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Hearing date set for Billy Lane in Florida DUI/Manslaughter case

Billy Lane faces charges of DUI/Manslaughter

A first appearance date has been set for Melbourne chopper builder, Billy Lane.

William “Billy” Lane is scheduled to make his first appearance in front of Judge Majeeb on October 27, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. at the Moore Justice Center in Viera, Florida.

Billy Lane has been charged with DUI Manslaughter, DUI Serious Bodily Injury and Driving while License Suspended/Revoked With Serious Injury or Death stemming from a fatal crash on September 4th.

The victim, Gerald Morelock,56 of Melbourne Beach, Florida was killed instantly when the Dodge truck that Mr. Lane was driving struck him head-on while riding a 1983 Yamaha Motor Scooter. Witnesses have reported that they saw the 2006 black Dodge pickup cross over the double yellow lines southbound on Highway A1A in an attempt to pass two vehicles. Florida Highway Patrol troopers suspected that the collision was alcohol related on the night of September 4th, but had to wait until blood test came back from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Lab before filing charges. Emergency paramedics have stated that they smelled alcohol coming from Lane as well.

Viera Court House

Billy Lane turned himself in to the FHP on September 25th accompanied by his attorneys and was released 90 minutes later on a $15,000.00 bond. Mr. Lane is scheduled to appear in North Carolina on October 5th on alcohol related charges only weeks before his scheduled first appearance here in Florida. North Carolina Police reported Billy Lane was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the highway, not wearing a helmet and refusing to submit to a BAC test. FHP Troopers also stated that Mr. Lane had refused to take the test on the night of the September 4th wreck. Troopers later took the blood test at the hospital where Billy Lane was treated and released for injury.

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  • 161 Responses to “Hearing date set for Billy Lane in Florida DUI/Manslaughter case”

    1. rachael wilbur Says:

      Billy Lane is awesome. life sucks sometimes. But it’s okay because you are a sexy beast/…..Growllll.(that was taylor filkins). billy, just know that we support you 110%
      and my mom (beth wilbur), thought you looked really hot at the hearing. just thought
      you’d like to know.

    2. Jennifer Says:

      Are you kidding me!! Your seriously telling him how Hot he looks
      right now. He’s facing prision for killing someone I really dout
      Billy or the family of the man he killed cares about how hot he
      looks!! Grow up.

    3. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Lane is a jerk who has no regard for anybody. He deserves no sympathy or prayers. Both his NC and FL licenses were suspended for DUI-related reasons and then he STILL proceeded to drive DRUNK AGAIN. Lane has enough money to hire lawyers and specialists to get him out of this mess so he can party in his 2 million dollar oceanfront home while Gerald Morelock’s mutilated body rests in a coffin. Boycott Choppers Inc and Billy Lane. He needs to go down hard.

    4. L.A. RIDER Says:

      I’m really sickened by all the Billy Butt Kissers and sympathizers out there who fail to see the harsh reality of what this jerk has done.

    5. Christopher Cifone Says:

      As everyone knows, Billy’s bikes were awesome, different and radical.
      But that really doesn’t matter now.
      He’s turned himself into the average scumbag drunkdriver disregarding the law and
      now I will burn my Chopper’s INC t-shirts……

    6. jodeelynn Says:

      I just want to say we all have to live with the choises in life we have made and it is not for us to judge. If most of us were truthful we have gotten behind the wheel or in a car where someone has been drinking. We were just lucky. It was a bad choice and the worst thing that could happen did. I feel sorry for everyone involved and I know if Billy could change it, He would. People need to back off and stop being so judgemental. He has to live with this the rest of his life. I still think he is an incredibly talented guy who can hopefully go on to a productive life doing what he is good at Building Bikes!!!

