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Billy Lane DUI hearing cancelled, no new date set

June 12th was the hearing date scheduled in the William Lane DUI Manslaughter trial that an actual trial date was expected to be set. However, the hearing was cancelled because attorneys Gregory Eisenmenger and Robert Barry were out of town on another case. Judge Allawas had ordered that all motions be filed by the defense no later than June 6th during the last hearing so that she could proceed with a trial date.
Three motions were filed by Lane’s attorneys on June 6th to meet the court’s demand. All 3 motions are to suppress the blood evidence that may be crucial to the state to uphold the charge of DUI. Lane is currently awaiting ruling by the Division of Administrative Hearings regarding the sufficiency of certain rules. One of the motions filed alleges that the State of Florida and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) rules were not complied with and it is for this reason that the Administrative Hearing is in place and still awaiting a decision.
The motion further state that several critical errors were made in the handling and analysis of the blood evidence. First is that the blood kit was taken to the post office in Rockledge, Florida on September 5, 2006 and was sent by certified mail to the FDLE crime lab in Orlando and was not delivered until September 12th, 7 days later.
evidence delayed in Lane trial may cause problems in case
The delay, it appears, was due to the way the FHP mailed the blood kit (image above). According to the motion the FHP chose to send the evidence by certified mail rather than overnight or by courier. Florida rule does not require refrigeration of blood used as evidence if it is submitted for analysis within 7 days which apparently was very close in this case. The same motion goes on to state that the proper procedure was not used in the analysis of the blood by the FDLE examiner.
Although all of the 3 motions filed were to suppress the blood evidence in the case, none of them mentioned the expert witness or lab work completed in Colorado that had caused major time delays in the case previously.
So at this date there is no date set for the three motions to be heard, Lane still awaits decision by the state on Administrative Hearings and no date has been set for the start of the actual trial.

Update! on 6/18/2008 A new court date has been scheduled for July 10, 2008 at 11:00 am

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  • 48 Responses to “Billy Lane DUI hearing cancelled, no new date set”

    1. jannie Says:

      Thank you Mike for the update. Other than the trial is there anything else going on with Billy. I have heard he has shut his shop down. That is so sad to me, this man has so much talent and really does have a big heart. Do you know if this is true? Have you heard what kinda of plans he has for that. I hope he is still building. I wish only the very best for him and hope all of this mess will be settled real soon. Hopefully something positive comes out from all of this. I know we cannot do anything for Gerry’s family but just lift them up in prayer along with Billys family. But just maybe Billy will come out ok and a Better MAN for it.

    2. Silver Says:

      Thanks again Mike. I’m extremely disheartened with the lack of expediency in this case. I suppose it’s justified given the seriousness of the charges however it sure looks like the judges in Florida are running a real close second to this in California when it comes to nonsense.

    3. Brett Says:

      Well Mike did say in a prior blog that Byron Morelock & Billy were trying to come up with something positive out of this…..I believe this will get settled.

      As for Billy, I know he & Paul Cox, formerly of Indian Larry, were part of the Next Great American Builder TV show. I haven’t heard if this show will ever make it to the air yet.

      Billy is also selling many of his parts dirt cheap right now on his web site. Don’t know if this is a way to just make some money or if it is a way clear out everything, so he has nothing to lose???? He is still making his biker event appearances & still building new bikes.

      My guess is when there is finally a conclusion to this case, then Billy will start up again if he is not going to do time.

      I will once again say, if all of this keeps Billy out of jail/prison it was worth it for him. Otherwise I am thinking he could have been out by now. I said all along I thought he’d get like 2 years out of this, not 15. If he ends up with 2 years, well he could have served that already.

    4. margaret, ny fan Says:

      I don’t think jail would resolve anything. I hope Billy uses this experience to find a way to do something positive out of it. I truely hope it doesn’t lose the shop, he worked to hard to get there. We all make mistakes, and any one of us could have been behind the wheel that day. Instead of judging him, people should be thinking about it when they drink and are considering driving!!!!!

