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Archive for the 'Dis-likes' Category

Horn Blowers!

Posted in About Me, Dis-likes, Editorial, News, Opinion, Rants and Raves on October 4th, 2006
No, I am not speaking of someone that likes to blow their own horn. Well, in a way, I am.
You know the one. I am sure you have experienced them.
They blow their car horn for any and every purpose or time they can.  

The worst offender? The light has changed, a second has passed and you have not put your foot on the gas blower. They can’t seem to wait for the light to change. Detain them more than a second and there goes the horn!

Second, but very close to first place. The you are not allowed to turn blower. You are on a street, why in the world would you want to turn? You turn on your blinker, to signal your intentions to turn and they blow their horn! They have no idea why you might want to detour from the road that has not ended yet. Worse yet, you turned on your blinker and asked permission. This is their way of showing that they disapprove you leaving the road without inviting them.

These are just a couple of the horn blowers that are out there. Geeze people get a life. Next up, bright headlight flashers.

Lima Beans

Posted in About Me, Cooking, Dis-likes, Food, Health, Humor, Opinion on September 21st, 2006

I don’t like Lima beans or butter beans whatever you want to call them. It does not matter how they are cooked… I don’t like them period.

As a kid my mother used to make me eat at least a few of them! YUK! I swallowed them whole like a pill, washing them down with kool-aid.

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