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Support Our Troops Then and Now

The Eagle and US Flag

I just learned of a critical situation that will be going on in Washington DC on March 17th. So critical that I have heard the call to be present in DC on that day. The call of  a group called Gathering of Eagles has brought to attention that there are anti-war protesters that wish to use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial also known as The Wall as prop in their political protest march to the Pentagon.

A Gathering of Eagles 

 I can not….. NO! I will not sit in Florida and wonder if there are enough volunteers that will show up to help protect The Wall. I will be standing with the eagles to send a message, a message that will be heard around the world.

Most important, a message that will be shown to our troops that are currently on tour and fighting with their lives on the line every day. The troops need to see that America cares about them then and now. They need to know they they are not forgotten, just as those who have already given the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. While the anti-war protesters from answer, code pink and other so called peace movement organizations claim they march for peace, we have seen the destruction and defacing that they have committed during past protests.

These anti-war protesters have the right to protest, but they are so very wrong if they think they will be able to approach The Wall as part of their demonstration. Leave The Wall out of it!

Gathering of Eagles, an impromptu coalition of veterans’ groups, pro-military organizations and Internet activists, wants to right the wrong. “We are a non-violent, non-confrontational group. We look to defend, not attack. Our focus is guarding our memorials and their grounds,” they explain. “We believe in and would give our lives for the precious freedoms found in our Constitution. We believe that our freedom of speech is one of the greatest things our country espouses, and we absolutely hold that any American citizen has the right to express his or her approval or disapproval with any policy, law or action of our nation and her government in a peaceful manner as afforded by the laws of our land.”

What the Eagles will not stand for, however, are “violence, vandalism, physical or verbal assaults on our veterans, and the destruction or desecration of our memorials. By defending and honoring these sacred places, we defend and honor those whose blood gave all of us the right to speak as freely as our minds think.”

Watch this video below by clicking the play button

YouTube Preview Image

Our troops in Vietnam

Never Forget what they did for us.

Our troops in Iraq

 Don’t forget those who are fighting now.

The message needs to be clear that the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC is sacred ground and there is no tolerance for political debate or abuse toward it and the honorable Americans that it represents. This can only be accomplished in numbers, strong numbers of Veterans, Friends, Family and Volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder in protection of our memorial.

What will I do? I am going to be there to help and document a very important day in American history. What can you do? Join us on March 17th in Washington DC to show we care. We care about and support the men and women that have fought in the past and we care and support those who are fighting now. If you can not make it for any reason, you can help me to make the trip. This month is a very expensive month for me as it is and finances would dictate that I not go, but I will not allow that to stop me. If you wish to help me with the added expense of travel to DC, click on the donation button to the right. Any amount is appreciated. If you are going to be in Daytona for Bike Week, hire me to do photo work of you and your motorcycle. If you can not afford to donate, help by spreading the word to your friends. Thanks for any effort you may be willing to give.

More information at


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  • 7 Responses to “Support Our Troops Then and Now”

    1. sandie Says:

      Well, if you drive by my house you will see a USMC garden flag. On my house you will see the American Flag. On Sunday’s my NASCAR DRIVER”S flag is out as well. I disagree with you Mike. So, since I do not agree with you my comment will be deleted or nasty remarks made. You say you do not censor or delete but now, we know that you do. The Vietnam Wall is owned by the citizens of the Unites States and was paid for by tax dollars not fund raising. My father served in the United States Marine Corp. He was one of the Frozen Chosen. For people who do not know what the Frozen Chosen are, I suggest you read up on your history. My 60 year old brother in law served two terms in Vietnam. He was on the front line, had little kids come up with bombs on them, slept on the ground in a ditch with gunfire all around, hungry and scared. He also lost men in his squadron. We are in Iraq because our President mislead the people of the United States and other world leaders that he had intelligence to prove Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair will be looking for another job because he trusted our President, To date there have been no weapons of mass destruction found or any evidence that there were any being made and yet our military is still there. Daily we see more deaths reported over ther and hear of more being deployed. The Vietnam wall is part of Americiana. If Gathering of the Eagles want to use it to protest this war so be it. They have the right afforded by the Constitution. The wall is carried around the country and it is one big drinking party. There are no prayers for our fallen military men and women, go to Wickham Park when the wall is there. We have vendors selling biker gear,hotdog stands, $3.00 Coke and water stands and beer booths set up. There were many wars before Vietnam that gave us our Constitutional rights. Freedom of speech came about way before Vietnam!! On MNO SPEAKS if Mike agrees with what is written, you have freedom of speech, if Mike does not agree too bad you are denied, Thought there was no censorship…..there certaily is and it no longer a children, teenager and family site. My donations will go to Gathering of the Eagles. I say bring our military home. Like Vietnam, we should have stayed home. Instead we are the most hated country in the world. We owe more money to other countries than any other country. We need another wall to put all the names on from this war. The first name should be PAT TILLMAN.