    7. Larry Says:

      Billy created a life most dream of, money, fame and
      success. However, he forgot one thing…he is NOT
      his legend, he is just another drunk who murdered
      a good, decent man. Because he believed his legend,
      he raised himself above the law and now will lose
      everything he has, his freedom for a few years and
      will NEVER again live the life he has come to know.
      Billy is out of business, Choppers, Inc. is a
      dying venture, soon to be liquidated for legal fees
      and civil court judgements.
      Very pitiful. UNFORGIVEABLE.

    8. Mike Odom Says:

      You know Rachel, I had to beat myself in the head to publish your comment. I feel though, that everyone has a right to their opinion. As long as they use a real email address.
      However, I am also a very strong believer in fate. So, if you wish to make comments like this, they should be heard. Remember this. What goes around comes around.
      I really think that if you feel that (110%) strong in supporting Billy Lane, that you should write to him directly by US Mail.

    9. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Jodee, you’re very naive and obviously not a rider. It IS up to us to judge who we share the public roads with. When I’m on my bike or in my car, I don’t want to have to worry about some drunken jerk like Lane plowing into me just so he can get a barslut home to bed.

    10. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Jodee, think about what you said in your post. “It was a bad choice and the worst thing that could happen, did.” I disagree. Don’t you think the worst that could happen is if by some chance Lane was partying in your neighborhood and he rammed into you or a member of your family??? If Lane gets off easy, this is a possibility in the future given his history of repeated DUI incidents. Lane is a menace to everyone.

    11. jodeelynn Says:

      To Both of the comments, I must be naive then because I don’t know of anywhere is the US where we get to judge who we share the road with until it is too late and something like this has happened. I will agree that the worst thing that could happen would be if anyone in my family or yours or anyones for that matter were killed by a drunk driver, unfortunately Mr. Lane is just one of many who have commited this crime. I am not saying he doesn’t deserve punishment, I just think it is sad that so many wish him to be ruined in life. He is not the first person to do this, He just happens to be more well known then the others.

    12. Deb Coomer Says:

      WOW!! Don’t you just LOVE the fact that people are so judegmental!! Yes, Billy didnt use the best decision making skills he has, some could argue that he didnt use any of them. Fact is, it can’t be changed. However, he CAN learn from the past. So can we. Burning tshirt, boycotting Chopper’s Inc. will NOT bring Mr Morelock back. Billy will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. Not gonna be easy for him. I am a hard-core Billy fan…that is not gonna change even in the situation he has gotten himself into. Question..if it were YOUR family or friend who caused this…would you be so quick to belittle and damn?? I didn’t think so!!

      Billy…those of us who truly care about you are NOT gonna walk away! They can call me whatever name they wont bother me any! Hang in there…Hugggs and lots of love and support to you, my friend.

    13. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Lane is a man who has proved that he does not learn from past mistakes. Now he is using his wealth to try to avoid serving the punishment that he deserves, and his fame provides him with sympathizers and supports that inevitably encourage his irresponsible behavior. Lane could have been an asset to the custom bike industry. He’s had more than enough chances to be responsible. Instead, the only thing Lane is responsible for is a man’s death. For that, he should go down. He deserves nothing else.

    14. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Deb, you’re a patient person. Who do you suggest should give up his or her life the next time Lane fails to learn from his “mistake”??? Those of you who care about or sympathize with this piece of crap are really ignorant. He’s not even man enough to admit his guilt.

    15. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Word is that Lane is scheduled to appear at SEMA in Vegas in the Horse/Ol Skool Rodz booth. Good chance to let the scum know what he really is in person. What a jerk. Making public appearances while his victim is laying dead in a coffin.

    16. L.A. RIDER Says:

      I love the photo of Lane at the top of this forum. It shows the typical arrogant look of a JERK that doesn’t care about anything but himself. Well, check this out Lane, you ain’t nuthin now.

