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More delays in the Billy Lane trial

While Billy Lane is appearing live on Main street in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, he had to appear in court yesterday before Judge Allawas for a case that started back in September of 2006. Billy Lane is still facing charges for DUI Manslaughter and can get up to 15 years if he is convicted for taking the life of 56 year old Gerald Morelock. Though prosecutors did not want Lane’s blood samples to be sent out of state to Colorado, Judge Allawas allowed it and now the Lane defense team stated they are still waiting on the blood and results to be returned. A trial date has yet to be set in this case and the next scheduled hearing has been set for April 11, 2008.

Choppers Inc. Henderson Bike

Choppers Inc. the retail store that Lane owns has been closed to the public for over a year and their web site states that the store is relocating. Billy Lane has continued his work and still makes public appearances while he is waiting for a trial date to be set. Lane recently unveiled his latest project the Henderson Bike in Columbus, Ohio and is in Daytona Beach for Bike Week 2008.

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  • 9 Responses to “More delays in the Billy Lane trial”

    1. silver Says:

      Thanks for yet another update in this long case Mike.

      Just to clarify, the “Rocky Mountain Labs” mentiuoned is actually :

      Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories, Inc.
      108 Coronado Ct.
      Ft. Collins, CO 80525

      as opposed to

      Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Inc.
      602 Park Point Dr.
      Suite 101
      Golden, CO 80401

      I note that the latter has a policy specifying the turnaround time while the former is quite obviously not a credible institution. One of my friends is a PhD chemist and has told me about some of the “snake oil doctors” who will do anything for money.

    2. Mike Odom Says:

      and thanks for your input and information Silver

    3. silver Says:

      Mike, is there any way to get a confirmation on that ? I was actually posing it as a questions as the initial information specified Rocky Mountain Labs. I also don’t understand why having only one of the vials of the blood would cause a delay.

    4. Mike Odom Says:

      You are exactly correct in your findings. This is the reason that the state objected to the blood work being sent there. One, of course was the great distance of travel, but moreover the credibility of the lab. Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories, Inc web site has hundreds of links pointing to the fact that they support a strong DUI defense as well.

      One statement that the Judge did make while allowing the blood to travel was that she would later determine if the lab’s report was valid and would be allowed as evidence. This will most certainly cause further delay but interesting arguments when it comes before the court.

      One thing I think should have been asked was the actual tracking of the blood that is still out. This question may have been asked, but I can not say as this was one hearing I was not present for.

    5. Wendy Sue Novak Says:

      Many thanks to you for keeping us updated. my husband always admired Billy’s work. It’s too bad that evidently the fame went to his head and he acted like a juvenile and now there is a high price to pay. As far as the shop is concerned, if I am not mistaken, we went to his shop on the way up to Biketoberfest just last year. I know the shop is closed now but it was very much open then, I’m pretty sure if my dates are right. He had some nice old vintage bikes in there and it is a real shame for all parties involved that things had to end up this way. Very hard lessons to learn at his age.

    6. Sasha Says:


      My boyfriend and I have known Billy for about seventeen years and we were contacted by him last November to shoot a documentary for him (we own a production company). As you all know, he has been laying low because of the DUI manslaughter case and when he got his license back, he decided to do a cross-country trip with his friends from the band Buckcherry and we were to film it. Because he is a friend, we produced, filmed and edited it at a bargain rate.

      Well, Billy paid us our 50% deposit and we did the job. It was not an easy task, but I must say, we cut a hell of a piece. We delivered the rough cut to him for approval, with which, he was very pleased. Now, he does not return our calls or emails and we have not received final payment.

      Being that you have a great following, I just wanted to let everyone know how much of a loser this guy has become. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just investigate all of the lawsuit cases filed by ex employees and business partners that name Billy or Choppers Inc. as a defendant.

      This guy thinks the world revolves around him and I hope the judge in Melbourne wakes his ass up to reality with 15 years!

      Another ex Billy friend in the MIA.

    7. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi Sasha,
      Sorry to hear about this (for you) I am sure that with only receiving 50% you are still in the hole on the job…and that sucks! You can post the link to your production company here if you wish. I have no doubt and I don’t think others will in what you have said. I can kind of tell by what you say that you are genuine. Maybe this coming out into the public eye will help in collection. I hope so, for your benefit. There are many other businesses, video companies and professional photographers that read this blog. Several of them comment as well.

      There are other “promises” that have not been kept by Lane as well that will be coming out to the public real soon. Some of which would have really helped him to have somewhat redeem himself. Keep an eye out on this blog for that information very soon.

      Choppers Inc. in Melbourne, Florida closes the doors

      Choppers Inc. has completely closed now and the building is empty with no forward address as of yet. I will be posting pictures of this in this comment as soon as I publish it.

      Closed choppers inc store

      Thanks for visiting and your information.

    8. richard upright Says:

      What Billy did by driving drunk was mean and selfish and he deserves everything he gets and more–it is just indicative of today’s instant gratification the hell with everyone but me attitude and should not be tolerated–enjoy the sex, Billy!

    9. Bob C. Says:

      I am an ordained minister, a biker, and a fan of the finished product Billy Lane has brought to fruition due to his gifts and talents. Really remarkable stuff.Watching him on TV, I wrote off the “Wild Life Style” as something we all experience at times and quite honestly have enjoyed at times. Still I had a feeling that Billy didn’t know what his limits were and I had a sense that tragedy of some sort was forthcoming. Time and time again we see this in drug and alcohol abuse. Talent and fame give way to heartbreak and tragedy. My thoughts, prayers and sympathy go out to the family who lost their loved one in this incident. I know that deep down, Billy would turn this all around if he could, but even his fame and talents cant do this for him. Whatever the legal outcome is, the courts will decide. It is my hope that the family of the deceased will find some peace in this as they will never find closure, and that Billy will somehow pay his debt, find peace, and put his gifts and talent to future benefit and goodness for all.

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