    2. LT Richard Says:

      I appreciate your family’s service. BUT, I think that you are just a bit too worried about what “others” think of us. “They” (the ones you seem to be worried about) hated us long before Vietnam and long before WWII (the Library of Congress is filled with books describing their lack of enthusiasm with the United States). The Vietnam Vets gave as much for our freedoms as any one every has.
      It was people like you that caused the deaths of over 1 MILLION South Vietnamese “Friends” (and a good number of our troops) when Fonda, Kerry and his gang of liars fed the people of the US such lies that were proved wrong 1000 times over. Because of their kind, we abandoned our friends and a million of them were imprisoned, tortured and killed… thanks John, thanks Jane, and thank you FOR NOTHING (its in REAL history books, read about it).
      You wanted to think that people like the NV Gov’t, NVA and VC were just a nice bunch that would never hurt anyone if only we would just pack up and leave…
      Well ya know what? The only thing our “FRIENDS” in South Vietnam wanted was what we had – what YOU now have – what we here in the US enjoy. It’s called FREEDOM. Instead, we stabbed them in the back because Kerry sat in front of Congress and called our troops murderers and rapists, he learned (from the Soviets or the NV Gov’t in Paris, I suspect) how to sway our most emotional, but least intelligent citizens (like you, maybe?) that our own troops were the enemy and your type were led like sheep to hate them (hate ME – hated OUR OWN!), and I for one will never forget it – right up to my last breath.
      I am willing to bet that YOU are a product of our Federalized School systems that have taken a nose dive since that idiot, LBJ, single handedly tied the hands of our troops in Vietnam, and began the Federalization of our, then excellent, state/county run schools, and then went crazy with immigrations (causing most illegal immigration problems that we have today), and he is probably one of YOUR heroes… (yes, get out some history books and look at the changes to our laws in 1964 and 65 and he PUSHED hard for them, too).
      When WILL you take a stand? When the people that want us dead are in your house raping your mother and killing your father? (pssst.. It’s too late by then). Maybe if YOUR sister was killed by a fanatic whose family was paid $25,000 US Dollars by Saddam Hussein for strapping a bomb on his chest and going into a public place and killing himself (and your sister, too)… maybe then? No… I thought not. Peace at any price. Peace no matter what. When they nuke one of our cities, maybe THEN you will come around (if you are alive…)?
      These “friendly” protesters are now spray painting filth on our monuments and memorials erected to people with more moral character and intellect than any of these “Peace at any price” people will ever have. Your kind is granted freedom over and over again by those whose names are on those monuments. No matter how much you misjudge the “nice peace-filled” world that you think will never hurt us if we just sit back and shut up, they want you dead. DEAD! Yes, little, sweet, peaceful, you! They hate you no matter WHAT we do. Your kind never seems to understand that we are hated for what we have and not who we are. They don’t know us. They listen to the Communist News Network (CNN) and they see only the lies (and man do they lie).
      I suppose you think that the North Korean and Mainland Chinese governments are “OK” people, just a little different than we are. I think you need to live in North Korea for a few years to really understand what it is we have here. I don’t think that you (or any of these Code Pinkers, and Peace Freaks and MoveOn kiddies) really understand it. Or maybe, just maybe you could be satisfied living under the yoke of real Communism (or Sharia law) – say like like Cuba’s lucky citizens have for so long (Geee.. I wonder why they risk 100 miles of shark infested waters and Castro’s machine guns to get here? – Must be to join… ya think? NOT.). Sometimes life is worth more than just eating, breathing and watching Hollywood make trashy, films (many are simply a form of propaganda). There is more to life than eating Prozac all day and wondering why your government can’t just give you everything you need like those nice Socialist and Communist countries do…
      Well, you are I agree on one thing. Pat Tillman was a real American Hero… not just a Hero, but an AMERICAN HERO. You see, I don’t CARE if the socialist, communists, monarchies, and countries like Iran, and France, and the others do not like us. We are, for the most part, free (although our own Congress just voted to take away the Secret Ballot from of some of our citizens… Shameful – sad). If we get educated and work hard, and stay true to our beliefs, we can live comfortable, meaningful lives. MOST of the world can’t say that. There is a reason that most of the countries that used to make up the Eastern European block now call themselves our friends and they DO like us. Why don’t you go do some reading and figure THAT out. If you can do that, you may begin to understand why people like Pat Tillman and most of the Vets (dead and alive) in Vietnam, Korean War, WW2, and WW1 exist and are considered REAL American heroes. You probably won’t admit it, none of you will – but you want us to fail in Iraq. You want to see it all go down the toilet just because you hate Bush. It is a sophomoric trait to attempt to tear down a wall that is really a dike that keeps you alive. Succeed, and you drown in the process. You see, Understanding REAL Freedom comes with a childproof cap, and some of you will just never be smart enough to get into it to understand that Freedom is NOT free. Pat Tillman was smart enough… God bless him.