    17. L.A. RIDER Says:

      hey tuscon, shhhhhhhhh. lotsa people drink and drive but how many do it on a suspended (due to DUI related incident) license and then KILL A MAN?!? WHILE CROSSING DOUBLE YELLOWS? AND PASSING 2 VEHICLES? JUST TO GET A BARSLUT HOME TO BED? A jerk like Lane is what a real rider fears most on the road. He takes you out in your own lane head on, when you least expect it, and can’t do anything about it

    18. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Lane is not a victim. Lane is not suffering. Lane has hired specialists to dispute evidence and high-powered attorneys to get him off easy for killing Gerald Morelock. He was forgiven and given a second chance already and he killed somebody with it. You bleeding-heart sympathizers are the reason why jerks like Lane get chances and kill. I’m glad you Lane A$$-kissers are in the minority.

    19. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Jodylynn, I dont need to know somebody for them to be able to get drunk and ram into me and kill me. Lane has proven quite capable of doing this. I don’t hate Lane. I don’t even know the jerk. Based on the facts at hand, I think he’s a piece of garbage

    20. L.A. RIDER Says:

      One thing that appears to be consistent: Billy-Butt-Kissers have a tendancy to skirt the issue and focus on a little name calling or how great a guy he is or how bad he’s feeling or how awesome his bikes are or why is everyone so angry and hateful…PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF HIS A$$.

    21. L.A. RIDER Says:

      HOLESHOT, you must have a hole in your head. “Lane is entitled to screw up.” I wonder how Gerald Morelock feels about that? You are one of the biggest moron Billy-Butt-Kissers yet.

    22. L.A. RIDER Says:

      The best thing that can happen now is for the name Billy Lane to just go away. The controversy and dispute that this one irresponsible jerk has caused is doing nothing but hurting the custom bike industry. Whether Lane ends up serving time or not, he needs to be removed from the spotlight.

    23. ovid Says:

      Gerry Morelock was a friend of mine. We were friends since the early 1970′s. He was a mentor to me in so many ways. He was killed by a drunk driver who was breaking the law. This drunk driver is not “hot;” is not”awsome;” is not really “famous”. I know many people who have NEVER heard of him. This drunk driver has hired expensive lawyers to get him off. This is wrong. But it can happen only in America. Edit: the last line of this comment was removed by the owner of this blog.
      ovid, you were doing fine up until that point. Try to keep the type of line that you posted a little less desciptive
      thank you.

    24. sandie Says:

      So I guess that there will be no first appearance October 27th?? Does the written plea of NOT GUILTY cancel that out?? I guess the civil case depends on the outcome of the criminal case??? That is a question MNO. I noticed that FHP did not give Billy a speeding ticket or one for crossing double yellow line. Wonder why not. Where did you find out a NOT GUILTY plea was entered??????????????????????

    25. ron Says:

      i just hope that the rest of the builders gotta message from billy: party & break the law -> u loose.

    26. chopo Says:

      I have not seen any comments from other famous bike builders. I would like to see what their thoughts are.

    27. Tucson,Arizona Says:

      Oh God! Most of you guys are some hypocrites!!!! How many of you the car after a few drinks?? your right it is very wrong and he should go to jail. And some of you people that are talking boycotting his bikes I sure hope u guys are not bikers cause u sure dont deserve to be on one!!! It should be women that are writing comments and not a dammm biker get off your damm bike then!! The law should deal w-people when they get there first d.u.i and not wait for somthing to happen like this. It is a very sad and awfuk thing I would know i lost a Family memeber to a drunk driver and that guy had 5 D.U.I’S and still nothing has been done to guy that killed my family member


      Billy needs our help now. What was it we all said when he was loaded out of his mind at shows, have another or dude you need to slow down. Sure he screwed up but you don’t or can’t even imagine what he’s going thru, now sure he don’t deserve special treatment he’s just like you an me, but he does deserve to be treated like the brother he is. Just as we feel for the family of the other person we should feel for billy an try to help him not condemn him for his irresponceablity. If it were you what would you want people to do condemn you or be there for you. What do you think billy doesn’t wish it would of happened the other way around come on you  idiots billy’s hurting more than anyone knows so lets not hang him yet lets try helping him along with the other guys family an freinds

    29. SCOTTY MAC Says:


    30. chopo Says:

      I have not seen any comments on this subject by any member of the “famed” bike builders. What’s their thoughts?

