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Choppers Inc. announces limited retail location store hours in 2007

sign on door at choppers inc

There was no big press release in the news papers or on the Internet to tell visitors traveling to the Melbourne, Florida based Choppers Inc of the store closing. On the front door hangs a small printout from the company web site made into a sign. The sign says that Billy Lane’s store, Choppers Inc. will only be open during major motorcycle event and race days and those hours will be announced 30 days prior.

Billy Lane working at Choppers Inc in Melbourne, Florida

While it was announced that Billy Lane was planning to work hard at his Choppers Inc. location preparing motorcycles for the up coming 2007 bike shows, it seems this announcement was low profile. The only way visitors would know the store was not open for business was to visit the news section of the Choppers Inc web site or, as many, visit the retail store location only to find it closed to the public.

Hubless Wheel design created by Billy Lane of Choppers Inc

Billy Lane, is probably most famous in the motorcycle industry for his creation of the hubless wheel design and known to the general public as 3 time biker build-off winner, Monster Garage and owner of Choppers Inc. located in Melbourne, Florida. Billy Lane also holds many patents on custom motorcycle parts that he designed.

Sopping for choppers inc shirts and stuff

While Billy Lane and Choppers Inc motorcycles were well known, it was the Choppers Inc. shirts, hats and posters that people would visit the Melbourne retail location to shop for. Those purchases must now be made online only until the store opens during the next motorcycle event.


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  • 53 Responses to “Choppers Inc. announces limited retail location store hours in 2007”

    1. cblois4613 Says:

      Why am I not surprised.He has to be running out of money,Or he is doing this to make the Morelock family think he has no money.Either way i hope he gets the fullest extent of the law required by the jury in his upcoming trial for manslaughter if he doesn’t get prison time over this justice is not served and that will be a sad day

    2. Brett Says:

      What is fair jail time for something like this?
      For an ethics class I had to watch a film made by someone who was a drunk driver & killed a mother of 2 in an accident. The film is showed during treatment sessions for people arrested for DUIs. Part of this man’s punishment was community service, which is how this film came about. He also served 6 months in a regular jail & then 6 months in a Huber Law jail, so 1 year total. Then he had 6 years probation.

      Then there is Leonard Little of the St. Louis Rams. He was drunk driving & killed a woman. He got 6 years probation, 1,000 hours community service. Then when the probation was over, the felony conviction & accident were wiped off his record. The day after his record was cleared, he was arrested for DUI, but his past couldn’t be used against him because it was wiped away.

      The 1st man who made the film said, part of trial was, the court appointed to people to look into his life & the victim’s life. Then then both made recommendations to the judge as to what the sentence should be. So that also means the victim’s past also plays a part in what happens.

      I also don’t believe this will ever be a jury trial. So we’ll see what happens, but the court system has already proven we are not all equal once we step in the court room.

    3. Mike Odom Says:

      Welcome back to my blog Brett and thanks for posting your comment.
      As you see I changed software, so your first comment had to be approved, however the system will recognize you from this point on and your comments will show up immediately.

      While you raise good points and the class you have may have led you to some of your thoughts. I have to remind you, the difference in law state by state. As a matter of fact I am going through a similar situation with a case involving probate litigation. The case that I have before me is being heard in Virginia. While I am very familiar with Florida law, the law in Virginia is considerably different. This seems to be especially true when you are dealing with a commonwealth, which would not effect the two trials of Lane here in Florida.

      I still believe that it could go either/any way and any thoughts that we have discussed here or at other sites remains speculation. The only reason that the aspect of a jury keeps being mentioned is that is what has been asked for, at least in the civil trial. Many times, I think, people commenting have got the two trials mixed up and the particular laws pertaining to them as well.

      My thoughts of any type of deal being talked about would be null, for the simple reason that it leaves no room for future appeal. I don’t see that happening, unless it is an offer not to be refused. Again, this is all speculation.

      Thanks again for your input.

    4. sandie Says:

      I say that Billy’s high priced attorneys have told him the best and worse case scenarios and Billy is putting his finances in order. Most likely putting assets in other peoples name in hopes of protecting the assets. Although, a good lawyer on the other side will ask that the transfers be set aside. It would be a sad day if all Lane gets is a slap on the hand. He deserves to go to prison. Everythinh, including Mr. Morelock’s death was because Billy made poor decisions and was driving when he knew he was not licensed to do so. Lane had absolutely no regard for the law. Seems like he had no regard for loyal employees either. Laid off with no warning. I do not think his stuff will sell online. People went to the Melbourne store in hopes of seeing him and then saw his merchandise and picked something up. Maybe he is running out of cash and can not afford the expense of operating the store.