      LT Richard
      Daytona Beach, FL

    3. Mike Odom Says:

      Thank you for the great answer in your comment LT Richard
      I think you posted the same twice, so with your permission I will delete the duplicate.

    4. LT Richard Says:

      Be my guest, Mike. I just had one more little thing to add that I forgot (well.. it WAS “little” when I started… Thanks)

      I was reading an article in a London paper some years ago. Before I saw the headline on the article, I saw a picture of a woman (middle eastern, no doubt, and dead, but not mutilated) and she was clutching, and I mean holding on tight-clutching an obviously dead baby, maybe 8 months old. The second picture was a wider view and there were dozens, maybe hundreds of women and children (and a few men) just spread out, dead… skin sagging, grotesque, lifeless… then I saw it: Saddam Gasses Kurds!”

      I am very sure that the Kurdish people who lost loved ones to the poison gas attacks by Saddam ON F-N BABIES don’t agree on Saddam not having WMD! BABIES! Innocent women and children – and why? Because he didn’t like them… I don’t know about the rest of this sick, greedy, self-centered world, but I was raised to call that GENOCIDE – and nerve gas is surely a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION CAUSING MASS DEATH, and it is a very painful way to go, too.. slowly choking in total body pain, gasping, eyes bulging… tongue swelling… 20 to 30 minutes of that and then your body quits… you hope your baby goes first. Maybe you smother your own baby to stop the poor thing’s horrible pain…
      WE DID NOT TAKE OUT SADDAM SOON ENOUGH… You selfish, horrible, Hollywood Morons would probably have left Hitler in power as he gassed another 6 or 8 million in your state of DENIAL. We did a GOOD thing, and I for one have NO regrets other than Bush’s rather poor handing of it up front (and yes, they did not do a very good job – but I suspect they were trying to work within the foolish PC guidelines… ALWAYS a mistake. Go back and read the Senate and House transcripts and see what each and every one of your reps said about that monster BEFORE it was turned into a political nightmare in our broken government (and don’t let them lie to you – they had the same intelligence that the Executive branch had – WE ALL HAD IT! HE WAS A MONSTER! PERIOD!). I wonder if they all take an opinion poll before they take a leak to see if it is OK with their brainless followers that have never studied real history, and most certainly don’t understand that the ONLY thing the people they follow care about is their VOTE – they don’t care WHAT you want, what you think, IF you can even think at all. You are a mindless button pusher that helps them keep their pitiful, worthless jobs. We need some real leadership, and it sure won’t be 95% of the jerks currently in the Senate or the House… this is sad, so very sad. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves to throw-up.

      LT Richard

    5. sandie Says:

      If you think things are so good……why has Bin Laden not been found?? The government can tell you who drove their cars down your street. Look at all the countries we are in debt too. There was a surplus of US dollars at the end of Clinton’s Presidency. Now our dollar is next to worthless. Other countries are watching the dollar decline each day.There has never been peace in the Middle East. Bush 2 went after Saddam because Bush 1 was not smart enough to do so as Texas Millionaire Ross Perot will tell you so. I love the USA and the Freedom of Speech. If you read your history, we won nothing in Vietnam. But, we sure had a lot of poor souls die for nothing. I think we have a pretty good Senate. Sure is shameful when the current Bush has his own party wanting to impeach him. Hey Mike, you run for office. You would do better than what we have now. I finally agree with THE DONALD TRUMP…he said and I quote “THAT GEORGE BUSH 2 WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE WORST PRESIDENT TO DATE!!!” Those Texas oil people love Bush 2 ……….they keep making billions of dollars at our expense. Cheney makes billions on stock in Halliburton. Another reason to keep our troops over there to make the Vice President richer.

