Links, News, Search Engines on March 29th, 2008

Google goes black for Earth Hour

The main page of Google went black today in an effort to raise awareness for Earth Hour. However, the power of the big G seems to have knocked out the lights on the movement’s web site by sending record breaking traffic to their server. down by Google traffic

Millions of visitors to the Earth Hour web site shut down their main server, but it appears they were somewhat prepared for this by adding new addresses and more than likely more servers.

Google knocks out the lights at

Internet traffic was rapidly being redirected to any available source that could handle it. Sub domains up to www9 at were seen as an attempt to balance the load of Google traffic.

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First days of Bike Week 2008

Posted in Bike Week, Blogs, Daytona Beach, Florida, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycle News, Motorcycles, Ormond Beach, Volusia County on March 2nd, 2008

I finally found a place to get online and make a few posts, but to keep everyone up to date on what is going on in Daytona for Bike Week, please be sure to check out the live blogs and Daytona Motorcycle Rally for pictures. I hope to have some videos up too within the next few days, if possible by tomorrow. I am having some problems with Word Press, so Bike Week Blog may have to wait until I can do a software update. In the meanwhile I will be sending some picture updates to Bike Week Live for now.  We will be doing a photo shoot out on the loop one day this week, so keep an eye open for the date to be posted here. I hope to have these problems worked out by tomorrow. If you are in the Daytona and Ormond Beach area keep an eye out for us!

2008 Daytona Bike Week Live coverage

Posted in Bike Week, Biker Sites, Blogs, Daytona Beach, Entertainment, Florida, Hotels, Internet, Motorcycle Event Accommodations, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycle News, Motorcycle Pictures, Motorcycles, News, Ormond Beach, Photography, Rides, Sites I have created, Travel, Volusia County on January 20th, 2008

Get ready to send in your pictures and reports live from Bike Week in 2008. I am getting the sites set up and ready to go for this annual Florida motorcycle event.

Daytona Bike Week Live has been set up and I am tweaking the site for mobile content and blogging. You can send me a note at my G mail account and I will set you up as a contributor. Once you are set up, you will be able to send pictures directly to the blog using your cell phone. The web site address for the Bike Week live blog is and will be mainly for mobile photo blogging using cell phones and mobile devices.

Bike Week Blog is open, but still being constructed for multi users. This mobile blog will be set up for live blogging from Bike Week from your lap top or other mobile devices. I plan on having more content and news on this site while Daytona Bike Week Live will be mainly for pictures. Those of you who would like to participate and become a contributor on the Bike Week Blog can send me a note or reply to this post and I will set you up with an account. The web address for this site is .

I will keep everyone updated on these two sites and look forward to sharing the experience of bike week live with everyone!

If you have not already made your bike week hotel reservations, it is not too late. You can still get some great deals here.

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The longest running Harley blog post!

Posted in Blogs, Cool Sites, Editorial, Entertainment, Internet, Links, Motorcycle News, Motorcycles, News, Rants and Raves on January 13th, 2008

It is amazing some of the things that you will come across while surfing the web. In fact, I have started a collection of pages that I have found and would like to share with my readers.

Today’s link is to a very large and popular blog site with many contributors called Blog Critics Magazine. I mean this site is huge! However, today we will be exploring the culture section where Frank Giovinazzi of Car Buyer’s notebook made a post entitled Harley Davidson – How Do I Hate Thee. Its a rather small post in itself where Frank gives out 11 reasons  why he hates Harley Davidson and the dweebs (as he refers to them) who ride them. The post was made in may of 2003 and only contains 243 words, but to this day the Post still gets traffic and has currently 1745 comments with the last comment being made as of this post at 16:36 on January 12th. That was yesterday in case nobody is paying attention…. this post has been read and commented on for going on 5 years now.

I have to hand it to Frank for making this post. Fact may even be that the man owns a Harley. But whether he does or not is not what it is all about. It is about the controversy that was created by him making the post. The post about hating Harley Davidson that has almost created a meeting hole on the web where people get together on a semi-regular basis to kick sand at each other on everything motorcycle related from helmet laws to owning American vs metric motorcycles.  How ingenious of Mr. Giovinazzi.

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Subscribe me page added

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Internet, News on January 11th, 2008

For those who would like to receive a weekly digest to their email inbox, I have provided a new subscribe me page. All you will need to do is enter your email address an then confirm it. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. This is a new feature added not to be confused with the subscribe to comments feature.

