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Archive for May, 2007

Morelock V. Billy Lane civil trial motion heard

Posted in Auto Negligence, Brevard County, Chopper Builders, DUI, Florida, Law, Local, Melbourne, Motorcycles, News, State, Titusville on May 17th, 2007

Titusville Courthouse

(Titusville, Florida) A calendar call was scheduled today at 1:30 pm in the civil trial filed against Billy Lane and Dodge by the Mother of Gerald Morelock for the wrongful death of her son.

The motion filed on behalf of Billy Lane and Dodge states that because evidence was found from a autopsy report showing that Gerald Morelock had alcohol in his blood, that the plaintiff should share responsibility in the crash. Lane was driving a promotional Dodge pickup loaned to him on labor day 2006 when he struck and killed Gerald Morelock. Billy Lane refused to submit to any type of alcohol test, but blood was taken 45 minutes after the September 4th crash and sent to The Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime lab.

Billy Lane’s BAC was returned by the FDLE crime lab reflecting a blood alcohol level of .192, while the autopsy report of Gerald Morelock later showed he had a blood level of .133. The attorneys for the defense of Billy Lane and DaimlerChrysler filed the motion hoping to show that the plaintiff could have had equal responsibility in the crash for this reason.

The motion was denied by the court when Attorney Sam Cacciatore pointed to case law showing that this motion would hold the “Plaintiff” at partial fault. The plaintiff in this case is Dolores Morelock, the mother of Gerald Morelock.

Mr. Cacciatore told me that the motion was suitable for a case were the plaintiff was injured. Because this is a wrongful death suit and Mrs. Morelock was the plaintiff, she could not be held responsible shared or otherwise for the crash. The civil action against Billy Lane and Dodge is scheduled to be heard in late August.

Billy Lane still faces a criminal charge of DUI Manslaughter from the same crash and could face up to 15 years in jail. No trial date has been set for the criminal case yet.

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What do Motorcycles, Hollywood and the Playboy Mansion have in common?

Posted in Announcements, Entertainment, Media, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, National, News, Press Release on May 16th, 2007

Leather and Lace at the Playboy® Mansion

October 6, 2007
Los Angeles, California

This exclusive party will invite motorcycle industry entrepreneurs, such as dealership owners, motorcycle rally organizers, and enthusiasts from all over the country who share the common goal of supporting worthwhile 501(c)3 charities.

For more information you can visit the Motorcycles Charity Associates website or write

Motorcycle Charity Associates
5621 Littler Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92649

Participating charities will raise and distribute significant funds for research, education, community programs, and advocacy efforts.

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2nd Annual Shannon Burke Real Ride to benefit Boggy Creek Camp

Posted in Daytona Beach, Entertainment, Florida, Local, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, News, Orlando, Radio, Rides, State, Volusia County on May 14th, 2007

Shannon Burke on the Real Radio Chopper

Got to hurry! The Burke Real Ride is coming up this weekend, Sunday May 20th. You can purchase your Real Ride tickets here. Portions of the proceeds will benefit to Boggy Creek Camp that serves enrich the lives of children who have chronic or life threatening illnesses. So like most every motorcycle ride or run, you get to have a great time among friends and help those out in need.

You can read my post  Coverage of the Burke Real Ride about last year’s ride to see more about how the event went and meet some of the WTKS Real Radio 104.1 personalities like Daniel, Black Bean, Drunky the Bear and Dirty Jim. Yea, I know the Drunky the Bear link goes to his my space profile. Drunky is one of my my space friends, so I had to give him a plug.

This year The Monsters will be performing at Destination Daytona were the ride will end, but lunch will be served and the party begins. If you missed The Monsters in concert during Leesburg Bikefest, here is your chance to see them again. Don’t miss out this time.

Real Riders will get entry into the ride, lunch and a Real Ride T Shirt.

Shannon, Cindi and I should get shirts for all the promotion that I do …. hint hint. We will be there at the 12:00 start off form Ker’s Wing House in Altamonte and taking pictures along the ride and during the party at Bruce Rossmeyer’s. See you there!

Check out WTKS 104.1 Real Radio for The Monsters and The Shannon Burke Show and not to forget SBK

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Aussie cyclist riding “the lap” across the US is seeking charities

Posted in Exercise, Health, Links, Lupus, National, News, Travel on May 13th, 2007

Geoff Thomas says “Cycling across the United States had been an ambition for quite a few years” and he is no stranger to taking a long ride on his bicycle. In 2003 he cycled over 5000 kilometres to cross Australia from coast to coast and rates it as one of his most memorable experiences. Geoff started off on his cycle here in the US from 21st Street in New York City and at this point has been on the road for 15 days and traveled over 1,000 miles on his bicycle towing a single wheel trailer carrying his lap top, camera and electrical adapters.