    6. LT Richard Says:

      I didn’t say things we “so good” but it is obvious you don’t know how bad they are in other parts of the world. Look up the phrase “Comparative Analysis” and then make use of it. You have this comfortable little “peephole” that you view the world through, and it is surely not based in reality. And yes, we could invade yet another country to pull that stinky slob Bin Laden out of some rat hole in Pakistan (no, there are no showers where he lives) , but you antiwar types would wet the bed all over again…
      And you also know very little about the world’s economy, but you are right about one thing – The trade imbalance is far too large – but you have NO idea why. Let me clue you in: It is because our wonderful unions (which served an important purpose at one time in our country) have turned into huge bloated criminal machines that are OWNED by the Democrat party. Our wonderful new congress just voted to take away the “SECRET BALLOT!!!” That is a pure Stalinist 101 move – DEMS = STALIN = SOCIALISM = Not too bright.
      And Sandie, Clinton’s surplus was on paper just like any gain that our current administration claims we are making. What part of ‘DOT COM” Bubble and subsequent implosion did you not understand? Can you say “FUNNY MONEY?” He never balanced anything (except to give one of worst white collar WORLD criminals a pardon – does the name “RICH” mean anything to you? To quote a recent MORONIC phrase: “Google it…”
      But you and I also agree that BUSH 1 did the wrong thing – they should have rolled through Baghdad like a bulldozer on fire!! But no, he listened to his “coalition” of the weak – the infirm, the criminal.
      And we were so far ahead in Vietnam when MORONS like Kerry and Hanoi Jane lied to every person in the US about our troops and set them against our very own people. If you have the guts (and the brains) study what wonderful Sen. Kerry REALLY did back then: Go to (Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation) and learn. Col. Bud will fill you in with some truth. See what has been CLEANSED from our history books by the left. It will scare you, if you have the guts and you are willing to read it. And it is very well researched. In fact, it should scare anyone in this country that likes the freedoms we enjoy. Because when we cross the line (and we are very close to it) we surrender our freedoms to a government so large, so powerful that we no longer control it (at all). Many of the things we post on boards like this can’t even be posted by people in France or the UK anymore – it is banned by their “Hate speech laws” – and they are pushing for them here… but there are those of us smart enough to know that laws against thought, and speech, and taking away the secret ballot are tools of the BIG GOVT gang that want to control every aspect of your life. And maybe YOU need it… but most of us with brains do not.
      My God, they found PROZAC in the water table in London… Oh yes. They did.
      An entire country drugged to be fat, dumb and happy. People in London call in to U.S. talk shows because they can’t say what they feel in London. I guess you want that here, too? Please get an education – PUH-LEEZE!
      Right now, Bush is not doing us any favors because of the poor execution of the war. But I support him just like I supported Clinton’s military operations – and this is because THEY are presidents and they deserve a measure of respect, for the office itself, if no other reason. BUT you must tell them what you think WITHOUT bad-mouthing the troops. It is called FREEDOM. I suggest you get a pen-pal in France or England and really find out what they can and can’t say/do over there BEFORE you push Socialism upon us all. It is funny that they had riots where 100,000 (yes, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) Cars were burned and destroyed and our news agencies gave little more than 60 seconds each night about it. Let me know how much news would be generated here if every car in downtown Atlanta were burned and destroyed.

      You must get a GRIP and be able to see through the government-media complex. Things are not reported to us because they would not be good for the Democrat party – but they leak through to us. We find out because of the Internet.
      And you know NOTHING about Halliburton so stop pushing these inane talking points you hear from ( . Halliburton is actually a very good company to work for – they have some of the best people in the world working for them – and most of them are US citizens (when they can get them). Clinton used them in his war efforts, too – but no one said a word then. WHY? Because 99.9% of the time they get the job done, and done right (with very few overruns). And that money doesn’t stay over there – it usually comes back home to the USA where we need it – Most of the time when the left screams “NO BID contact” it is because Halliburton was the only company that bid or could even do the jobs listed in the initial RFC (Request For Comments – on a contract). So wake up and learn. READ! Pay attention. Stop using stale taking points someone else gave you that you just believe without even checking them out. I check out ALL items from BOTH sides- and that is why I sit on the right side of the isle. The left is far too close to Stalin, Castro, Hitler, and dozen other socialist machines that pushed SOCIALISM. it is a bad deal because it means “control.” And lots of it.
      Education (and your won research) may help what ails you. But it may not.

