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Billy Lane pleads not guilty to DUI Manslaughter charges

On October 11 chopper builder Billy Lane entered a written plea of not guilty of the charges he faces in Brevard County, Florida.

Billy Lane turned himself in on September 25 accompanied by his panel of 4 attorneys who have now filed a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Lane is charged with DUI Manslaughter and other charges from the wreck that happened on September 4 taking the life of Gerald Morelock.

More to come on this as it arrives

Update! Breaking News
OK. Before I post the comments that I have received in the blog, I will clear this up to the public.

As many of you know, when I report on an item, I report on fact. Since I made this post about Billy Lane making a plea of not guilty, many have wrote to me personally and made comments asking how I know and where I got this information.
As I have said in earlier post, I am studying to become a better writer. I have and still do have jobs that require investigative skills and knowledge. So for me the investigation into this case is a little easier than most would find it. Not that many could not, they just don’t.

So, why have you not been able to find anywhere else that has this story? Why is it not in the newspapers? online?
It is called an exclusive, a scoop. A news story that other reporters just have not been quite on the ball with. There have been other exclusive articles on this blog, that I posted before anyone else about this case. I have been sharing this information with others though.

In fact my biggest and most comprehensive article was on the wrongful death suit being filed that named Billy Lane and Daimlerchrysler Corporation (Dodge) as the defendants. I sent the tip to all three of the reporters that have been covering this story on Florida Today newspaper. They just called the attorney in the case, got a couple of statements and let it fly at that. What kind of got my goat, was never even a response from any of them. Not even a thank you! Consequently they are on their own.

It has been confirmed, I have a copy of the document, that Billy Lane has filed a waiver of appearance, written plea of not guilty and demand for jury trial.
This means that Billy Lane WILL NOT be in court for his first appearance scheduled for the 27th of this month. He has waived that right and entered a written plea of not guilty instead.

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  • 30 Responses to “Billy Lane pleads not guilty to DUI Manslaughter charges”

    1. sandie Says:

      This is something I have not heard on the news or read in the paper or blogs. I guess Billy Lane will not be making his first court appearance later on this month. NOT GUILTY. This will be very interesting. Hopefullly the FHP crossed every t and dotted every i. Chain of command on that blood sample will be VERY important. Have any of you heard of Kepler Funk Attorney at Law? To Deb Coomer: Nobody is on a witch hunt and wants to burn Billy Lane at the stake. Nobody is going to tar and feather him either. As we grow from a child to adult….we realize that our actions have conquenses and therefore we want Billy Lane to face the same music anybody else would face for his actions. Do you think you would have been able to turn yourself in to authorities at your leisure and be booked and get out of jail in 90 minutes?? I do not think so.

      This Billy Lane DUI Manslaughter thing has not been on the news or papers in Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky or New York. People here in Florida did not know about the DUI and refusal to submit to DUI tests in North Carolina. Chryslerdailmer probably did not know about the North Carolina incident either. That corporation most certainly should have done some checking before they loaned him 3 of their vehicles.

    2. sandie Says:

      Mike you have done such a great job and put so much work in your reporting of this BILLY LANE mess.

      You should try to get one of the Biker Magazines to pick it up for print in one of their magazines. Most people would read your article first. If you want I will go half with you on getting a copy of the 40 page filing on the Lane case. Are you going to try to talk to Bryon Morelock?

      If not I think I will try to grt an interview out of him. The articles I sent you have articles init talking about the gruesome wreck of Billy Lane’s and apparently one of Gerald Morelock’s legs were severed. I am also going to try to get a interview from Kim Miller the FHP spokesperson if you are not going to approach her.

    3. sandie Says:

      Yes Mike you are so “RIGHT”!! The time has indeed passed on being honorable. You are most likely correct in saying Erin will probably say she had to much to drink. I just realized that Lane’s personal chopper has no sissy bar and Erin was sitting on the back fender. That must have been a scary ride sitting back there for twenty odd miles. Wonder if she was praying not to get killed??? I am surprised that she did not fall off the chopper with Lane driving with a BAC that had to be higher than when he killed Mr.Morelock.