    5. Brett Says:

      I think some people confuse Billy Lane with Jesse James. Choppers, Inc. was not West Coast Choppers. Billy Lane is not a multi millionaire & he didn’t employ 10 or 20 people. He employed 4 tops. He sells a max of 6 bikes a year.

      While I am sure he did a fairly descent parts & clothing business with people stopping into his shop, my guess is all these guys who are on TV make most of their sales off their internet sites. If you ever pay close attention to some of these guys, the day their Biker Build Off is to air, they all of a sudden get a slick new web site with plenty of on-line shopping. The hope probably being that is people though they were cool on TV, they will come & buy t-shirts.

      Anyway. I keep seeing PRISON being thrown around in posts all over the internet. At most Billy Lane will end up in the local jail drunk tank. Say what you want about his license, but the case in North Carolina was thrown out. He got nothing for that, so when the trial starts that is not something I can see them using against him. He probably paid well that get that cleared from his record as soon as he did.

    6. sandie Says:

      Yes, Lane got off a DUI in North Carolina. His license were suspended at that court date. Jails in Florida are full of people because they were caught driving on suspended license. Florida does not take it lightly when you get caught driving on suspended license. Especially when you are drunk and passing on a double yellow line while speeding and kill somebody. I strongly disagree with Brett. Lane driving with suspended license will be a “BIG DEAL”. Just think if Lane was obeying the law and “NOT” driving none of this would be all over the internet because Lane would not have killed a innocent person. I’d be very surprised if Lane ends up in the county jail…in Florida they can only hold you there for a year. My money goes on Lane going to the BIG HOUSE for awhile. Unfortunately for Lane his driving record leaves a lot to be desired. I do not believe anyone “COULD” confuse Lane with Jesse James!!! Whether he had 4 or 20 employees they got the shaft after sticking with Lane. We know Lane is not rich. He used a bail bondsman for a puny $15,000 fine. We will all see soon enough what is going to happen as the criminal court date is soon. I do believe Florida’s State Attorney has put a good case together. I say they will prevail over the high priced Kepler Funk.

    7. Brett Says:

      well you may be right, but I have to wonder when people talk about obeying the law & an innocent person.

      Drunk driving is not obeying the law. Billy Lane broke that law. However, Gerry Morelock was also drunk while driving his 2 wheeler home that night as well.

      If Gerry Morelock had be obeying the law, he would be alive today. So ,as Kepler Funk will do, this will get spun that way in court during thier defense. The fact is 2 people were breaking the law & 1 is dead.

      Sorry, I do not want to sound like I’m making light of what happened. It is very terrible situation. I’ve also brought up, if this wasn’t Billy Lane involved, would anyone care? Would anyone be talking about Gerry Morelock right now? Or, what if Gerry Morelock was driving the car & killed someone that night while he was drunk? Again, would anyone care? I do know that to 99% of the population, this case doesn’t even exsist. If you know who Billy Lane is, then you either want him to fry or get off.

      The only reason I brought up Jesse James is because alot of people talk like Billy Lane is famous & has a ton of money like Jesse. Like somehow the Morelock family will get millions of dollars from Billy Lane.I also know all the hate & jealousy that gets put on message boards about bike builders who get put on TV. I know Billy Lane, Jesse James & the Teutels are the 3 that get bashed the most, so there are many very happy Billy Lane is in this situation. They only care because now they can shout screw Billy Lane.

      Again, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong about the sentence, but I think there are many hoping for prison & many years behind bars who will be very upset when this entire thing is done with. Maybe Florida’s laws are very different, but from what I know about most of the states in the Mid West, a long prison term wouldn’t be in his future here.

    8. sandie Says:

      Well I think you should click on bikerlawblog. There is a lawyer in California…California is in the west. The law is the same there as it is here and the person who cases the accident is the one who pays the cost. Norm Fernandez Attorney at law defended a drunk woman who was rear-ended, she had several kids in her car and was arrested but guess who got sued? This lawyer won her a hugh settlement. Check out Norm Fernandez’s blog and you might learn something. You are right most of the country has no idea who Billy Lane is and most do not care. Money from lawsuits usually come from insurance companies and Lane has patents. Fifteen years ia all the time he is looking at in Florida at the maximum side of sentencing.

    9. sandie Says:

      Person who causes the accident is charged. So the people out west are allowed to drive with suspended license?? Highly recommmend you go to Bikers lawblog and read. I am sure you will learn a lot. I DID!! It is on this blogs main page on the right under blogs. Please ….comparing Lane to Jesse James is INSULTING!!!!