    31. L.A. RIDER Says:

      LINDEMUTH, the only help Lane deserves is that of the penal system. Who gives a F*CK what Lane is going through. The jerk wasn’t even legal to drive. He took a life trying to get a barslut into bed. That life could have been anyone’s. Piss on Lane and anybody who sympathizes with him.

    32. Pamela Newton Says:

      We have all done things that we regret.The important thing to remember is that a man is dead.But that does not excuse the hellfire and brimstone that all you “I am perfect” pot lickers are sending.We all make mistakes and must answer to them,”He who is without sin,cast the first stone”.Billy is not perfect,I am not perfect and you are not perfect.He is an intelligent man with a gift for building motorcycles.This is something that he will live with for the rest of his life.I am with you Billy Lane because I am not the perfect angel either.But all these potlickers are?
      All of you must answer for your bad deeds, Billy Lane was in the wrong place at the wrong time. You potlickers got lucky.

    33. jodeelynn Says:

      I am still trying to figure out why people tend to be so hateful to others when you don’t know them nor the demons that fuel their nightmares! What most of you fail to realize is that while Billy’s life looks so glamorous it really isn’t what you think. I also think to refer to someone as a barslut is so rude when you don’t know them. Billy and the Morelock Family are suffering and the damage cannot be undone, But instead of hurling insults and hatred, try extending the hand of forgiveness and peace for all involved. I’d rather see Billy a productive member of society than pay for him behind bars!

    34. Rachael Wilbur Says:

      Adressing those who were criticizing me, others contributed to that comment. I do support BIlly in the sense that he’s not hiding behind his fame and taking responsibility for what happened. I also like his work. More or less, I’m supporting my loved ones that have supported him. And to those who lost someone to the effects of
      alcohol, I apologize, believe me when I tell
      you that I know how you feel. So before you criticize people know the whole story. And think about if it was somebody you loved that was involved. And it was BILLY’S choice to drink and drive. Life is about choices and consequences.
      The thing I really want to get across is that
      if you feel so strongly about it you don’t need
      to be fussing with other people on your computer
      and realize that you can make a change. And maybe less people would have to go through this.
      I’m not angry at anybody. I’m angry at the fact that none of this would have to happen if people would just do things to prevent it. I hope everything works out for everybody.

    35. vickey Says:

      for all of those who Judge, your maker will judge you one day for the mistakes you made, one of those is hate. I have met billy numerous times and he is not one who would take a life purposely. I have lost a sister and best friend to drunk driver. Since this incident, I can say I know how both sides feel, and I can also say that I now know how to forgive, so already something good has come out of Billy’s mistake. And I’m sure Billy will do his best to make it as right as is possible, although not able to repair a life.

      Billy, We love you and will be behind you no matter what! Choppers and Billy Lane rule. Love, Bubba and Vickey

    36. Holeshot Says:

      Mr. Lane is entitled to screw up, just like the rest of us. He is entitled to buy as much legal help as he can afford, just like the rest of us. He is entitle to BS his way out of it, or serve hard time, just like the rest of us.

      I think we all should keep our judgements to ourselves,where they belong. Billy Lane is in plenty of trouble now. He won’t be needing a bunch of stupid remarks from stupid people – he has proven that he is one of us.

      Good luck, Billy. I am
      afraid you are really going to need it.

    37. jodeelynn Says:

      L.A.Rider Here’s what I find funny A$$-kisser that I am. It really seems to eat at you that people are supportive of Billy Lane. I am fully aware of the issues at hand here. A man is dead and another man has to take responsibility for that. But to sit in judgement of someone you don’t know and refer to them as “jerk” and “garbage” tells me that you have issues of your own to deal with. Because he is charged with the accident he obviously has the right to defend himself(sorry it bothers you he can afford more than one) I personally do believe he is suffering and will be haunted by it the rest of his life . He will also be paying for it in more way’s than you’ll ever know. I will continue to be a Ass-kisser since I find that a whole lot more appealing than the alternative…..THE HOLE!!!

