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Judge signs order in suit against Billy Lane and Dodge

Brevard Circuit Court Judge Moxley has signed the plaintiff’s (Morelock) motion for speedy trial in the auto negligence suit against William D. Lane and DaimlerChrysler Corporation. The motion for speedy trial was filed on November 7, 2006 by Sam Cacciatore, attorney for the Plaintiff, Dolores J. Morelock who is suing for the wrongful death of her son, Gerald Morelock.

Jeffrey Vernis, attorney for the defendant, Billy Lane, opposed the motion saying it was premature, insufficient on its face, and without substantive support. Vernis also said the motion should not have been filed without the case being scheduled for trial or not being on the trial docket, pointing out twice that the court must consider health as well as age of the plaintff in determining the motion.

Judge Moxley denied the response filed by Jeffrey Vernis on behalf of Billy Lane and granted the motion for speedy trial to the Plaintiff, Dolores Morelock. The motion states: The court is to give preference in this cause in setting matters on the court’s docket.

This case is currently set for Calendar Call: Hearing on February 7, 2007 at 1:30 pm to be heard at the Titusville Historic Courthouse in Titusville, Florida




Both documents were obtained as public record for case no: 05-2006-CA-058089

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  • 13 Responses to “Judge signs order in suit against Billy Lane and Dodge”

    1. Andrew M Says:


    2. sandie Says:

      Andrew M I agree with you. I do believe that the civil trial will proceed on the appointed date with the judge signing this order. I think fifteen years in a prison is more ftting to the crime than the chair…but that will work too!!!

    3. Sheila Says:

      I have been on the internet looking for the outcome of the trial on Billy Lane in Florida. Do you know if he was convicted or not?

    4. Mike Odom Says:

      I am sorry, I hit the wrong button and deleted your question. Not to worry though, with the magic of computers I put it back :)

      Currently the criminal trial for the charge of DUI Manslaughter against Billy Lane is set for this Friday February 2.

      This post is about the civil action filed against Billy Lane and Dodge for the wrongful death of Gerald Morelock in an auto negligence suit. That trial is scheduled for February 7, but it will only be a docket sounding because there are depositions scheduled for late March. So we will see.

      Thanks for visiting and you can find more articles and information on this issue by clicking here.

    5. John Gillin Says:

      Any news on the trial involving Lane and the accident? I’ve met Lane several times and he was always nice and plenent. I’m interested because a friend of mine is in jail for his second DUI. He did not learn from his first so, he lost his lic.& ins., job, motorcycle, friends, wife and the list goes on. Just wanted to know with a death added to his charges what a celeb like Lane will end up getting. A slap on the wrist and community service is my guess.

    6. Mike Odom Says:

      Welcome John Gillin,
      Not much movement at this time other than the posted dates. You may want to read the other posts on this and the criminal case. You can find all the posts that I have made by doing a search on Billy Lane in the search box top right.

    7. Mike Odom Says:

      There are a lot of comments on this blog and for the most part I try to answer or respond to them all.

      Andrew M, I just read your comment, not sure how I missed it the first time. While I think most everyone wants to see Billy Lane face the music and have proper justice served, I think that it should be the justice as prescribed by law.

    8. sandie Says:

      Mike: Will be anxiously be watching for your report of the trial. You say one starts now in the first week of March? I say go Sammy, if it is the first one. I like the American justice system where the standards are so different for civil trials than criminal trials. Burden of evidence is not so much. Keep up the good work.

    9. sandie Says:

      There is a justice that is prescribed by law. We have past records and points considered. Judges have guidelines they MUST sentence within. I am sure that the Morelock’s have the best lawyer in the State representing Gerry Morelock’s estate and his family. I am going to find out from Sammy if it is offensive or in bad taste to post the FHP narratives the night of the accident. I believe I will go to Holmes tonight to ask the nurse to post on Lane’s behavior on having his blood drawn for the Bac tests. I have a good friend who is a nurse there and can get it done. We will see if the male nurse is allowed to post. He may well be on the witness list for the State and if he is I doubt he can say anything till trial.

    10. Robert B Says:

      I don’t know the whole story on B. Lane, but it seems like alot of you are perfect. I’ve been on both sides of drunk-driving, thank God I didn’t wreck or injure anybody. If everything is his fault, then by all means punish him; however, I’ve had enough close-calls with these ‘alky-bike riders’ to know that they aren’t angels. They are riding them because THEY lost their license also. Let’s hear the whole story first- the HP is also not the best place to get the truth always!

    11. Jacqueline Says:

      Depends on what sites you read when you use your HP. I am sure there are a few of us who have never had DUI’s or killed someone driving a car on the wrong side of the highway while our license were suspended. Robert B, I am glad you did not wreck and injure or kill somebody too.

    12. SLD Says:

      I am glad Robert B did not wreck and injure someone too!! I am with Jacqueline, I have not had a DUI or killed anyone while driving on the wrong side of the highway. I think there are more people who have “not” had a DUI and not killed or injured anyone than folks who have done both!! Yet we know we are not perfect!

    13. robert stock Says:

      wow its cool i guess for the real do gooders that never drink,never take gods name in vane,to prosicute anyone just cause they hear his name.or maybe because he has long hair drinks beer,whiskey and provides an american service oh ya and rides an american style bike well xxxx you do gooding assholes stand by real bikers and let this shit go tell something about the case instead of all the bull.i think lane should get as good of a chance as money can buy thats why we are in america,real chances,dont stand around knocking every one get busy and make a possitive out of this misfortune.good luck billy and all who need it.

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