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New York City Motorcycle Show

I finally found a decent article, with pictures, of the NYC Bike Show that was held in New York this past weekend. This is one show that I plan to make it to, one day. The place looks packed in the pictures and it was estimated that around 80,000 visitors toured the show at the Javitz Center. Matt Hotch, Dave Perowitz, Billy Lane and my friend The Ice Cream Man From Hell were just a few of the notable people of the industry that made appearance during the weekend.

Head on over to BikerPics.Org to view the pictures and read more about the New York Motorcycle Show.

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  • 7 Responses to “New York City Motorcycle Show”

    1. Train Says:

      Hi Mike!

      Your readers might also want to view a few of our pics. We realize the story is not as inclusive, but it was meant to be a “man on the street” type view. We think they might enjoy.



    2. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi Train,
      Your comments will post automatically from now on. I have a first post spam margin set.

      Also you may want to use anchor text in the future, it is much more beneficial for SE.


    3. Jack McIntyre Says:

      Hi Mike,

      I don’t know how id did it, but your message about my site showed up in my word press area of my site. I was reading about the NYC JAVITZ SHOW & then realized that you were talking about my site. Thanks for the shout out and I have a hundred more images that I could post, if you are looking for anything in particular.


    4. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi Jack,
      WP will show other blogs that send you traffic. I think that the stats come down from Technorati.
      Wish I could have been to the show myself, but your pictures and story were the next best thing.
      Thanks for stopping in to say hello.

    5. Train/Andrea Says:

      LOL! Talk about deja vu! Mike, I just favorited you in Technorati and I get this comment about Jack whose post I put up only a couple of hours ago. No remarks about my hair color, but it’s enough to make me dizzy. :-)

      Keep up the great work on both your sites. We are looking forward to seeing you, Jack, this weekend. And hopefully when we have to go down to Florida, Mike, we can look you up. (In our case it’s HAVE to… as in visit Peter’s mother (groan)) LOL

    6. Jack McIntyre Says:

      Hi Mike,

      I case you don’t already know, I just added some VTWIN EXPO pics. Many more to come, but threw a group up for starters.


    7. Mike Odom Says:

      Hey Jack,
      Readers, be sure to check out Mike’s pictures at

      BTW. I am jealous! While I am shooting girls in shredded cabbage, you are doing them in creamed corn. LMAO

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