      I hope the Morelock’s pass on any kind of plea bargain if the State offers one on the criminal case. I wish the Morelock’s lots of good luck on the civil suit. Mr. Lane does not pay his bills. I know of at least one incident where Lane was sued for not paying a $50,000 debt. I know the process server that personally handed Lane the summons.

    4. Mike Odom Says:

      Yes, it is true that this will mean that Billy Lane will not have to appear for his first appearance date that was to be on October 27th. The not guilty plea to the charges of DUI Manslaughter was filed with the Clerk of Courts here in Brevard County, Florida. I found it online and then retrieved the document this afternoon as confirmation.

      Many of the forums and other blogs are discussing the fact of the larger news agencies and television stations not picking up on this. Although, there was one story released on AP.

      One could only speculate as to why.

    5. Mike Odom Says:

      Thank you for the compliments Sandie.

      I tried to get a hold of Byron by writting to some of the Florida Today staff witters that had covered the story. I never got anything back.

      I just wrote to a friend of the family and I will see if that gets a response.

      There have been many new documents filed on the civil case and a few on the criminal. I will be writting on these when I return from the court house in Viera later on today.

    6. Mike Odom Says:

      When? Adam
      The time of doing the honorable thing has long since expired.

    7. WooleyB Says:

      I am sure that a lot of people have more to lose from this than just Billy and that is the reason it’s not well known. They wish to keep things in the dark so revenues won’t crash and burn as well. Give someone celebrity status and all of a sudden they begin to think the law is beneath them.

    8. Adam Says:

      Pretty simple, I know Billy…he has to do as his legal councel says…he made a bad choice, he will do the right thing here. Nobody wins in this situation..
      Billy is a stand-up guy.He and the family of the victom feel this every day. Again, Billy will do the honerable thing in this case.


    9. chopo Says:

      Has there been any comments on this subject made by other famed bike builders? I would like to know some thoughts through out the industry.

    10. Loney Wilcoxson Says:

      I have been speaking tro Byron Morelock since a week after Billy’s carelsee actions finally took a life i will have an interview with Byron out in our nexyt month’s issue.

    11. Loney Wilcoxson Says:

      I have been in contact with Byron Morelock since Billy’s irresponsible behaviour finally killed someone. My interview with Byron will be in our next month’s issue if any are interested in reading it.

    12. Mike Odom Says:


      So true! BTW, Great blog you have, thanks for visiting mine.

      Friends and readers, be sure to check out WooleyB’s blog at

    13. Eric Wright Says:

      Mike, I was wondering what ever happened if anything with the Billy Lane manslaughter case? Was the N.C. D.U.I. as seperate thing too? I have been trying to find out info but yours has the most info and I didnt know if anything has been done, like the trail or sentenced or whatever, has happened yet. Please let me know if you would at my email addy. I didnt know anything til my brother told me in January. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

    14. Mike Odom Says:

      Hi Eric and Thanks for stopping by.
      The two trials for Billy Lane, 1 criminal and 1 civil has been scheduled for February. The criminal trial is set for February 2nd with the civil trial to follow on the 7th. They may very well be rescheduled, but as for now this is where it stands.

      The DUI case in NC has no bearing on the Florida case(s) other than the driving on a suspended license here in Florida, that charge was not filed.

      Your best bet to find the most information here on my blog is to do a search for Billy Lane using the search box located in the upper right hand corner of the page. You should get a page that would look like

    15. sandie Says:

      Since Billy Lane has a new lawyer most likely the criminal case will be postponed so the new lawyer can start from scratch and build some kind of defense. Got to tell you that this is not a case I would want to take on if Billy came to my office looking for legal repsentation. Yes…Lane deserves a lawyer and a fair trial. I am anxious to find out what happened to Kepler Funk. announcement except for your exclusive. You stay right on top Mike!!!

    16. Karen Says:

      dont JUDGE TILL YOU ALL SEE THE FACTS!!! THE FACT IS Billy isnt guilty unril proven it in trial!!!LAY OFF HIM!!! JUST because he got famous doesn’t mean He is a BAD person..!!!!!How many of YOU ? Have drank a few drinks and drove?????ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Mike Odom Says:

      No one will disagree that Lane deserves and will receive a trial and you are right being a noted custom chopper builder does not make him a bad person. Who said it does?
      The defense that you and so many others want to employ of I, You, We all have done it? I just don’t get it? A human being’s life was taken.