    10. Brett Says:

      Comparing Jesse to Billy is insulting….people would only say that now because of this accident. On Billy’s 1st hubless, Jesse was so impressed by it, he did the tank for it. Then he had Billy on his 1st ever Monster Garage build team.

      I think everyone knows California is in the West. What does that have to do with anything? That is like saying New York has a helmet law & California has a helmet law, so everyone must have one. The fact is Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, & South Dakota do not have helmet laws.

      Let’s see, I’ll go on 1st hand experience with the suspended license. I was involved in an accident. I wrote down the other person’s license plate. This was also before cells phones littered the planet. It wasn’t the busiest street in the world, so I had to walk a bit to get to phone to calls the police. When I got back, the other person was gone. When the cop got there, he asked me some questions & then he ran the plate. Found out who the person was, called them & had them come back. She came back in a completely different vehichle with someone else driving.

      It seemed she had many driving tickets & a DUI or 2, so she had no license. It ended up we had to go to court & guess what? Before we ever got there, she paids some fines & got into a treatment program & was able to get her license so she had it when we went to court. The judge threw the case out. He said because we both left, remember- I had to walk to use a phone, there is no way to find fault. So there you are. At the time of the accident, this woman had no license & was driving illegally, breaking the law. If it would have been a person hurt instead of just some dented metal & broken plastic, maybe it would have been different, but for my case t was thrown out.

      I also told the story of a Wisconisn man who got 1 year in a regular jail & a pro football player in Missouri who got 6 years probation. Same exact thing as Billy Lane’s situation. Neither was trying to pass anyone, but one crossed the center line & the other ran a red light. Both were about .18, guess I don’t know their license situation. As I said, both MID WEST, not West or South, ot East. MID WEST & between them for killing 2 people a total of 1 year in jail, not prison, jail & 12 years of probation was done. The pro football player also got his felony & accident erased from his record once the probation was complete. If you want, you can evern look at Ted Kennedey. He was drunk, got into an accident & killed his passenger. It was all swept under the rug. He got nothing out of it. I know that was closer to Florida, then my previous examples. Or ok, California. Vince Neil, singer of Motley Crue. He was wasted. Decided he needed more booze. He & Razzle, drummer from Hanoi Rocks, jump in his sports car to go get some. They end up in a head on collision with a car going the opposite way. Razzle is killed & the 2 people in the other car are seriously injured. Vince Neil gets 10 years probation out of it. Also California, we have OJ Simpson.

      I’m going to leave this one go now. When someone puts up a good post & then turns around 3 minutes later puts up a ridiculous, angery post, well then it’s time to stop.

      The facts are, a person’s total sum of their life & what they have done with it come into play when something like this happens & sentencing comes around. While you may not like Lane’s actions on this night, he has done alot of good with charitys & things with veterans. He has degrees & patents. Gerry Morelock was also drunk that night & he had a past of being in & out of treament centers for alchohol & drug related charges. Should he have died because of any of that…NO. But it will be looked at & while there are LAWS, the law is not equal. That has been proven almost everytime there is a case. People are not looked upon the same way. Lady Justice is not blind. The more you have, the more you can get away with.

      Anytime I post, people take it as I am trying to defend Billy Lane. I don’t see it that way. I think what happend was horrible. I see it as I am pointing out the MAX is 15 years in PRISON & I doubt he gets that & I doubt he does more then JAIL time. There is a difference between Jail & Prison. Green Bay has a jail downtown with nothing but drunk driver’s on Huber Law. If you are waiting for Billy Lane to get years in prison, then I think your waiting will only make you angrier because I don’t think you’re going to get the result you want.

    11. Mike Odom Says:

      Kepler Funk is no longer on the criminal case for Billy Lane. Read my last post Billy Lane Changes Attorney In Criminal DUI Manslaughter Case.

      I went to bike night last night in Sanford, looks like I have a lot of reading to do here.

    12. sandie Says:

      So you had some bad luck. Other people have too. Florida does not keep people in the county jail for the crimes Lane committed. If convicted he WILL go to the BIG HOUSE. Our jails are so full of drunks and people driving on suspended license……they have it on our ballots for tax increases to build more jails. You are free to think what you want. This is Florida and this state has the biggest racket for making money on DUI’s, it is unbelievable. It is also very hard to get off a DUI here too. Go to Biker Law Blog and you will learn some good information. Yes, Morelock was drunk…..but he did not cause the accident. Read the Highway Patrol two page report on this Lane wreck. Billy did not want to give blood at the hospital after killing somebody and it was more or less done by force. The trooper told Lane, YOU GOT NO CHOICE WE ARE TAKING IT….and they did. So, Morelock had problems in the past. It does not really matter because it most likely will not be admitted. Click on some of the research Mike Odom has dug up from the many records and reports at the Courthouse and I think you will see Lane is in deep poop. Sorry about your personal luck. I disagree with you. I do not think Lane will get out of jail time. You sir can think what you want after all it is a previledge we have living in the good ole US of A.