      If you simply follow the left around like a little puppy taking bits and pieces of their scraps, you will always be licking their heels…

      No, George will not even be close to the worst when history judges him (not YOU.)
      The very best 2 presidents since WW2 are:
      JFK (a Dem with GUTS who supported the Military and lowered taxes)
      Reagan (a Rep with GUTS who supported the Military and lowered taxes)

      Here are the two worst:
      LBJ (Got the feds involved in our schools and increased immigration 10 fold)
      Carter (no need to even mention the atrocities this fool handed us…)

      The rest (incl. George) are mediocre at best. But I supported them all, even that fool Carter (We all make mistakes now and then…).

      LT Richard

    7. LT Richard Says:

      I had to do some work – I have a job… a busy one. But “heeee’s back…”

      I apologize for being so “wordy” but it takes words – lots of them to counter what I see happening again – to educate – people just don’t have the facts. They don’t really know what happened in this country in the late 60s and early 70s, and it is happening all over again – Deja Vu. I personally believe that LT John Kerry actually met with the North Vietnamese government (the NVA – its army reps) and even with representatives of the VietCong (VC), and possibly even with agents from the Soviet government BEHIND our government’s back while we were at war with them. I actually believe he got information on tactics that told him how to turn our own civilian populations against our military during that war (it is common knowledge that the Soviets were actively trying to do this and documents to that effect have been captured). If you don’t fully comprehend all of the implications of that happening – WHILE your brother-in-law was fighting in Vietnam on the front lines – NO LESS, you need to really rethink your sentiments, and you need to ask yourself this: “Whose side was Kerry really on?” He admitted to meeting with one group in Paris (who also happened to be at the Paris peace talks) but he would never admit to the others. And if we get the evidence we seek (and we ARE looking for it), many of us will want to see him (and Hanoi Jane) lined up and shot for HIGH TREASON – and if we get the proof, we won’t settle for any less than that. He got a lot of good men killed by his DISGUSTING actions – lying to our Congress. The Soviets had documents that told people how to subvert a population against any conflict by finding family members of dead soldiers and turning them into “peace demonstrators” – In a free country such as ours, it is easy to change the minds of the masses – especially the uneducated, inexperienced WEAK minds of the young. Show them LOTS of blood and guts and tell them there are no reasons for it. Say it often enough and they will march on Washington with no real message at all – just hate for own troops that they were told were committing rapes and murdering children, and committing mass murders. Did your Brother in law RAPE and MURDER children? Did he?? I didn’t think so. But Kerry said he did – they were all rapist and murderers according to him – How soon we forget and how easily and thoroughly our news agencies (and history books) bury such historical tidbits of information – I have no idea how that man remains in office. Have you ever listened to his speech before our own Congress back in 1967? He was calling YOUR Bother in law a rapist – a mass murderer – a baby killer. They were ALL baby killers according to him. Just like “Genghis Kahn” he said… (it was obviously scripted for him, too – you could tell). I don’t know how he breaths each day after making that speech and knowing that MILLIONS of innocent people died because of him… (yes over ONE MILLION South Vietnamese – Our friends – they were imprisoned, tortured, and eventually killed – that is 6 zeros 1,000,000 LIVES!!!) How does he live with that? Does he have a conscience? He is no patriot… he makes me sick. 90 days, 3 little tiny wounds (no one can see or find) and he is home on Snob hill, all safe and sound.
      Go read about it. Educate yourself to the manipulation that took place back in the 1960s and 70s by the socialist, communists and their sympathizers right here in the good old US of A – and watch as they TRY to do it again. But this time we know their tricks – we have their old instructions from the 1960s – and it is NOT working this time.
      Yes, Bush blew it with this war – and I don’t like it, either (Daddy Bush should have done it in 1991 – they KNEW – they HAD PROOF that he had used poison gas on thousands of women and children and no one said anything… only the BBC really reported it).
      But, everyone that says “PULL OUT NOW” will NOT answer the most important question: What happens when we do that? No one asked back in 1972 when we made the final decision – you are probably too young to remember it all. Well… I am not.

      And I leave you with this one VERY obvious point of FACT that demonstrates that most of our media is in on the new subversion of our military:
      Does anyone with an IQ over 65 truly believe that making a grown man wear girl’s underwear on his head qualifies as real torture? I’ll bet that hurt!

      Go ask people like John McCain (who I won’t vote for either for other reasons – but is a real military hero) what torture is – then get back to me…. get back to us.

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