Geoff is seeking reputable charity organizations to use the lap around the US for a fund raiser or just for awareness to their cause, this is how I first learned of what Geoff Thomas was doing. It seems that Geoff wanted to do this ride and have it benefit an organization for Lupus, a incurable autoimmune disease. I received an email through my Google alerts using the keyword “lupus” that had a link to a newspaper article in the South Bend Tribune about Geoff entitled Cross-country biker seeking charities. Because Cindi is a victim of Discoid Lupus, I found interest in the story and was led to read more about Geoff Thomas at his web site  Geoff’s web site tells more about his cycling adventure and you can keep track of his progress there.

I have sent a email to Geoff Thomas and I hope to bring occasional updates here on his ride. I wish Geoff luck in his ride and look forward to hearing form him soon. I will keep posting on his progress as soon as I learn more.

Be sure to stop by his web site and show support by reading more about his ride around the USA on a bicycle at Bike USA 2007 to learn more about Lupus visit The Lupus Foundation of America.

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Paris Hilton asks for pardon!?

Posted in Celebrity, DUI, Internet, Law, News, Opinion on May 13th, 2007

Paris Hilton, by way of one of her myspace pals has started a online petition to be pardoned so that she will not have to do jail time.

The story of Paris Hilton being arrested for DUI was no different from other Hollywood celebrities, except there seemed to be a rash of them in one month. Today I read a story about how Schwarzenegger ‘Too Busy’ to Bother with Paris on Hollywood.Com that tells of the petition to pardon Ms. Hilton and how the California Governor has distanced himself from the case.

This petition, called the FREE PARIS HILTON PETITION  is addressed to Arnold Schwarzenegger calling her DUI a “honest mistake”.  She was sentenced to 45 days in jail for breaking the terms of that DUI and driving on a suspended license, that was no mistake. One day Ms. Hilton is claiming she is ready to face the consequences of her DUI and later asking for a pardon. Her lawyers have already filed an appeal of the sentencing on her behalf. Question is, why was she not taken to jail then? Paris Hilton is to report to jail on June 5th with a appeal and online petition in progress. Paris stated that she is not above the law in  the same interview, yet was photographed driving only a few days after her sentencing.

I have to wonder just how many will actually sign such a petition. Moreover, how many of those who do sign will regret they did when someone close to them is hurt or killed by someone driving impaired or on a suspended license. Realistically, how valid would a petition like this be? Given that the petition originates from a myspace account and there is no entry for age or voter verification.

Here is an interesting outlook by Attorney Alan Dershowitz about celebrity injustice entitled Star cases put our entire legal system on trial. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

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Leesburg Bikefest 2007 – looking forward to next year.

Posted in Bikefest, Entertainment, Florida, Leesburg, Motorcycle Events, Motorcycles, News, State on May 12th, 2007

Leesburg Rules

A pair of bikers riding into town with the words “Leesburg Rules” on the horns decorating their helmets. The 2007 edition of Leesburg Bikefest was huge with more shows and stages added this year, the entertainment was non-stop.

Monsters appear at 2007 Leesburg Bikefest

One of the biggest concert draws was the performance of the Real Radio 104.1 Monsters of the Morning. This concert packed a crowd of Monster fans that filled the front stage area early before the concert began.  But what did the Monsters think of the crowd and appearing on the Budweiser stage at Leesburg Bikefest?

Bubba Wilson gives Leesburg a thumbs up!

Well, Bubba Wilson, the musical director for the Monsters gives the 2007 Leesburg motorcycle event a thumbs up.

Tiffany celebrates her birthday

Tiffany dressed in very little pink was fired up and ready to rock on her birthday.

Leesburg Bikefest crowd love the Monsters

The Leesburg crowd loved the Monsters in concert. If you have never listened to these guys, they have a radio show on a local station you can listen live at Real Radio 104.1.

Got Flames?

As predicted the weather for the Bikefest weekend was perfect, but it was hot. Not as hot as this rider’s pipes, but it was hot with a few cloud sun breaks. There were a few tents that had been accommodated with mist showers for event visitors to cool down.

Bob Evan’s pie eating contest

A new event, at least I think it is, was the Bob Evan’s pie eating contest. As much as I like food I don’t think I could ever do a food eating contest. One exception would be a Krystal hamburger eating contest. I can put those things away, but then again I have never timed myself.

Band member throws beads from the main stage in Leesburg

What is it about beads that makes a crowd go crazy?

Exciting street bike stunt show

The demonstration area at the Rat’s Hole always had something going on including bike games (this was fun to watch), Drill Teams and street bike stunt shows.

Leesburg Main Street

And the motorcycle traffic on main street is non-stop during Leesburg Bikefest.

2007 Ratmate contest winners

And of course, the Rat’s Hole Ratmate contest winners. If you have never made the trip to this Florida motorcycle event, you need to put Leesburg Bikefest on your list of must rides for 2008!

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