    5. Silver Says:

      He should do time. You can’t cut him slack for any good reason. It’s not like this was his first DUI. Also he was driving on a suspended license. 4 years + 8 years of community service concurrent. License revoked permanently.

    6. LUCY1921 Says:

      I agree with Silver.

    7. wes Says:

      Any new updates from july 10 hearing? not much new on your site lately,still following this? or just old news?

    8. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi wes,
      The hearing was rescheduled for 8/6. I am still on it. Sorry about the site lag, but I have a busy schedule now and not as much time to do regular updates. I will be present on the August date.

      Thanks for reading!

    9. Silver Says:

      Thanks for the update Mike. I hope that busy schedule slows a little. Sometimes busy is good but I usually just want a little time to reflect on things a little.

    10. Tom Says:

      I HATE to say this, but I see a lot of people saying that “jail won’t solve anything” and that “he shouldn’t get time” and things like this. I was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident in ’96. I now travel around the United States speaking in high schools, middle schools, any other organizations that wish to hire me, and am hoping to get into military instillations. I speak about the consequences of abusing alcohol and drinking and driving. I also made a documentary. Like I said, I HATE to say this, but before people start saying that he shouldn’t get any time, you HAVE to remember that there was a life taken in this incident. He didn’t just crash his truck into a pole and walk away. He KILLED a man and it’s not up to me to say whether he deserves time or not, but PLEASE remember that a man is dead due to Billy’s reckless choices. I made the same choice MANY times and “lucked out” and nobody died, and the only person hurt in my “accident” was me. I ran into 3 trees, a telephone pole, and a house in my new Camaro, doing 130mph. I was thrown out of the car and onto the roof of the house. I rolled off the other side of the house and landed on the porch. The reason I say that I would “like to get into military instillations” is because I fought in Iraq and I know how everyone coming home feels. They feel angry, and invincible, which that, mixed with alcohol is a bad combination. They need to deal with these feelings in some other than alcohol. No matter whether Billy gets any time for this crime or not, he HAS to make some good come from this. I just have to wonder if everyone would be saying the same things about “not wanting him to do time” if he was just some “Joe Schmoe” the carpenter and not “Billy Lane” the famous bike builder. I just don’t know, and I don’t have all the answers. I just know that this was a tragic incident that DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. Personally, I love Billy’s bikes, and I think he’s a very talented builder, but that does not make him above the law. If any of these people commenting here did the same thing they would probably already be in prison, and for more than the “2 years” that one person posted. I haven’t heard of much less than 3yrs for vehicular manslaughter. I will say this though; I don’t like the fact that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement made such an error in judgment. I can’t imagine shipping evidence in such a careless manner. I doubt they would take a 9mm pistol used in a murder and ship it via USPS. This is important evidence and shipping it USPS is just stupid. They don’t know whose going to have access to this evidence or if it could have been tampered with. Although, “innocent until proven guilty”, I doubt he was sober. The point here is that Billy made a VERY poor choice, and if he’s proven guilty, especially if he was proven guilty on the first count in NC, he WILL almost certainly do a significant amount of time because this will not be a “first offense”. I have NO IDEA if he was found guilty of the NC case or not, but if he was

    11. Brett Says:

      The case at the Smoke Out in North Carolina was thrown out. The Judge said the police did not have enough evidence. So no, he WAS NOT found guilty.

    12. Brett Says:

      Oh yeah & it was me that said I THOUGHT Lane would get 2 years if found guilty. Basically because of this taking 2 years. I think it would be ironic if he spends 2 years fighting this & then ends up with 2 years. He could be out right now if that were the case.

      The fact of the matter is, Billy Lane & Byron Morelock are speaking now. They are trying to bring about something positive for everyone out of this.

      As for “if this happened to any of the people commenting here, they would probably be in prison”…….not really. Many try to make this out that it is taking so long because Billy is a “celebrity”. Fact is, no he isn’t. Outside of bikers & people who watched Biker Build Off, no one else knows who the Hell Billy Lane is & don’t care. Proof of that is the fact that while we think this is a big deal, there are 8 people here talking about it. I don’t have the figures as to how many different people have come to Mike’s blog to read about this & don’t post anything, but 8 people is not alot.