    38. Arthur Says:

      Having been a Lane fan I will say this: He made his choice, and must endure the consequences. Yes many others drink and drive, but not everyone who drinks and drives kills someone. If any when they do, show them no respite as well. I am sick of these idiots who say we can’t judge. You morons are taking a misquoted phrase from the bible that had a specific meaning. Of course you can judge the actions of an individual. Not judging someone was referring to treating people equal regardless of what they have to do for a living. It does not mean letting criminals go free or giving them sympathy. In biblical times people were horribly tortured for their actions. The torture itself was the purging of the sin. Poeple were forgiven after being cleansed of their sins. Pain is the cleanser. Do you understand? They would give Lane an opportunity to appologize, then they would give their sentence. Their sentence would be some path to certain death. Lane’s fate whould have been sealed in Biblical times. Yes he would be forgiven, but at the expense of his suffering and his death. We all make mistakes in life, but this goes beyond that. In my country he would have been dead already. When enough of us come together and tell society that this will not be tolerated. Then we can move on. If we forgive, we all lose.

    39. sandie Says:

      I dare say one needs not to worry about being able to seat impartial jury. Seems like people either feel BILLY LANE has done no wrong or GUILTY AS CHARGED. A lot of famous people do not set the right example. Just look at the Auburn and Miami football game. Look at Professional football most of those guys are in jail most of the time , we can not forget the Kobe Bryant rape that he paid his way out of facing criminal charges and the baseball steroid mess.Money does seem to buy their way out of a mess! I am amazed at what people have posted on this site. A few I am even disappointed and wonder what values were taught to them as they grew into adults. Although, some posts are so childish that one must wonder if a kid did write the post. I LOVE living in the USA. We can think and say what we want thanks to our forefathers.

    40. jodeelynn Says:

      I believe if we all had the attitude of some of these people we would be back in the day’s of the Christians and would be fed to the Lion’s. I thank God I was given the ability to put myself in other peoples shoes have consideration for other human beings even when they aren’t considerate of me. Anger and resentment breeds contempt and we already live in a society of full of that today. A man is dead and another man caused it due to his lack of consideration. Do I believe it was intentional? Yes! in the sense he chose to get behind the wheel, Do I believe he deserves to be punished? Most definately! Am I still a fan? Yes, I am. Call me whatever you will. I learned long ago to be happy in life you must Forgive but you don’t have to Forget! I will not Forget what happened to Mr. Morelock He paid the ultimate price for Billy’s choice. I also believe just because you think you are right doesn’t make me wrong. I am entitled to my opinion and should be without being referred to as A moron A$$-kissing, Hole in my head, Billy Butt Kisser!

      “Hanging on to resentment is like letting someone live in your head rent free”

    41. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Jodee, practice what you preach and put yourself in Gerald Morelock’s shoes… How does it feel? Ding-A-Lings like you who contradict themselves and don’t even realize it are the reason why jerks like Lane get to skate free. What a bimbo…

    42. TheRockdog Says:

      O.K. I’m a Billy fan and Damn proud of it. yes i have driven many times drunk not that it is a good thing because it is not! Yes i got one DUI and i was at the legal limit of 0.10 and that was the limit at the time. now I have a very close friend that has got more then five DUI’s. He is so lucky that he has not killed someone. He has a sickness. Now Billy can turn this into a positive. I know he did the blood sweat and gears tour where he went to 6 major out door bike events and build a bike for the week he was there. at the end of each week he gave the bike to a U.S. VET in the crowd. that was out of his pocket. Now he could do some Drinking and driving siminar tour around and speak to kids about the bad choice he has made and hopefully keep some other kids and adult too from taking that path in life. Now my heart and prayers go out to both the Morelock Family and the Lane Family. God does everything for a reason and we are not to question that. We are to love, help, and stand up and help are fellow man even if it was my family member. I have lost three friends to drunk drivers two that were very close to me so i know the pain too. just keep both families in your prayers and ask for forgiveness!!!!! ride free and keep at least one tire on the ground!