The Word Press blog software will automatically send an email digest from this blog once a week once you have subscribed. You can go to the subscribe me page by clicking here or by using the link provided on the right navigation bar.


Blog Action Day Post – Gopher Tortoise

Posted in Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Blogs, Brevard County, Daytona Beach, Editorial, Florida, Internet, Investigative Reports, Journalism, Local, Melbourne, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, National, Ormond Beach, Rides, State, Volusia County on October 15th, 2007

Today, October 15th is Blog Action day. As a blogger I am supposed to write something about the enviroment. Bloggers get to pick there own subject to write about, but the post should be geared toward the enviroment. The choice for me was easy, finding a protected Florida wildlife species to photograph for the story was not as easy.

Protected Florida Gopher Tortoise

Meet the Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus), a protected wildlife species found mostly in northern and central Florida and some parts of southern Georgia but have been found to be declining in numbers.

Erna Nixon Brevard County Park

I took a ride over to Erna Nixon Brevard County Park to see if I could find a gopher tortoise to photograph. This county park is known to have this particular form of protected wildlife roaming the area. I asked the ranger where I might find a gopher turtle, but she told me that they are usually not out until later afternoon.

Gopher Tortoise feeding on grass

I decided to walk my way up the nature trail and see if I would get lucky even though it was just after twelve noon. I walked up the path til I reached the wetland area of the park with no luck. Then took a walk up the opposite side of the trail to the wetlands and still had not spotted a turtle. As luck would have it, as I was exiting the trail just past the main pavilion I spotted this big guy chomping on some grass.

Ormond Beach loop ride

Many bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts ride the “loop” when visiting the Volusia County area including Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach during the two big Florida Motorcycle events every year. Bike Week and Biketoberfest attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to this area and most will make plans to ride the loop during these events.

The Loop is a favorite ride during Bike Week and Biketoberfest

Many of you readers have noticed the signs “Save the Loop” posted in homes and along the 23 mile stretch of road from Daytona to Ormond Beach. The loop is a natural habitat for the gopher tortoise and like the turtle, this land is threatened by development. One such development called Plantation Oaks brings threat to this enjoyable natural Florida scenic ride as well as the lives of over 900 gopher turtles. Read Permit to Kill to see more on how this developer bought his way through a permit loop hole.

It is sad to see more and more of the natural Florida ecosystem losing out to high dollar homes and multi-million dollar golf courses. Along with the natural beauty and surroundings of this land we are also killing off our wildlife, like the gopher tortoise.

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MBI 2007 Awards For The Motorcycle Industry

Posted in Announcements, Biker Sites, Blogs, Global, Internet, Links, Motorcycles, News, Press Release on March 16th, 2007

Nominated by the public, voted upon by the public, moderated and organized by MBI!

MBI 2007 Awards

Motorcycle Bloggers International (MBI), announced the winners of the 2007 Riders Choice Awards. The awards, voted by thousands of riders in 88 countries, recognize significant achievements and serious lapses in judgment during 2006 by motorcycle and related product manufacturers, persons and organizations. This years winners are:

MBI Riders Choice – Star Awards

  • A rider’s dream — To ride the Silk Route, from Istanbul Turkey to Xian, China
  • Best concept motorcycle or scooter — Ducati Desmosidici RR
  • Best exhibition of 2006 — Intermot
  • Best looking new in 2006 motorcycle — Triumph Daytona 675
  • Best manufacturer’s website — BMW Motorrad
  • Best motorcycle or scooter blog — Scooter in the Sticks
  • Best new in 2006 every day motorcycle — BMW F800S
  • Best new in 2006 motor scooter — Piaggio MP3
  • Best new in 2006 motorcycle — BMW F800ST
  • Object of lust — Ducati Desmosedici RR
  • Wish we’d thought of that — Piaggio MP3
  • Women riders booster of the year — Ardys Kellerman
  • Standing ovation — Ardys Kellerman

MBI Riders Choice – Fallen Star Awards

  • Thumbs down — Billy Lane
  • What were they thinking — Speed TV Superbikes
  • Worst manufacturer’s website — Icon Motorcycle Gear

The Riders Choice Awards are unique in that the nominees and winners are chosen by every day riders around the world. The awards reflect the judgment of the motorcycle buying public, not motorcycle industry insiders. Anyone could vote, there was no restriction on age, gender or country. Even non-riders could vote. No registration, nor email addresses were required. However, a system of storing and analyzing IP addresses was put in place to minimize duplicate voting.