    13. sandie Says:

      Jesse has Billy on his first Monster Garage build team because of Lan’e Energineering Degree. Jesse James’s life can not be compared to Lane’s nor does he ignore the law. Billy’s hubless is pretty. It was amazing…but hardly practical….Lane needed somebody to follow with gas oline cans in a loaned DODGE truck to put gas in the chopper every fifity miles…..not practical…but pretty to look at.

    14. Brett Says:

      Sandi you should relax. 1st, Jesse James has quite the record himself. He admits to doing things he shouldn’t have. Before building bikes & doing security for Danzig, Jesse was the “outlaw” he claims to be. Jesse James & Indian Larry both had quite the criminal past before “making it” as bike builders, along with many others.

      2nd, which hubless bike are you talking about? Lane has done 3 now, but only 1 for the BBO. The BBO one needed a truck to follow because Lane had someone else do the tank & the welds cracked, so gas was POURING out of it. Russell Mitchell has even talked about how much gas he got covered with from the bike. That has little to do with the bike being practical or not. As for most bikes people like Jesse James, Billy Lane, Paul Cox, Russell Mitchell & all these TV guys make, there aren’t many that are practical. To begin with, most have between 2 & 3.5 gallon tanks. Unless you’re just cruising through town, that isn’t practical. They also use jockey shifts. If you are in town & having to stop at lights & stops signs, a jockey shift is real practical.

      Sorry, I am over the age of 12, so I no longer have heroes or look up to people. I also don’t hate people for f***king up. The reality is, this case in no way effects my life. I don’t loose sleep at night because of what has happened or what will happen.

      The main reason I even read posts about it is because the night of the accident, Billy Lane was being the same guy that everyone wanted him to be. It’s the same thing that got him on TV & the same thing that made him millions of fans. He was the hard drinking, womanizing biker that people loved. All the people who watched TV either wanted to be his friend or be like him. Then something happend between him & Nick Fredella & that is when some people started to not like him as much. It was right after his accident in Hawaii that shattered his arm & postponed his build off against Mike Brown.

      Yes, Billy Lane, f***ked up. Oh well, people do, but does everyone’s life have to be so boring that all they have to do is post about it & spew all their hate for him? Get over it, get a life. Most of the hate is actually jealously anyway.

      I like sites like this to find information about whats going on. That is why I came here. It was just news with no opinion added in, although there was 1 blog that was all opinion & when I sent Mike a note that the picture he had was many years old, the entire thing was removed.

      Also there are many who want to hate Lane for not saying anything. The lawyers got into this immediately. I don’t know to many people who make statements, especially after the plea was not guilty. It would kind of undermine whatever the lawyer is trying to do if Lane would now come out & say “sorry I killed Gerald Morelock. I will do whatever I can to make it up to his family.”

      I also don’t like them going after Chrysler for owning the truck. That is complete BS. If the truck is proven to have a defect of some kind, then I could see it, but to go after them because their name was on the title…that is the type of suit this country needs to get rid of. This is Lane v. Morelock, not let’s try to get as much money as possible from Big Corporation.

    15. sandie Says:

      “Yes” Jesse James “WAS” a outlaw. But, I guess he grew up.Jesse has homeless people working in his shop. Jesse does his above average good deeds too. “Yes”Indian Larry” was a outlaw as well…he grew up and found religion. Indian Larry tried to talk to Billy and warned Billy that he was traveling down the crooked road he had followed, he warned Lane that the road was not a good one.


      Nobody “HATES” Billy, most of us think he deserves to pay for the crime. Time and dollars. I do not understand how people put a price on somebodies life but that is the American way. Billy was clearly in the “WRONG”. I do not want to see him get a slap on the hand.  I say “CHRYSLER-DAILMER CORP should pay BIG MONEY. They are responsible to make sure that the trucks they loaned are being driven by somebody with VALID DRIVERS LICENSE. Even little car dealerships make sure their employees have valid drivers license so if something happens their insurance will cover the damages.


      Look at the little old lady who opened hot coffee and spilled it on her crotch area and was awarded over a million dollars. Hello??? Coffee is hot…the little old lady should have known. Billy knew he had no license and should not be driving and he sure knew the highway that he killed Morelock on because that was the only road for him do drive home on. WE all learned in drivers training not to speed and not to pass on a double yellow line.