    43. L.A. RIDER Says:

      Hey Mikey, what’s so confusing? And what do you want to talk about that can’t be talked about in open forum? I think children ESPECIALLY should know what a jerk Billy Lane is for not facing up to his crimes.

    44. dan Says:

      Lane can get to Biketoberfest but not court!HUH

    45. TheRockdog Says:

      MNO I want to thank you for the updates on what is going on with Billy and the Moredock Family. Thankyou very much. Is anyone going to the Lone Star Rally next weekend? im driving down from Indy back to my old stomping grounds. hope see everyone out there. ride safe!

    46. TheRockdog Says:

      (The best thing that can happen now is for the name Billy Lane to just go away. The controversy and dispute that this one irresponsible jerk has caused is doing nothing but hurting the custom bike industry. Whether Lane ends up serving time or not, he needs to be removed from the spotlight.
      Permalink 11/04/06 @ 21:03)

      Bluh bluh bluh! If he does or doesn’t do time that is not up to you to abolish Bily Lanes name from the motorcycle world. He has given a lot to the motorcycle world. That can not be changed one way or the other. so you sound like Tom Cruise saying Jerk You Jerk. come on now. God forgives all sinners that beleive im him. But i still pray for the Morelock family as well as the Lane family.

    47. Mike Odom Says:

      So far the only builder that I have seen comment on Billy Lane’s behavior is Cyril Huze. You can read Cyril’s full comment here

    48. Mike Odom Says:

      I invite EVERYONE to continue this discussion in a forum atmosphere where it can not be accessed by children and those under the age of 18.

      We need to realize a very big factor here. There are many adults that respected and looked to Billy Lane as a hero, celebrity or what have you. Many still do. The thing is that there are also those of an impressionable age(kids), who also looked at Billy as a role model.

      It is important to understand that there are kids reading these stories, articles and comments about what happened.

      The tragic outcome and loss of life that resulted by a mans irresponsible behavior and lack of conscience to human life, including that of his own has left a very bad impression for these kids. We, as adults, need to restrict our behavior in an open area that can be accessed by them.

      Join the discussion at Bikers Voice to help prevent further confusion in a already confusing issue to our children.

    49. Marc Says:

      You are comparing apples to oranges. Steroid use and DUI related murder are not even in the same class. Can you qualify your statement “Look at Professional football most of those guys are in jail most of the time”? If this were actually true, how do they find time to play the game?

      Lane deserves nothing less than to pay for what he did. Through his irresponsibility he killed another man, or more personally someones husband and/or father.

    50. Dingo Says:

      I still support Billy Lane.

      Seems he has made an err in judgement.
      Let the justice system judge him rather than the clowns and armchair critics.
      Too many clowns too few circuses.
      Try and loose the jealous indignation you seem to harbor LA rider. You seem to have nothing better to do…by the # of postings web wide you have made.
      Bottom dollar bet you would grab a cup of shut the fu8k up if we were in the same room together…
      My advice “LA looser” buy medical and dental insurance soon butt wad. Get a life…you are who?? holier than who?? looser.

    51. Mike Odom Says:

      Dingo said: Bottom dollar bet you would grab a cup of shut the fu8k up if we were in the same room together…

      Never heard that one before Dingo. LMAO
      Funny thing about this poster, he seems to of disappeared lately form the net. Maybe he already got that deal.

    52. Philip Says:

      I cannot believe some of the more superficial comments made about the Billy Lane situation. They sort of remind me of the OJ trial when people are polarized about race and celebrity but not about guilt or innocence. This is a tradgedy for everyone concerned but foremost for the poor man who’s life was taken by an avoidable accident. If Lane was just some no-name drunk, everyone would be screaming for his head, instead, because Lane has celebrity status, his fans start up right away with the forgiveness bullshit. Let’s remember that he was driving with a cancelled license for dui when he killed this man and not how “hot” he is.