After the success the first Awards had last year, membership in MBI skyrocketed from 12 to 96. Millions of readers worldwide read about the 2006 Awards.

About MBI
MBI (whose motto is “Riding and writing is what we do”) is a group of 96 international motorcycle weblog authors from China to Chile. Membership is open to any motorcycle rider who maintains an active motorcycle-related Internet weblog or news web site with original commentary. With a combined readership over 2 million readers per month, the awards represent a true feeling what lives amongst the biker communities. The awards are not given by professional journalists, commercial publications or companies, but by the public.

More information about MBI, its members and the complete list of nominees will be found at the MBI web site .

MBI Website: Http://
MBI Awards 2007:

Interview Contact: Mike Werner
Telephone: +33-2-35297230

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Support Our Troops Then and Now

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Editorial, Global, Internet, Links, Military, National, News, Politics, Upcoming events on March 1st, 2007

The Eagle and US Flag

I just learned of a critical situation that will be going on in Washington DC on March 17th. So critical that I have heard the call to be present in DC on that day. The call of  a group called Gathering of Eagles has brought to attention that there are anti-war protesters that wish to use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial also known as The Wall as prop in their political protest march to the Pentagon.

A Gathering of Eagles 

 I can not….. NO! I will not sit in Florida and wonder if there are enough volunteers that will show up to help protect The Wall. I will be standing with the eagles to send a message, a message that will be heard around the world.

Most important, a message that will be shown to our troops that are currently on tour and fighting with their lives on the line every day. The troops need to see that America cares about them then and now. They need to know they they are not forgotten, just as those who have already given the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. While the anti-war protesters from answer, code pink and other so called peace movement organizations claim they march for peace, we have seen the destruction and defacing that they have committed during past protests.

These anti-war protesters have the right to protest, but they are so very wrong if they think they will be able to approach The Wall as part of their demonstration. Leave The Wall out of it!

Gathering of Eagles, an impromptu coalition of veterans’ groups, pro-military organizations and Internet activists, wants to right the wrong. “We are a non-violent, non-confrontational group. We look to defend, not attack. Our focus is guarding our memorials and their grounds,” they explain. “We believe in and would give our lives for the precious freedoms found in our Constitution. We believe that our freedom of speech is one of the greatest things our country espouses, and we absolutely hold that any American citizen has the right to express his or her approval or disapproval with any policy, law or action of our nation and her government in a peaceful manner as afforded by the laws of our land.”

What the Eagles will not stand for, however, are “violence, vandalism, physical or verbal assaults on our veterans, and the destruction or desecration of our memorials. By defending and honoring these sacred places, we defend and honor those whose blood gave all of us the right to speak as freely as our minds think.”

Watch this video below by clicking the play button

YouTube Preview Image

Our troops in Vietnam

Never Forget what they did for us.

Our troops in Iraq

 Don’t forget those who are fighting now.

The message needs to be clear that the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC is sacred ground and there is no tolerance for political debate or abuse toward it and the honorable Americans that it represents. This can only be accomplished in numbers, strong numbers of Veterans, Friends, Family and Volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder in protection of our memorial.

What will I do? I am going to be there to help and document a very important day in American history. What can you do? Join us on March 17th in Washington DC to show we care. We care about and support the men and women that have fought in the past and we care and support those who are fighting now. If you can not make it for any reason, you can help me to make the trip. This month is a very expensive month for me as it is and finances would dictate that I not go, but I will not allow that to stop me. If you wish to help me with the added expense of travel to DC, click on the donation button to the right. Any amount is appreciated. If you are going to be in Daytona for Bike Week, hire me to do photo work of you and your motorcycle. If you can not afford to donate, help by spreading the word to your friends. Thanks for any effort you may be willing to give.

More information at


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BlogShares! Fantasy stock market using blogs

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Computers, Cool Sites, Entertainment, Global, Internet, Likes, Links, News, Online Games on January 26th, 2007

Readers and fellow bloggers, hopefully you have noticed some of the buttons that I display on the sidebars of this blog. You may have clicked on one or two just out of curiosity? There is a new button that I want to call your attention to Listed on BlogShares
This is the BlogShares button. BlogShares is a game of stock market fantasy where weblogs or blogs are used for stock. Friends let me tell you this game rocks! I am finding it very relaxing for my break time, which I seem to take more of now, while the game can get tense at times, the outcome is pretty much in your control. The game and playing area may look a bit complicated at first. It is not meant to be an easy game, but you can learn and as you do the game makes more sense and becomes even more fun.