      This is a money thing. Billy was well off enough or at least his friend, Konstantine Zakzanis, is, to pay for a good lawyer. That is the real difference. No matter how you like or don’t like about our “justice” system, it has been proven time & time again that money runs the entire thing. The people who are imprisoned right away after something like this are the ones who can not afford the very good lawyers.

      So many things have happened & come out already, no one knows what will happen. Only time will tell.

    13. Silver Says:

      “This is a money thing.” Exactly. And if Billy weren’t the celebrity he became then he would have access to the resources he’s using to keep his sorry butt out of jail

      As to the fact that “he WAS NOT found guilty”, so ? He played the game and “won”. Of course his license was suspended for refusing the breath-a-lyzer test and this “warning shot” didn’t deter him in the least from getting drunk and killing Gerald Morelock. In short his complete lack of respect for the people and laws of our country is appalling. Nothing should deter the prosecution from pursuing justice. Not Billy Lane, not his wealthy friends and not the really weird legal systems of Florida. He should already be in jail and he should never be allowed to drive a car or ride a bike again.

    14. Tom Says:

      Brett, Thank you for clarifying up the “2 year” thing. I understood what you meant. I just don’t think he would have gotten only 2 years. As for what I said about “if that had happened to most of us posting here……” I meant exactly what you said. You said that I implied that because of his “stardom” he would have been in prison already. I just meant because he could afford a great attorney. It doesn’t matter WHY he can afford it, just that he can afford it. You’re right, if I wasn’t a biker, I would have NO IDEA who Billy Lane was. I LOVE his bikes, and I think he’s a VERY talented bike builder. I would like this to never have happened in the first place. I won’t say what kind of time “he should” get because that’s not for me to say, and God knows that I could have done the exact same thing he did. When I had my accident I was crawling across the front yard looking for the friend I thought was with me. Because of the alcohol and the shock I forgot that he had stayed at the last bar. I thank GOD that I didn’t seriously hurt or kill anyone but I easily could have. I ran into the master bedroom of the house I ran into. Luckily the only injuries other than mine were minor abrasions from crap falling inside the house. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling. I just know that I feel terrible about this whole situation and hope it turns out being as positive as possible for everyone involved.

    15. Sue Says:

      I have been following this and others like it for one reason, that we are not the only victims form a drunk drive. This slow justice system does not only happin in Florida, but in other part these USA. Money does walk away from alot, but, may they never forget that they took a life of someones loved ones.
      In, 2003, A Shane MCkay took the life of a biker named Ted Cox.The kid was 23 at the time. Comes from a family of old money. Shane is in a Idaho prison still fighting to get out. He blames Ted for not having a tail light. It was hard to find a tail light after Ted was hit from behide at 70 + miles a hour.
      So, it comes down to morals. Could you lives with yourself?
      Would you stand up? I know I would.

    16. Brett Says:

      well it’s 8-6…any news from the hearing today??

    17. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi Brett,
      Canceled again. Tentatively scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday), but I will be in another court on a traffic charge. I will try to get the story though.

    18. Silver Says:

      Hmmmm, postponed to a Friday ? I wonder what the odds are the judge will hear it tomorrow ? Hopefully you won’t be too tied up.

    19. Silver Says:

      Ya know, working third shift can be a real challenge !

    20. Mike Odom Says:

      Well, it appears we have a new date now for next Wednesday. I will try to schedule free time. I went back to work in the IT profession and I am booked solid.
      Thanks again to all of you for reading. I will make a effort to be there and report it as I see it. My only hope is that we see some real movement on this coming date.

    21. LUCY1921 Says:

      Silver, Brett and Tom ………….You guys are so right. Thanks for the update Mike. I heard it on the radio and then looked up your blog.

    22. Brett Says:

      So any news from the Wednesday court date???