      Bottom line…..Morelock did not DESERVE to die. If you go to you will learn some things and maybe not. It is certainly worth a read.  Really don’t care about how old you are. Another point Billy should have just been Billy instead of being what “HE” thinks people want him to be. I hope he loses his freedom and any money he might have put away. In Florida if Lane has transfered assets the opposing counsel will ask them to be set aside.



      By the way I do not have a hero for the record. If you do not like what you read, I suggest you do not read it. I disagree with people spewing hate for Lane….I think they are more disgusted and disappointed because Lane could have paid for a taxi or limo. Heck he could have even called his MOMMY or Daddy to come get his drunk butt because they live so close to Lane’s business, home and drinkig establishments and men’s clubs. LANE ACTED STUPID…..”REALLY” for someone so smart. I personally do not know of anybody who wanted to be like LANE. Quite frankly, I do not know anyone who thinks he is good looking.

    16. Brett Says:

      “I personally do not know of anybody who wanted to be like LANE. Quite frankly, I do not know anyone who thinks he is good looking.”

      What the hell does that have to do with anything other then maybe jealousy? Whether you think he’s good looking or know anybody who thinks he is so far off any point it’s ridiculous. For the record, there are hundreds of thousands that would disagree with you.

      Jesse James & hiring homeless & all that. Well Jesse lives in texas with his wife, so he no longer does any hiring. If Jesse is such a great guy, what about the way he just fired Bling, Bling’s wife & Chopper Dave for the way Jesse had no clue how to handle making enough frames when he made the CFL $1,000. He couldn’t fire himself, so he fired people who had been with him through everything from day one. Yep, great guy.

      You comments about Indian Larry, I believe you are confusing him for Mike Brown. Mike Brown is a born again christian who tried to “save” Billy. Indian Larry didn’t “Find” religon. Indian Larry did alot of reading so he could question things. Indian Larry didn’t drink because he was a heroine addict. Drinkjing may have lead back to his addiction. He never preached to anyone to not drink, otherwise I doybt Paul Cox & Keino, his main guys & the guys who still run his shop would be the hard drinkers they are. I also doubt his block party would have all the alchohol it does also if he was so against it.

      & lastly LALALA, what are you siging? it is LOL LOL LOL

    17. sandie Says:


    18. sandie Says:

      Mike: Has Choppers. Inc. posted the hours they will be open during speed week at Daytona? We have the Bud Pole, Rolex 24 and of course the 500 coming up and they are all less than 30 days. I assume by race…the sign was meant Daytona??

    19. Mike Odom Says:

      From the Choppers Inc. Site:

      RETAIL STORE CHANGES IN MELBOURNE Retail Store Open 24/7 in 2007 By creating the most creative and visited website, Billy Lane’s Choppers INC is THE online innovator in the motorcycle industry. As the internet and motorcycle industry changes, Billy once again is setting trends. Starting 1/2/07 Billy Lane’s Choppers INC retail store will be open 24/7 ONLINE. The retail location in Melbourne will only be open during peak motorcycle & race events. Retail store open hours will be posted online 30 days prior to event.

      I would think they are making reference to “motorcycle” racing Sandie, which would include Bike Week being it is centered around the Daytona 200.
      I still get a kick out of the way these people write a press release. When exactly did the “Internet” have opening and closed hours?

    20. sandie Says:

      Mike you are “TOO” funny”!!! We know the internet is open 24/7. I get a kick of CHOPPERS, INC. press releases and the way they comment. Remember “The Lane was hurt too” comment after the wreck with Morelock? Can you believe Brett’s comment on Dodge should not be responsible for who they loan their cars too? I must tell you after reading Norman Fernandez’s post on our responsibility when we hand somebody our keys to drive our cars……..I will “THINK” long and hard before I hand somebody my keys. Actually, I already “think” because I have a 21 year old daughter and I remember her first year with drivers license. GOOD GRIEF!!!!! What a year that was in her driving career!!!

    21. sandie Says:

      Brett: Go to this web site and read the post made on November 26th 2006 by NORMAN GREGORY FERNANDEZ ESQUIRE. It is well worth reading.

    22. Brett Says:

      What I find more interesting in Janklow being a free man after 3 years of probation, getting his law license back & getting his felony wiped off his record, well actually never really having one because a judge put his entire case on hold if he followed the terms of probation.

      My belief is a diabetic who doesn’t eat & passes out at the wheel pretty close to a drunk driver. Janklow knowingly, like a drunk getting behind the wheel, got behind the wheel & put others at risk by not taking care of his diabetes.