      I stand in defense of the judicial system of America, it has its flaws, but it is “our” system. We can and will make the changes to make it better. No one should judge this case except the ones that have been entrusted by the citizens that placed them in that power along with the selected members of a jury.
      Billy Lane has the right to a trial and you are right, we are not to judge. He also has a right to a lawyer to speak in his defense. It would be in his benefit that it is not a person as you and the others that use this statement of defense. So while it is right that no one should judge, isn’t it also right that no one should defend?

      I guess I agree. Let us leave the trial up to those who have been appointed to do so.

    18. Old Crow Says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for the updates.
      Been watching this on Beach Cruiser’s forums.
      Any info on Chrysler Daimler side of things would
      be appreciated if it is public release info. This mess
      could throw a real wrench into corp. sponsor vehicles.
      Thanks Crow

    19. Eric Wright Says:

      Karen… Not all of us have done it but those that have, how many of you that have had a drink and drove have killed someone and pled not guilty? Also he is not a bad guy for being a bike builder/biker, he is a bad person for his stupid actions and then playing it off as nothing. He is a so call star and with that comes responsibilties, such as a role model for kids. That is just something that comes with stardom even if you didnt want it. If you dont want it then you shouldnt keep going on tv and promoting yourself. The first show made him well known outside his regular circle that already knows his skills. You know what happens when you become famous and everybody does. If you dont like any of it dont become famous. Or stay low keyed and dont kill people!

    20. Mike Odom's Blog Says:

      [...] Billy Lane pleads not guilty to DUI Manslaughter charges [...]

    21. sandie Says:

      One can plead three ways : 1. NOT QUILTY 2.QUILTY 3. NO CONTEST We will see at the trial, as Grissom says on CSI “LET THE EVIDENCE SPEAK FOR ITS SELF”. As Mike Odom has reported the evidence is stacking up at the State’s Attorney’s office. FHP are one of the best in the USA for traffic accident investigations. Many witnesses as well. I spoke with Judge Cynthia Cox and she said Florida has sentencing guidelines. They in to factor how many times you have been in trouble and that is figured into a sentence and the state has minimum and maximum guidelines to sentence by for each offense.

    22. sandie Says:

      Forgot, Mike Odom told me personally that there was so much evidence and paper with Lane’s case that it was too costly to purchase it all. Maybe Mike will put the copy of the FHP narratives on his site so all can read them. I was given a copy and asked not to put them online. I am a person of my word. Well, Mike I think it is time you put them on your site so the public has the opportunity to read what we read. They are public record. Attorney Albert Lagano said it is okay to put them online as they are public record. I thought you had become close to Gerry Morelock’s brother. If you do not put them on I am going to contact Byron and see if it would offend the Morelock family for the narratives to be put on line. If Byron says yes. I will post them.

    23. Mike Odom Says:

      All of the FHP narratives were posted here

    24. sandie Says:

      Thanks. Then maybe people who know how to read will read them.

    25. Dan Says:

      I know Billy Lane personally both as a builder and a friend. Billy is a decent guy with moral values. He is at ease talking to a hard core biker as he is talking to a CEO of a corporation, he is a unique individual and plays the drama and suspense that IS his life out as any actor could. He deserves an Oscar for the protrayal of hisself. Billy is painted as a reckless, hard drinking, carousing guy but its not the real Billy at all. I feel that there is something in all this that is being missed byt the DA’s office.

    26. SLD Says:

      HISSELF??? I believe that is “himself”. So you think maybe we will see Lane as “himself” in a Lifetime movie of the week???? Should be interesting to watch if it comes to be! I suppose “Dodge” will be the major sponsor??

    27. Jon Says:

      It it outragious that Lane got out of his DUI in N.C.!! No-one ever gets out of a DUI in N.C. I love bikes, builders and the whole biker scene but, if your gonna show your ass like Lane did, then you should have to pay your debt to society!!!!

    28. MIKE REED Says:

      What is the latest news on billy lane?BIGDADDY

    29. Steve Says:

      Has anyone got any news on the Billy Lane case?

    30. Mike Odom Says:

      Next court date is set for the 24th, but there are more recent articles on this blog. You can find them by going to the front page or using the search function and typing in Billy Lane

      Thanks for visiting

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