Indeed, I am not hard to find on the web and I can always be reached at email address mike@mikeodom.name for this web site and webmaster@eastcoastblues.com for any other issues.

To reach me by U.S. Mail:
Michael Odom
2534 Lorna Drive
Melbourne, Florida 32935

Telephone: 321-242-5960
Cell:      321-652-5630

About me, Mike Odom:

I am a practicing web designer and photographer mainly in the field of motorcycles and motorcycle events. I say that I am a “practicing designer”, because I do not care for the term webmaster. I feel that designing, creating and maintaining a web site is a practice in a professional art. One that very few, if any, truly master. One reason is that like the tool that we use to do our work, computers and the Internet, the change is constant. Therefore, one can never master something that is in constant changing form.

Some of my works include the two major Florida motorcycle events Bike Week and Biketober for which I recently created the web site Daytona Motorcycle Rally to cover both of the events in one effort. I do all my own photography with my wife Cindi for the sites for which I created the sites MNO Photography and Ironhorse Photography. We enjoy our work on the motorcycle event web sites and work well together.

A word about the work on this site. All work both text and photographs are my own unless otherwise noted. If you wish to use something that you have found on this site, I am flattered. However, please do not just copy what you like without asking my permission or at least giving me credit and a link back to this site.

Mike Odom in front of PR's in Orlando, Florida

This is me in front of PR’s Mexican Cafe in Orlando, Florida. I have never eaten there, but it looked like a cool place for Cindi to take my picture. Plus we were lost and I needed directions

All photographs are Copyright MNO Photography.
They also each have a tiny little time delayed pixel in them that if copied and used on another site without permission will cause you to have bad breath for the rest of your life.

The last person that did this had breath so bad that people would not talk to him on the phone.


Mike and Cindi Odom

Mike Odom and wife Cindi