    23. viera florida top real estate guy Says:

      BL, like all other “celebrities” should be treated just like any other citizen…in florida, almost all DUI manslaughter cases get 15 years in prison, no questions asked. if BL is lucky his high-paid attorneys will get him 10 in and 5 out.

      on 8/6/2008 BL had a hearing where his attorneys filed a Notice Of Conflict because, supposedly, there were “unavailable due to trial”. probably just another way to keep BL on the street for another couple of months.

      the defense attorneys know that unless they get the blood test thrown out of court, BL will be heading to prison as soon as they stop letting them get continuances.

      to follow this case on your own, check out this link…

    24. Marie McFarland Says:

      You know it never ceases to amaze me when I see all the people falling all over theirselves wishing this loser well! I have to wonder how much aympathy yoiu would have if this drunkard hit and killed their relatives? This person builds motorcycles. BIG DEAL! That does not make him special or above the law. Billly Lane is a waste of space. And I ferventliy hope he gets everything he has coming to him.

    25. Marie McFarland Says:

      “If James Morlock wasn’t allegedly drinking and driving he probably could have gotten out of the way.”

      I found this little gem of wisdom on another site. This is part of what I am so amazed by! This persom is actually blaming the victim for not getting out of Billy’s way! Incrediable!

      You people who are so blinded by Billy’s star power need a serious reality check! This man does not deserve anyone’s sympathy. He is just a drunken idiot with no scruples. And he more then deserves what any average joe would get for doing the same thing.

    26. Silver Says:

      Well said Marie. In fact I think it’s quite reasonable to ask for the max penalty possible given his line of work, just as the law would from a truck driver or other commercial vehicle operator. One of my friends is a pilot and believe me, he does everything possible to avoid legal entanglements. Billy Lane and others like him have the same responsibilities and perhaps even more. Pilots and truck drivers don’t attend conventions along with the public at large. Other than the sensationlistic “Ice Road Trucker” you don’t see “Joe Average Trucker” on TV no more than you see a sequel on the average auto or motorcycle production builder.

    27. Silver Says:

      As an aside, here’s something I posted on another blog :

      Murder: Second degree

      Second-degree murder is ordinarily defined as 1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable �heat of passion� or 2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life.

    28. Brett Says:

      1 – please get his name right, it was Gerald Morelock, not James.

      2 – it’s nice people come & hate “BL” so much, but even the Morelock family doesn’t think that way about him, as Byron – Gerald’s brother – has been reported on this site as trying to work something out with Billy to have a positive end to this entire thing. Even a picture of the 2 of them talking after a court date.

      As for Billy’s star power….again, maybe he has something like that in the biker world, but in the regular world, he doesn’t. Even the people who learned about him watching Biker Build Off…I would say many of those fans have forgotten him. It’s been a long time since he was on TV. I mean this is not Jesse James or the Teutels were are talking about. This is a guy who made about 10 TV appearances between 2002 & 2006.

      Maybe the one falling for Billy’s star power was the young girl who was also in the truck with him, who now, 2 years after the fact, is trying to get a civil case together so she can make her score. It was even funnier how she used to have her MySpace filled with pictures of herself & Billy together & finally she was sent a link to some of the forums showing all the talk going on & how it might be a good idea to remove the pictures. Not only did the pictures come down, but then entire MySpace page was removed.

      This is no longer about choosing a side, it’s about having a conclusion to something going on for over 2 years now. Everyone but the Lane’s & Morelock’s have moved on with their lives.

    29. Marie McFarland Says:

      Obviously you can’t read straight. I made it clear that the qoute you are bitching about the name being wrong is just that. A qoute from another site. Their mistake. Not mine!

      The Morelock family was discussing an out of court settlment with Billy Lane. Not having a love in with him. Get your facts straight.

      Did I even mention the girl with him? I think not!

      Whose choosing sides? The facts are that Billy Lane did knowingly go out and get drunk; twice the legal limil. And then decided the rules did not apply to him. And drove on a suspended license while intoxicated. And took Gerald Morelock’s life. There was nothing “accidental” about what happened. Billy didn’t “accidentally” get behind the wheel. He did it knowingly. And that is something altogether different then an accident.

