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Billy Lane DUI Update

Lane’s blood work to be looked at by another expert, this time appointed by the state.

The hearing for Billy Lane’s pending DUI Manslaughter charge scheduled for today at 2:00 in Viera was canceled. The next date scheduled for hearing is November 17th. However, State Attorney Tom Brown says that we are getting closer to a trial date to be set.

The state had asked to see the blood work report that had been produced by Lane’s expert witness, but the defense attorney has decided not to use the testimony, results or consultation of the witness they had hired. At the same time Lane’s defense has filed a motion to suppress the blood work as evidence in the case. Because the state was not allowed to view the results of the tests ordered by Lane’s attorney, the State of Florida has now sent the blood work to another expert to be analysed. State Attorney Tom Brown said that the report will be used in conjunction with the original report from the FDLE lab. The exact results of the new tests are not known yet but there is a deposition of the Doctor that performed the test scheduled that will reveal the findings.

I asked State Attorney Tom Brown if he thought this would go to trial and he said that he expects it to . He stated that the State is prepared to go to trial unless Lane was to plea to jail time. I asked what kind of plea would be acceptable and Brown said he would not accept anything less than 10 years jail time in order to keep this case from going to trial. You may recall that Billy Lane would be looking at at least 15 years jail time if he does go to trial and is found guilty of DUI Manslaughter.

Lane is still facing another civil suit that was filed by the passenger of the Dodge truck that he was driving on the night he passed in a no passing zone causing the death of Melbourne Beach resident Gerald Morelock. However, this civil trial that has been filed by passenger Erin Derrick against Billy Lane and Chrysler has been moved out of county and has no court date scheduled at this time.

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  • 8 Responses to “Billy Lane DUI Update”

    1. Ken Says:

      “Brown said he would not accept anything less than 10 years jail time in order to keep this case from going to trial.”

      This is so confusing to me. I knew a woman that was killed in a head on collision by a another woman that was on drugs and or alcohol. She only served three to four years in prison. She was given credit for the time she spent in jail. I really don’t understand how they can give 15 years in one state and 4 years in another. I think they should offer Billy Lane three or four years. Even though I had a friend killed I have a very difficult time seeing somebody put in jail for 15 years. I still think about the victim of Billy Lanes alleged drunk driving and how it is alleged that he had been drinking too. I can’t get over my thought that they both have some level of shared responsibility for the tragic accident if they had both been drinking and driving. Often people die because they can’t get out of a drunk drivers way. But if you are drinking and driving at the same time that a drunk driver is coming at you it would decrease your reaction time and your ability to move out of the way if you saw an accident coming.

    2. Silver Says:

      There’s no doubt the Mr. Morelock shouldn’t have been on the road either however trying to move out of the path of a speeding Dodge Ram which has more than 100MPH closure is going to be pretty tough. Also note that Mr. Morelock was just over 20″ from the white line on the side of the road. That might well indicate that he was attempting to maneuver out of the way. Perhaps he was confused by the swerving directions of Bily’s pickup.

    3. wes Says:

      anything happen on the 17th? trial date set yet? past time for case to go to trial. just following case to see verdict

    4. Ken Says:

      Due to scheduling conflicts it seems that the trial has been pushed back to February 2009. The trial could take two weeks.

    5. mike Says:

      whats the latest on the billy lane trial??? Isn’t he EVER going to the courthouse?????? =[

    6. Brett Says:

      This was posted by Cyril Huze

      “Two years ago, Billy Lane was charged with one count of DUI manslaughter in connection with a Labor Day 2006 traffic accident in which 56-year-old Sebastian Gerald Morelock died. Courts records show that prosecutors have filed an additional second vehicular homicide felony charge also punishable by up to 15 years in prison. DUI manslaughter requires proof that the defendant caused or contributed to the crash and had an unlawful blood-alcohol level. A vehicular homicide simply requires proof of reckless driving. Prosecutor Tom Brown states that the issue of admissibility of the blood evidence will not be resolved until trial so he had to go ahead with the added charge, This new charge ensures prosecutors to be able to proceed at trial, no matter the judge’s ruling on the blood evidence. Billy Lane trial is set to begin February 9th.”

      So it seems the DA has filed a new charge which will be easier to prove & also get Billy Lane in jail no matter what happens with all this stuff that has gone on the last 2 years. Unless Billy’s lawyers can do some great work fast, I think we can all tell the outcome of this & Billy will be in his mid 50′s before he hear from him again.

    7. Bill Says:

      As someone who has been on the same side of the courtroom as Billy Lane, I can possibly provide some insight into the process. It does seem like an exorbitantly long amount of time since the accident, but it really isn’t. A good defense lawyer will push these kinds of things back as long as they can. The idea is to get further away from the accident a prove to the court that the incident was an isolated event, and give the defendant a chance to prove to the court that the behavior that got them into the trouble in the first place is no longer a problem. Does that strategy work? It did for me…

      As for the comments that someone made earlier about the discrepancy between time that someone will have to serve upon conviction being different from one state to the next, here’s the deal. In Texas, the state where I had my day in court, the sentence range for DUI Manslaughter is anywhere from two to twenty years per count, and even in the case of a probated sentence the person still has to do the first six months in jail. Billy Lane got into trouble a year or two after I did, and I’ve followed his case as closely as possible. From my own research, Florida’s statue for DUI Manslaughter is very similar to Texas’. So, where the discrepancy in time comes from is whoever is doing the sentencing (in most cases the judge).

      The court usually orders what’s called a pre-sentence investigation where the convicted person answers a bunch of questions regarding their past as well as meeting with a trained pre-sentence interviewer. This person asks a BUNCH of questions and then writes everything up and makes a recommendation to the judge. The judge takes the pre-sentence investigation’s findings and the recommendation under advisement and then makes his/her own decision. The judge in my case had a reputation of giving 15+ years to everyone who came through her courtroom on the same charges that Billy Lane is up against. Others are more forgiving…

    8. ray Says:

      all the best to billy ,anyone of us can make a mistake in life.I hope you walk away from this,good luck,an god bless,,,ray…scotland

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