    53. LiqudSteel Says:

      Billy chose to drink and drive. He chose to drive like a freakin maniac. He subsequentially killed an innocent man, and some people here actually want to try to defend him. What if the person Billy had killed was your dad, or your brother, or even you? Would you want justice? I can see that this whole mess with Billy could turn into another OJ trajedy.

      Billy’s 15 minutes of fame are over, now its time for him to serve 15 to life for killing an innocent man, under the influence, on a suspended licensed. Its obvious Billy thinks he is above the law.

    54. Dingo Says:

      Merry Christmas to all especially the unhappy “lynch Billy” crew. I still wonder who died and left them in charge? LMAO!
      Note the victim was also impaired.
      Also Mr Lane beat the charges up north.
      What will you poo slingers do when Billy overcomes this mistake, pays his dues and comes out smilin?
      Still feel victimized. Drunks kill every day. Is booze illegal?
      Hey we still live in a free country.
      In Iraq booze is banned. Go ride there!
      Given choices we sometimes make mistakes. Don’t like what he’s done…teach by example.
      Don’t buy Choppers Inc stuff. Don’t drink alcohol.
      Are you turning off your televisions also??
      Hey ride a honda too if your still pissed that Canadians abused the Japanese during a war.
      I also have lost ones close to me due to booze but are the powers that be tearing up the parking lots at bars or banning booze?
      What goes round comes round and changes with the tide.
      The man fuc*ed up. Get over it and quit playin like you have any say in anything. This is not about you or me.
      Be concerned and sober enough to avoid cars and trucks in our lanes or die trying …they won’t.
      Oh by the way celeb’s/politicians/pro athletes/cops/judges are somewhat above the law…deal with it common folk.
      Keep outta Billy’s Lane.

    55. Ted Says:

      What a sad whore…..probably fat.

      “rachael wilbur Says:

      October 8th, 2006 at 7:37 am
      Billy Lane is awesome. life sucks sometimes. But it’s okay because you are a sexy beast/…..Growllll.(that was taylor filkins). billy, just know that we support you 110%
      and my mom (beth wilbur), thought you looked really hot at the hearing. just thought
      you’d like to know. “

    56. Philip Says:

      Dingo seems to have about the same intelligence level as his namesake. Support Billy Lane all you want but I would like to know how many non-celebrity DUI drivers you go to bat for. Guns are legal and can be fun to shoot, but does that mean we should support some psycho who goes Columbine. You probably do not know Billy Lane, probably have never even met him but here you are prepared to defend his right to keep on getting drunk and roaring down the road because he is a minor celebrity. Maybe the next time, and I am sure there will be a next time, you will be Billy’s new hood ornament

    57. kathy Says:

      I have met Billy Lane and thought he was the most courteous and polite bike builder celeb I had ever met. We must remember that alcoholism is a desease. I have a freind that also was involved in a fatal DUI ACCIDENT.she did four years in a state prison. She now is trying to learn to live with what happened. She will never get over the fact that because of her, a man is dead. because of her DESEASE, which thankfully, she got help with, She now looks around and sees the many many drinkers, whether it be one three or ten drinks. who then get behind the wheel of their car and drive. Some are lucky and some are not. Some get home safe some do not. Some have ACCIDENTS, that cause injuries or death, some do not. It is not like a person or I should say a alcoholic plans to go out to kill somebody, they need help. It is a ILLNESS. Billy Lane needs help, I am sure he will never get over the thought of, because of him a man is dead, he has to live with that for the rest of his life. We should all take a good look at ourselves, before we burn him at the stake. Mabe you were just lucky, but as we know luck doesn’t last forever. I could happen to any of us whether we are a drinker, cell phone user , suffer from road rage, etc.etc. you can cause a accident that could kill someone. Just because he has money does not make him infallible or incapable of the same deseases as you or I.

