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Britney Spears’ new boyfriend Adnan Ghalib hits motorcycle and leaves!

YouTube Preview Image

There are other (shorter) videos of this crash scene, but they do not show Britney and Adnan driving off. Adnan was driving Britney Spears Mercedes after leaving a well known deli together when he bumped a motorcycle causing him to crash. This crash just happened a few hours ago in Hollywood, California as Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib were being followed by tons of paparazzi. Adnan just asks one of the other paps to get the rider’s info and then says he has to go.

Britney asks if the guys is alright, but then just goes into conversation with one of her followers. The whole time the poor guy who was riding the motorcycle is looking dazed from just being hit. It will amaze me if Ghalib does not get it for hit and run. He certainly does not seem to have a lot of care, but does speed off as if he knows he has done wrong. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Update: Okay, I found another site that shows the two exchanging information in pictures at the site also claims that the motorcyclist was heard to say several times that he was at fault. They also claim that there will be a taped interview with both the motorcycle rider and Adnan explaining what happened.

The original story was found on X17online  and the video is courtesy of posted on

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  • 3 Responses to “Britney Spears’ new boyfriend Adnan Ghalib hits motorcycle and leaves!”

    1. Kevin Says:

      It seems to me that the paparazzi would be considered stalkers. If you or I just did that it would be stalking. And they cause all that disturbance in the streets sidewalks and the restaurants.

    2. Mike Odom Says:

      Tell me about it Kevin!
      I don’t think I could live that kind of life. There must be like 30 or 40 people following them everywhere they go. No private life!

      Thanks for visiting

    3. Jim Mirkalami Says:

      I have been coming to this site a lot lately, so i thought would be proper to leave a note of appreciation here.

      Jim Mirkalami

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