Certainly, BlogShares is a game of wit and strategy. You can either become very rich or end up trying to recover your losses. It is a fantasy game and is played with play currency called B$. You can play the game whether you own a blog or not, but if you have a blog, be sure to claim it. You will receive extra B$ and chips for doing so. You can also receive chips, karma and sigma by voting the industry that a blog belongs in. Chips can be used for fun on a game called chance or they can be sold for B$ to recover or get more money to buy with.

For you bloggers, this game also teaches you a lot about traffic and linking. You begin to realise where the real traffic is at and where it goes. Where else can you play a game that you can gain fantasy bucks, learn and have fun doing so? I suggest that you click here and check BlogShares out.

See you there!


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The right to blog The right to Speak The right to know

Posted in Announcements, Blogs, Editorial, Internet, Investigative Reports, Journalism, Links, News, Politics, Radio on January 21st, 2007

There are a lot of things going on in Congress and the Internet blogosphere right now that you need to know about. The Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States are under attack! There are members of congress that want to amend laws that were put in place to govern and protect the rights of the people of the United States.

Earlier this week a poorly drafted proposal was turned down that would require bloggers that write about political issues to register as a lobbyist if their blog received more than 500 views a day. Section 220, would have required certain people engaged in “grassroots lobbying” to register with the government or face civil and criminal penalties, including up to 10 years in prison.

The S.1 Bill titled A bill to provide greater transparency in the legislative process was approved 96-2 with the amendment that removed section 220 from the bill. Senator Rob Bennett (Utah), the amendment’s sponsor, remarked “Let’s reaffirm that the zenith of the Bill of Rights is free speech, the right to petition your government for redress of your grievances, and the right to peacefully assemble, all of which are involved in grassroots lobbying and none of which should be criminalized,” the senator said in a floor speech introducing his proposal earlier this week.

The bill as it stood was noted as “massive” and section 220 seemed to be cleverly disguised within the large amount of words. However, Mark Fitzgibbons who runs the site opposing the legislation that included section 220 of bill S. 1 along with a broad range of groups including the ACLU, the Free Speech Coalition, the Traditional Values Coalition and National Right To Life said it would hurt their own groups’ abilities to influence Congress and place unreasonable restrictions on Internet politicking.

Section 220 of bill S.1 was stripped from the bill and rightfully so. It was not properly drafted and the language of the proposal was unclear and confusing. Our First Amendment rights being threatened in this form is real and needs to be monitored for protection.

Another proposal that is being circulated in an attempt to create a bill would effect the Constitution of the United States in a big way. There are those who would like to amend the constitution to allow foreign-born person to run for president! This should raise concern with all of us.

Article ll Section 1 clause 5 of the United States Constitution bars foreign usurpers form becoming President. The Founders of our country forged Clause 5 of the first Section of Article II of the Constitution to protect America from a foreign-born President holding dual or treacherous alliances with other countries.

By now you are asking, who would want to change the Constitution so that a foreign-born person could be president? Why would they want any person that was not born in the United States to hold the highest position of our government, the President of the United States? But wait there’s more! Who is the person that these people would like to see President? His father was a SS nazi officer. He has publicly stated that he has dreamed of being a dictator and that he admires Hitler. This man is currently in office as Governor!

WHO? Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah; Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach; and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., proposed the amendment to the Constitution to allow immigrants to become president after being citizens for 20 years.

WHY? To amend the Constitution of the United States to allow foreign-born persons to become President. The people above would like to see the current Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan run for president. Both are foreign-born, both already hold an office.

This is not new news, Alex Jones has been talking about this and created a web site called Arnold Exposed, this site not only tells about the proposed amendment, it also shows many things about Schwarzenegger you would have never dreamed of. Alex Jones is a hard hitting investigative journalist that has made people stop and think watching his fact finding documentaries. Alex is probably best know for his 911 conspiracy theory and documentary, but he doesn’t stop there.

Take a look at the information that I have provided for you, please. Make your own decision by what you see, hear and learn in these videos and web pages. I am not trying to point to any particular party or platform in this post. It is my goal simply to inform my readers and let everyone make up their own mind by what they learn.

You have the right to know!


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