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Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer Blog

Besides being a California Biker Attorney, Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq. has a great biker law blog with a lot of information for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. You will see that this man is not only a lawyer, he is a biker. His blog is worth a read!

Biker and Motorcycle Legal Issues, Safety Tips, Links to Motorcycle and legal sites, Motorcycle Ride Reports and More! Visit

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  • 4 Responses to “Biker and Motorcycle Lawyer Blog”

    1. Mike Odom Says:

      I think JP was being a bit of a SA. LOL
      I wish we had biker lawyers around here like Mr. Fernadez! He is a down to earth guy and he will answer your emails Sandie.

    2. sandie Says:

      To John Paul…Mr. Fernandez is also an Esquire. Wonder if he has license to practice in Florida? I am going to check out Fernandez’s site because I am a curious cat. Maybe Fernandez’s resume is posted.

    3. John Paul Says:

      WOW, this guy’s a “California Lawyer and Attorney.” What more could you want, both an attorney and lawyer all rolled into one.

    4. Sandie Says:

      Biker Motorcycle Lawyer Blog is absolutely without a doubt one of the best blogs on the internet, and well worth checking out. It is full of good information and always something new to learn. Love it!! Norm does a wonderful job for a man who has little free time.

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