      And how can you make a statement about the Morelock’s moving on with their lives? You don’t know those people. You don’t know what they went through and are still going through. Because the man that killed their loved one is still walking around as a free man. I have to wonder if you would feel differently if it was your loved one he ran into and killed?

    30. viera florida top real estate guy Says:

      what? “…moving on with their lives”?? after he KILLED someone?

      this was no minor traffic accident or simple misjudgment where we can just “move on” after saying writing “i’m sorry i drove drunk and killed someone” 200x on the blackboard. mr. lane will be *punished* by the florida courts, just like every other dui manslaughter, and get many years in prison.

      to me, this is about everyone being treated equal under the law…nothing more, nothing less.

      that’s just the way it is…he has plenty of time to reflect and “move on” after he serves he debt to society for carelessly taking another life.

    31. Brett Says:

      “to me, this is about everyone being treated equal under the law…nothing more, nothing less.”

      I dunno if anyone has ever sat you down & explained it, but never at any point in America’s history has everyone been treated equal under the law. Justice is not blind. Money, race, & social status has always & will always play a part in who gets what penalty.

      My real question is do you talk about every person ever killed in a crash when both parties were drunk? This accident happens daily across America, yet where is the outcry for all from you about all the others? In Wisconsin, 2 teenage best friends were killed by a drunk driver. There is a now a billboard on the highway with their picture asking people to think before they drink & drive.

      Why aren’t you finding web site about that accident?

      Talk about not being able to read….I said everyone BUT meaning EXCEPT FOR the Lane Family & The Morelock family have moved on with their lives. That means only the two families effected by this case are still dealing with it. Most likely in the 2 years that have passed, witnesses & the media in Florida have found other things to deal with & this case is no longer a priority to them.

    32. mark e Says:

      “I dunno if anyone has ever sat you down & explained it, but never at any point in America’s history has everyone been treated equal under the law.”

      well, that idea was one of the founding principles of our country. i understand that those with the ability to pay into the system with “alternate means” often dodge the same legal fates as those who don’t.

      like i’ve often said “pay with your cash, or pay with your ass (sitting in jail)”

      doesn’t make it anymore right, does it?

      “That means only the two families effected by this case are still dealing with it. Most likely in the 2 years that have passed, witnesses & the media in Florida have found other things to deal with & this case is no longer a priority to them.”

      yes, and in fact the “two families” will deal with it until the day they pass on to the next world. i got a felony almost 15 years ago, did some time, and to this day i have a very hard time getting employed because of it. in effect, i am very much still dealing with *it*. so i expect these people will have to, also.

      who really cares WTF the “media” is up too? the case should not be a priority to them, its a simple dui manslaughter and only deserves as much coverage as reporting how many years behind bars, if found guilty, the defendant receives.

      “Why aren’t you finding web site about that accident?”

      there are all sorts of dui manslaugter cases, every day…they didn’t happen in my back yard, so i could care less about them.

    33. Brett Says:

      “there are all sorts of dui manslaugter cases, every day…they didn’t happen in my back yard, so i could care less about them.”

      point being, many of these cases have happened since this one in your back yard…are you following those as well or are you just following this one because Billy Lane was involved?

    34. mark e Says:

      I am not following other cases because I am reasonably sure that they, if found guilty, will get the full 15 years. I once long ago was a cell mate of a young man who killed his drunk father and paralyzed his girlfriend in a DUI situation in cocoa, and even with all that the State saw fit to give him 15 in.

      This case is only interesting to me because it will teach me if a two-bit celebrity like mr. Lane can somehow avoid the same fate that others face.

    35. Scoot Says:

      Lane comitted the cardinal sin……….he’s a biker, and he killed one. he should rot in prison and be made the ho of a big convict. To this day he takes no responsibility for his actions. He’s nothing but a two bit punk. For those of you that hope that he “learns from his actions” and feel that he’s suffered enough………you’re idiots.

