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More tests ordered on Billy Lane’s blood

 Defense attorney Ken Barry in Billy Lane DUI Manslaughter case

(Viera, Florida) Billy Lane was in court today but remained seated behind the court divider as his defense attorney, Ken Barry, appeared before Judge Allawas in the ongoing DUI Manslaughter charge that Lane faces. The main questions Judge Allawas wanted answered today were if the results were back from the independent lab the defense was using and when she would be able to set the case for trial.

Barry told the court that his office had received oral results on the blood work and based on the results he has ordered more testing. Barry told the court that he hopes to receive the final written results within the next 7 days. State attorney Mike Brown said that pictures were taken of the blood work before it was released and his interest was to see the return of the evidence and the report so that his office could examine the results as well. Both sides of the case should have the results by April 30th at which time more will be known on the exact amount of time that will be needed to prepare for trial.

Judge Allawas set a new hearing date for 1:30 pm on May 16th at which time she hopes to be able to set the case for trial. The mass media turnout for the hearing today was large in anticipation of a trial date being set, however that was not the result of the hearing. You may remember that the Judge had also stated that the final reports from the lab chosen by the defense may not be acceptable to be used as evidence in the trial. All of these questions still remain unanswered even after close to two years since the crash that left Melbourne Beach resident Gerald Morelock dead.

Billy Lane’s custom motorcycle shop, Choppers Inc. closed its doors to the public last year and now the building is empty. The Choppers Inc. web site states that the shop was to be moved in 2008, but there has been no notice of the location of a new shop. Billy Lane could get up to 15 years in prison if convicted on the DUI Manslaughter charge.

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  • 8 Responses to “More tests ordered on Billy Lane’s blood”

    1. Silver Says:

      Ya know, if Billy had shown any sign of accepting responsibility for this, I would have hoped for a plea agreement. But after 2 years of dancing with the lawyers, I hope the prosecution goes for the max and gets it.

    2. WW Says:

      If their results are as the states I’ll bet there is a plea.

    3. Brett Says:

      IMO this is not Billy Lane not taking responsibility. Say what you will, but there is no person, if they can afford good attorneys, who would come out & make statements before the trial happens. I’m, sure the dancing is also all the lawyers. No matter what you think about Billy, Lawyers are the bigger scum. They are collecting alot of cash by dragging this out. Maybe by the time this is finally over, choppers & custom bikes will be cool & trendy again, so Billy can start a business again……His shop being closed is as much a sign of the times as it is this case. A quick look & you can see all the the shops that have shut down & no longer on line. Even West Coast Choppers & Exile Cycles don’t have all the merchandise for sale that they once did.

      Oh another note…I personally feel it is time for this to be over with. If there are plea deals on the table, then one of them should be taken. If there are none, then May 10th should be the end of the nonsense & a trail start date needs to be set.

    4. Silver Says:

      “No matter what you think about Billy, Lawyers are the bigger scum. ”

      He hired them and he’s responsible for their actions.

    5. ChoppersIncarcerated Says:

      In re his shop being closed, and no mention of a new biz on the site, interested parties should search ebay by sellers, for his username – ” copymeplease “. I linked his current batch above.

      Then, click the number representing feedback, and refer to “feedback as a buyer”. Over a year ago he was listing lots of bikes cars/trucks and parts, as if to liquidate funds for defense…..but see from this feedback and the links to the items purchased, he is doing a prolific amount of buying of rare & expensive vintage parts, as well as selling.

    6. MIKE REED Says:

      What is the latest on billy’s lane trial dates and information?THANK YOU!MIKE

    7. Mike Odom Says:

      I will try to get a report out on this later today. Basically, the hearing was cancelled with no new date set as of today. There were 3 new motions filed by Lane’s defense that I intend to review for the article too. Sorry for the delay, but I have been really busy.

      Thanks for reading!

    8. Mike Odom Says:

      New post is up on main page for those who are interested ; )

      Thanks to all for reading

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