    23. sandie Says:

      Brett: YOU ARE SO CORRECT! I agree with you 100%. That is most certainly a miscarriage of justice and so very wrong. A perfect example of a chosen few who manage to get by with murder. The Judge who agreed to the felony being wiped off Janklow’s record should be taken off the seat. I guess Janklow will vote for him next election. Now that the felony on Janklow’s record has been wiped off, Janklow can vote. What a crock. This is like somebody who takes too much pain medication and drives even though the pharmacy has put a label on the bottle telling the person do not operate machinery while taking this medication. Guess people just do not follow directions. This is another example of a guy enjoying a ride on his bike and killed by somebody who had no regard for anybody else. Getting his license back to practice law is unbelievable. Can you imagine hiring a convicted felon to be your lawyer???

    24. Brett Says:

      Well, 1- maybe it’s just Wisconsin, but could be everywhere, but here anyway, depending on what degree the felony is, when that person is finished with probation, they can vote again. No felon can own a gun, but voting rights are restored to the lower degrees. I believe 3rd degree felony would be a non violent crime. Something like stealing. If the dollar amount a person steals is over a certain price, it is a felony.

      2nd, he won’t be able to vote for the Judge. The judge is now retired. HHHMM perhaps he & the judge are friends & a friend did his friend a favor. Howver, some states & South Dakota is one, have some law where you can get something like this erased from your record 1 time in your life. It’s kinda of like being pardoned, but it is written right into your sentence. If you get through probation with no issues, the slate gets wiped clean.

      The thing I don’t get, I believe Janklow is like 62. He’s got plenty of cash. He’s at retirement age. What difference does it make if he’s a felon? It’s not like he’s 26 or something & trying to get a job to live the rest of his life & make a living instead of not being able to work even at McDonald’s & end up breaking more laws to add to his record………

    25. sandie Says:

      I agree with you twice!!!! I don’t get it either. Some things no matter how much thought you give something….it still just does not figure. Brett are you a college student?? Maybe law school??

    26. Brett Says:

      Ha Ha!! No, I’m 36 years old & going back to Tech College to a get a degree in Supply Chain Management so I can quit my crappy deadend job. I have my bike to make changes to or even build one, so I need to make more money. My wife is going to school to be a paralegal. She needs to keep me out of trouble, good thing she graduates in May :)

      I just follow cases because it amazes me how the U.S. actually does have to court systems. The one for rich & famous people & the one for everybody else.

      Not only does our system put a value of the defendants life, but also the victim’s.

      Just as examples, if Billy Lane would get any jail or prison time, then they are saying Janklow’s & Leonard Little’s lives are more important & they mean more to society then Billy. It would also in effect say Gerald Morelock’s life was worth more then the people Killed by Little & Janklow. Maybe that is where my vision gets blurry, but that is how I see things like this. If we had one system that says if you shoot someone to death, this is the penalty, or if you kill someone while driving & you are under the influence of anything, this is the penalty. Then I’d be fine. However, our system is not like that & no matter what the case is, you can find plenty of cases just like it where te defendant got a scolded & sent on his way.

    27. sandie Says:

      Good Grief!!! I agree with you again. We have seen it so many times where fortune and fame make the biggest difference. True, it is not fair, nor is it right. I get blurry when juries and judges place a value on a human life. Especially when they mutlipy yearly wages by life expectancy. Where does that come from?? Where do they figure in the loss of a Dad, Mom or anybody not having the right to live because somebody killed them and their life was cut short. Money!! The higher paid lawyers seem to have more tricks in their hats than the State’s Attorney.

    28. sandie Says:

      Mike: There probably was not enough street traffic in Choppers,Inc. to pay to keep the doors open. If customers are not there spending money…you still pay the help, match social security, pay electric, liability insurance etc. I bet folks are not spending their hard earned money on Billy Merchandise. Good News LARIDER is back on board. I am glad to welcome him back. Yes, it is me typing not a robot. WELCOME LA RIDER!!!!!!!!!

    29. sandie Says:

      Is the retail store open with the activities going on in Daytona? I am ashamed to say that my girlfriend from Indianapolis is going back the second week of February and she would rather go there than to Bruce Rossemeyers HD in Ormond Beach. I want her to see the big dealership……but no she wants to go to Choppers Inc. and spend her money. Let me know if you know anything. I am not spending a dime there. I will sit in the car. HA!!!

    30. byron Says:

      For the record “BRETT”
      Gerry had a great driving record.
      He was not ” iN & out” of treatment centers.
      And what the hell is this “Charges ” .?????????????