    36. LUCY1921 Says:

      Scoot Says…….I agree with you.

    37. wes Says:

      any new happenings with this drawn out case? new court date?

    38. Brett Says:

      I still like the takes no responsibility for his actions comments. What would you like him to do before his trial ever starts???

      People going to court usually don’t talk about their cases.

      & it has been reported here that Billy Lane & Bryon Morelock have been talking to each other coming up with something positive out of this.

      It doesn’t matter if he takes responsibility for his actions to you or in a way you ever even learn about. All that matters is what he does & says to the Morelocks.

    39. silver Says:

      His personal and legal responsibilities are completely exclusive. And while I understand your view on how his responsibilities are discharged (“It doesn’t matter if he takes responsibility for his actions to you or in a way you ever even learn about. “), I do have a little problem in that his actions have reflected very bady on motorcyclists and I for one would like to see something a little more public to make up for it. That’s about the only way I’ll ever have a shred of any respect for the entire crowd of Winnabe Billy’s out there. It might not matter to you what others think of motorcyclists but I don’t think that’s universal.

    40. Brett Says:

      Good Lord. To begin with, non motorcyclists will have a bad view of bikers no matter what happens with this case. Whether it’s the loudness of your pipes or the fact some people will also see a biker as a criminal…Do you even understand from TV how many people think Sturgis is some wild naked orgy that ends in gun fights???

      As far as what every day Joe thinks about bikers, until you get all the goofs off the road that do things like rev up their bikes every down shift approaching a red light, or revving up their bike the entire time they are at a red light, or wearing those moronic skull bandannas around their mouths like they are on their way to rob a stage coach…..sorry, but the reasons non bikers hate bikers is visible every time you walk out your door & it has NOTHING to do with Billy Lane.

      Sorry, but the reality is, most people who hate bikers don’t even know who the Hell Billy Lane is. He is a celebrity in the motorcycle world only. More people might know who he is in his home state of Florida, but go to most public places & 99% of the people you talk to would not know who anyone but Jesse James & OCC are.

      As far as Billy saying something, I am sure he will when the Hell ever this case is done. Just the proof of how much anyone even cares about this entire thing in the non biker world, with no updates from Mike, you can not find anything out about it anymore.

    41. Silver Says:

      “To begin with, non motorcyclists will have a bad view of bikers no matter what happens with this case.”
      Well, perpetuating poor behaviour doesn’t help and that is exactly what the Billy Lane’s, Indian Larry’s and OCC’s are doing.

      “Sorry, but the reality is, most people who hate bikers don’t even know who the Hell Billy Lane is. He is a celebrity in the motorcycle world only.”
      A lot more people are riding today and a lot more people know who Billy is thanks to his part in the Biker Buildoff BS on Discovery.

      I suppose youre right that it’s simply too much to hope that Billy would use his noteriety to shake some motorcyclists out of their decadence.

    42. Brett Says:

      Well now I have to be confrontational. What did Indian Larry do before his death to bring anything bad to motorcycling? He died at some small ralley trying to entertain people. He was doing an extra run. He was done with what he was scheduled to do. Anything in his distant past was exactly that, his distant past. He made very bad choices in his life & paid for them. Then he changed his life around.

      As for the Biker Build Off BS as you call it, that was all part of why there was a motorcycle boom. Sorry, but Jesse James, Billy Lane, Indian Larry, Chica, Cole Foster, Chopper Dave, Paul Cox, Keino, Trevelen & many many others never asked to be anyone’s hero. It is not up to them to try to get people to believe all biker’s aren’t the Hells Angels. Actually, many of them are glad people are getting out of the bike world going back to boats & RVs & whatever else they did before they got into the fad.

      There comes a time when all the liberals trying to run the world need to quit making excuses & look into the mirror. Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves. It isn’t up to someone who was on TV 6 times to tell people what to do or not to do. If you’re over 18, that is your job, to do what is right for yourself.

