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Steve Coe and Daytona Vintage Racing

Steve Allen Coe

I first met Steve Coe during bike week 2005. He had is vintage motorcycle museum set up at the Cabbage Patch Bar. Taking a walk into the tractor trailer that has been converted into a mobile motorcycle museum you see he has quite a bit of motorcycle history inside. A couple of Harley-Davidson vintage race bikes, an antique Daytona Fire Department motorcycle and a V8 motorcycle called the Chevy-Davidson!

The chevy-davidson motorcycle

The Chevy Davidson motorcycle one of only two known to exist.

1948 Harley Hummer

1948 Harley Hummer

1932 Harley 750

1932 Harley 750

Notice the number 213 on the Harley Hummer? Not only does Steve Coe collect and maintain these motorcycles himself, he races them. Coe has finished every race that he has started. You can catch Steve Coe at the Daytona International Speedway during bike week as he races in the vintage class C hand shift series on March 6th.

Coe loading up for vintage races

Steve Coe loads up his vintage motorcycles on race day.

So you think, wow that is a big collection of vintage motorcycles? The motorcycles contained in the mobile museum is only a drop in the bucket of Steve’s collection. If you have been to Daytona Beach you have probably noticed the Klassix Museum in the past. That museum used to house Steve’s collection which he now keeps at home. I visited Steve at his home to see more and continue this story in another post. Be sure to visit Daytona Vintage Racing to learn more about Steve Coe, his racing and his collection.

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  • 6 Responses to “Steve Coe and Daytona Vintage Racing”

    1. WooleyB Says:

      What a mighty fine group of vintage iron there. I could dig on hearing the hummer tearing down the track. Seen a few on display but never have had the honor of hearing one going all out. What a trip it must be to ride it.

      A Chevy Davidson? Never heard of such a thing but it looks balls to the wall wild.

    2. Mike Odom Says:

      Yea Wooley that is not even close to what he has. Wait until you see the barn that he has converted into a museum at home and it is still cramped. I will get that post up later this week. When you come down to Daytona, get in contact and I will take you by to see Steve.

      Hey, feel free to get some places for your list on motorcycle camping at my site You know we need to talk to the big G about users having to be registered and logged in to comment on blogger sites. I was wondering why I never had many…. any comments on mine.

    3. Daytona vintage racing, part II » A blog by Mike Odom Says:

      [...] meeting Steve during bike week, I was invited out to see more of Coe’s toys at his home. Remember from the first article, that these motorcycles used to be kept in the Daytona Beach Klassix [...]

    4. Biker Bob Says:

      Hey Coe, Probably be coming down for bike week! Look forward to seeing you. Got a good inventory Give me a call and I can bring you some California trinkets. Tell Bruce and the gang that I said hey, Love you Bro!
      Biker Bob (805)466-9419

    5. J Murray Says:

      That hummer is more like a K Model 750, not a 125 two stroke

    6. J Murray Says:

      Sorry, Second picture is a K. First one is still not a Hummer Like I have ever seen. 750 Maybe.

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