      He is not here to defend himself from Idiots and their comments…..
      I AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      thanks to Sandie for trying to defend

    31. sandie Says:

      Byron: “WE” must defend Gerry as he is no longer with us because he was killed at the hand of another. GERRY HAD THE RIGHT NOT TO DIE!!!! You need to go to cyril-huze-on-billy-lane. I just made a comment there and it took me two hours to figure out the words to type. I got to tell you these people would feel differently if Lane would have killed their brother, son, loved one etc. Lane has no defense. He should not have been driving. Lane’s mother should have told him, at a young age like my great grandmother told me, “YOUR ACTIONS, AND YOUR ACTIONS ALONE, DETERMINE YOUR WORTH.” My granny was “CORRECT”. I am shocked by how many people want to see Lane get probation. I am horrified to see so few people have values. I pray Justice will prevail no matter what Lane spends on lawyers and investigators and people to lie.

    32. sandie Says:

      Guess Chopper’s Inc was closed Speed Week in Daytona. Any announcement on it being open for Bike Week??? Or. is Billy carrying merchandise to Daytona to sale? You said notice would be given 30 days ahead for opening days information.

    33. Mike Odom Says:

      From the Choppers Inc. site:
      Are you traveling to Daytona Beach Bike Week in March? Come visit the Choppers INC booth at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona to purchase the latest apparel and parts. See the EVENTS page for Billy Lane autograph times in the booth. The Melbourne, FL shop will also be open Feb 27 – Mar 10 (10am-6pm each day), where you can also purchase apparel and parts.

    34. sandie Says:

      I think I will pass on the autograph line. Hard to believe people still line up to see Lane. Trial starts March 23…..right Mike? Norm said he was surprised that people line up as well. This trial will be the civil trial…….correct?? Choppers Inc. website has been deleted from my computer as I have absolutely no intentions on purchasing “ANYTHING” from Lane. I would rather donate to the Morelock family.

    35. Brett Says:

      so what is the Florida law on something like this when it comes to money & property when someone is married?

      Seems Billy got a quickie wedding done to current Playmate of the Month, Tyran Richard. If anyone watched the Blood Sweat & Gears DVD, this is the same girl he broke up with & kicked of the tour from MCing.

      My only guess as to why this happend is that now things like his house & money & business can’t be touched because it goes to his wide… I don’t know, just my guess as to why they would suddenly get married.

    36. terry white Says:

      iv come across this site today,regarding mr lane and mr morelock,
      its sad that something like this has to happen,but both of these people chose to drive drunk,both are losers in this,god has a reason that only god and maybe mr lane will understand one day,as for mr morelock he may already know.for we would hope this be the case,
      whats really sad in what i read is the people that post on this subject chose to spend such negitive time in thinking there that person that has a say in all this, when this time could be spent in helping real people in need,this type of person who waste there time going back and forth posting on a subject that they have no impact on when jugment day has been handed down, has only become a person who only wants to apply pain to all for they are in pain them self,,please take a miniute to find a subject to give your time to help a person in need,you will fill much fuller with love,
      he who throws stones live in glass houses, be a real person and confront your true fillings face to face,you will have a true understanding of how this person really is,
      this is my first and only post,as to i fill iv provided a good service of understanding,for those who want to heal in a positive way and provied to others ,for those that choose to trow stones wont hear the message withen there glass house,

    37. Mike Odom Says:

      So Brett, where did you come up with this information? Is it documented? I tried to find something to back the marriage, but no good.

      Any help would be appreciated. You know that I only post what I can prove, so help me out here.


    38. Brett Says:

      They were talking about it on Beach Cruiser. If they did indeed get married, they are trying to keep it a secret for the general public. I read that they have each others names tattooed on their ring fingers & then I guess she posts almost daily on his Myspace site, things that newly weds would say.

      I do not have proof it did happen, just saying many are saying it happened.

    39. Mike Odom Says:

      OK, thanks for the reply Brett.

    40. Brett Says:

      here is the post on Beach Cruiser that started it all

      “Billy Lane and Tyran Richard
      Wednesday 14 February 2007 @ 10:02 am
      Playboy’s Miss March, Tyran Richard, is Billy Lane’s girlfriend. If you watched the Discovery channel’s special of the Blood, Sweat and Gears tour in Daytona, you will remember her. She had his name tattooed on her left ring finger and he had her name tattooed on his. They broke up while the show was being filmed. Apparently they recently got back together. She has posted a couple of comments on his myspace. You can see the tattoo in a couple of the pictures. It also appears that the two may have secretly gotten married, although this is unconfirmed.”

      the link is

      you have to scroll down a bit to find it. They use alot of your stuff on there as well.

    41. Mike Odom Says:

      Thanks again Brett.
      Its the unconfirmed part I do not like.
      As you know I base everything on facts. I made a mistake once, it was pointed out (thanks ;) and removed.

      I think you need to consider the source. Rumor has it…is not my bag.
      But, I am watching for confirmation. Myspace is not high on my list of creditable sources. Besides the html design of that site is real bad. Yes I have a page, I visit once in a blue moon.