      Maybe you should start blaming the TV for not being more responsible for who they choose to put on TV.

      This is just like being surprised Micheal Vick or Pacman Jones would commit crimes.

      These guys were put on TV because of their talent to build a bike, not because of their social conscience.

    43. silver Says:

      “What did Indian Larry do before his death to bring anything bad to motorcycling?”

      Ummm, where would you like to start ? And as stated “perpetuating poor behaviour ” such as standing up on a moving motorcycle with no helmet on. Hah ! A perfect Darwin Award if ever there was one !

      “As for the Biker Build Off BS as you call it, that was all part of why there was a motorcycle boom. ”

      They didn’t start the boom, they just rode the wave. Just like most celbs do.

      “These guys were put on TV because of their talent to build a bike, not because of their social conscience.”

      Social consience doesn’t sell and is in fact a detriment in todays “to Hell with it all” society. This is persistently reinforced by shallow talent shows, shallow “artists”, etc. where narcissism is rewarded and people with any shred of integrity are considered weird. It’s sad that America has entered the 21st century in such a pathetic state.

    44. JRAY Says:


    45. Brett Says:

      “Ummm, where would you like to start ? And as stated “perpetuating poor behaviour ” such as standing up on a moving motorcycle with no helmet on. Hah ! A perfect Darwin Award if ever there was one !”

      Survival of the fittest? Seems more like a Ironic award.

      But please, share your wisdom on what Indian Larry did to bring a bad name to motorcycling? I guarantee I can find many more people to disagree with you on this then those who will.

      Standing up on his motorcycle……let’s see, isn’t not like he did it all the time, just when people were paying him to be part of a stunt show or when Discovery was paying him to do it for their TV. He also did it to show his firm belief that it time would come when it was supposed to & he didn’t fear the end coming.

      The reality is, maybe you should just jump on your Goldwing, talk on your helmet intercom with your radio playing & going with your friends for ice cream.

    46. Silver Says:

      “But please, share your wisdom on what Indian Larry did to bring a bad name to motorcycling?”

      I suppose you missed the obvious, that being doing stupid stunts and riding without a helmet and other reasonable preparations given the level of danger his stunts included.

      “The reality is, maybe you should just jump on your Goldwing, talk on your helmet intercom with your radio playing & going with your friends for ice cream.”

      Actually I have a 1979 Yamaha XS750F triple, a 1992 Yamaha FZR1000, a 1997 Yamaha YZF1000RJ and a Suzuki SV650SF. I ride an averqge of 30,000 miles a year and I do nearly all the maintanence on my bikes including changing tires, chains, sprockets, adjusting the valves and occassionally rebuilding the entire motor. I certainly am not about to ride a couch like a Hardley nor am I about to put on some pathetic “colors”. I ride because I like to ride, not to be accepted as an outlaw wannabe who paints skulls and other crap on a gas tank and uses obnoxiously loud exhaust pipes on a bike that has less power than my 650.

    47. Mike Odom Says:

      In answer to your question as well as the others who have asked why no updates?

      In short, two reasons.

      One is there has been no real big changes in the case that would denote an article. The next court date is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, the 22nd and I will be there. The only noteworthy thing that has changed since any of my updates is the fact that the defense has decided not to use the report that held the trial date being set.
      The State has asked to see the results under objection by the defense, but was granted the right by Judge Allawas. We should see more on this the next hearing. In fact, I am expecting a trial date to be set.

      The other reason is that I went back to work in the IT field and have been a lot busier than I used to be.

      I am writing this answer at a Denny’s in Daytona Beach. I finally got a break away from the computer world in order to come up and do a working vacation for Biketober.

      Thanks to everyone who has been following and writing to check in. I hope to keep on this thing to the end and also plan on at least writing on my blog once a week.

      Keep an eye out on the 22nd to see the updates on the case.

    48. silver Says:

      Good to hear that life is treating you well Mike !

      I was wondering, have you thought about writing up any computer tech info down the road ? Perhaps something on Windows 7 ? Hopefully you’ve been using Server ’08 already.

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