      It is interesting to note however that Billy once told me he did not have the time to surf around on the internet, yet he has logged in on a daily basis to his page.

    42. Brett Says:

      well my thing was more to find out what would happen to change things, if anything, if he did get married.

      As for the Myspace page, just about every builder has one now. That doesn’t mean it is the builder logging on. Indian Larry Legacy has one, but Paul Cox told me he doesn’t check it to often, but I do see someone online under the account almost every day.

    43. Mike Odom Says:

      To answer that question:
      Florida is a 50\50 no fault state unless otherwise stipulated in a prenup. In the case of Tyran, I am sure she has a good deal to bring to a marriage. So within the laws of Florida, it would pretty much balance out…. guessing at her value. However, I think that clears up your question.

      On the myspace thing. If what you say is true and I am sure in some cases it is. In this case it would rule out all of the rumored messages between the two. In my investigation I have found that she has two accounts, one for public viewing and one private. Anything of personal nature that would not want to be exposed at this time would be posted where the general public would not see in the private account.

      We will see. But all in all, I don’t believe it would have any bearings on the matter.

    44. sandie Says:

      Mike: I did some research on my own and then asked Norm. Norm said that any land, bank accounts, quick claim deeds, choppers, cars, businesses, etc. that were changed to somebodies name besides Billy Lane’s or names added too could be asked by the opposing attorneys to be set aside. Norm also said they are almost always set aside because the person being sued is trying to protect assets that can be attached by the other side.

    45. sandie Says:

      I think Tyran has better sense than to marry somebody who has the legal problems that Lane has in his life. Who would want to lay next to a cager who killed somebody while drunk and breaking nearly every rule of driving. She can do better. Doubt she wants to go to prison for visits if even for a couple of years. Mike Odom, I think you had a point about habitual offenders. I read up on it and talked to a lawyer about it. YOU ARE RIGHT AGAIN. I was not kidding when I said you missed your calling. You would have been a great lawyer or investigative reporter.

    46. joe ratley Says:

      I would like to know the business address, phone, and name of Jesse James IV, the motorcycle builder and Sandra Bullock’s husband. thanks.
      Joe Ratley
      cell 404-293-9148

    47. Stormy Monday Says:

      I fell bad for both parties. I think that all of us, at any point and time, could be personally, or have a family member, in a similar situation. Wouldn’t it be awful if your father made a huge mistake and had everyone so ready to stone him? It would be just as horrable to have your father killed. People need to have a little forgivenes in their hearts and quit jumping at the first chance to get down on someone! EVERYONE has done a few things in their life that will haunt them for the rest of theirs! No one can forget, but people should forgive!

    48. Mr. B Says:

      Check out Vince Neil of Motley Crue on Wikipedia. He killed the drummer of Hanoi Rocks because they were both drunk/high as kites driving to the liquor store. The result was “…In July 1986, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Edward Hinz, Jr. sentenced Neil to 30 days in jail, five years probation, $2.6 million in restitution to the victims of the crash and 200 hours of community service. Neil got out of jail in 15 days for good behavior…” Billy is not as big a celebrity, but he will skate thru this.

      I’m not saying it’s right, but this did happened.

    49. Lnb Says:

      Behind the barrier, and working away on the Discovery Channel bike is Billy’s friend and right hand man, Nick Fredella. He, in Suzanne’s words, is “the glue that keeps everything together.” A constant source of inspiration and encouragement to all, Billy makes no bones about his feelings towards Nick and his respect for his talents. Able to bounce creative ideas around with Billy, and with the practical skills to make them happen, Nick has been working full time at Choppers, Inc. for more than five years, and is a major part of the current success.

    50. Matt Says:

      you want to see a better looking hubless design? Check out Mike Brown of Amen Motorcycles in Rogersville, TN. He was the true inventor of the hubless bike…. he has a new show going to be on FSN, check it out at

    51. Gaz Hayes Says:

      Amen choppers, who? Mike Brown? oh that looser that billy left behind during biker build off. the guy is a joke, a bible thumping joke

    52. Scott McCarthy Says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      This is Scott McCarthy and I will like to order the ( 200cc Enduro Style Motorcycle or this 2004 Dynamic Choppers ) . Do get back to me with the types and cost for the ones you do carry and let me know if there is an extra cost when using visa or master card.Kindly get back to me with your name and your direct phone number.Are you the sales manager or the owner?


    53. Thomas Richard Says:

      Update: Billy is in a minimum security prison in FL working on repairing State Vehicles.
      BTW Beware of FL courts especially Miami Dade.

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