    58. sandie Says:

      Billy did not really win anything in North Carolina. His Florida drivers license were revoked because he refused to submit to the sobriety test. “Called imolied consent” it is down there where you sign your license and acknowledge you will consent to sobriety tests. Lane lost his license for a year. How long do you think it will be before we hear that they have postponed the criminal trial because of a new lawyer?? Did you ever find out why Lane changed lawyers?? My guess is the Kepler Funk dropped Lane.

    59. sandie Says:

      Mike, I wish that you would be a “SWEETIE” and correct the above comment “Called implied consent. Norm’s blog lets you preview your comment and correct the words you spelled wrong and other corrections and then you submit your comment. Sometimes I think faster than I type.

    60. sandie Says:

      With Billy Lane’s court dates do you think he is going to attend the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend?? Are there new hours for the retail store this week in Melbourne with all the activities in Daytona???

    61. Mike Odom Says:

      Currently we are on hold with no music. More should be known later today.

    62. RedRoberts Says:

      Hmm …postponed until 3/23? Too bad we cant all be a fly on the wall in the courtroom :(

    63. sandie Says:

      I can’t wait to hear the music. Be sure to post as soon as you hear something. Again Mike, Thanks for the pictures you sent Bob and I that Cindi Bear took….they were so good. I want to make appointment to have you come to our house and take family pictures. Look for ward to your next post.

    64. sandie Says:

      I got a update on a new comment on one of these posts regarding Billy Lane. Someone was asking about the court date with Dodge and said this would put a wrench in Demos being loaned out to celebrities or people who by driving the automakers vehicle would be good advertsing. I agree with that person one hundred percent. I do not think Dodge will go to court. I am guessing it will be settled out of court. The Morelock’s have hired “SAMMY” and “SAMMY” is by far the best for this kind of lawsuit. I certainly would have retained him if I were in the Morelock’s position. Futhermore, I do not thin Billy Lane will take the stand in the criminal trial and I do not think he will take the stand if there “IS” a civil trial.

    65. Jbb Says:

      I just saw Billy Lane last week at a bike show in Valley Forge Pa.
      I was a little suprised to see that he is still doing public appearances. But what really blew me away was the long line of fans shaking hands and getting autographs. Billy was smiling, hugging the girls, shaking hands with the bros. and I’m sure he pulled down a nice chunk of change for the weekend too. I believe everyone of us is innocent until proven guilty and I guess any one of us would still get up and go to work every day while awaiting trial if we were in the same situation.
      But for some reason it was extremely disturbing to see him there, out in public having a good ‘ol time.
      Kinda’ like seeing O.J. at the golf couse I guess.

    66. Mike Odom Says:

      Thanks for reading Jbb
      That is a very interesting outlook on Billy Lane still appearing in public. It does not seem right, but as you pointed out, it is his job.

      At Biketoberfest ’06 I witnessed the same thing and felt the same way you did. I asked many of the visitors about how they felt knowing his pending criminal charges. The poll came to about a 50/50 in the responses. Either they were not aware of it or they were aware and did not care.

      Thanks for the comments!

    67. sandie Says:

      I agree with jbb and Mike. It does seem weird to see Billy out and about as if nothing has happened. I think I’d get sick looking at myself in the morroe every morning when I brushed my teeth looking at a face that killed somebody because I was driving with suspended license, drunk, speeding while trying to pass in a no passing zone. It is like OJ playing golf. I bet a lot of the people in PA are not aware of what happened here in Florida. I can’t believe people actually told Mike that they did not care. One must wonder how they would feel if it was their loved one who Lane killed??? March 23 ?? Is that the new trial date for the criminal case, Mike? Is the Civil trial going forward this week? Please post & advise.

    68. Mike Odom Says:

      You need to learn how to clear your cache in your explorer, go here
      you are not seeing the current version of this site and others. I posted about what happened in court with Billy Lane yesterday morning at 11:30 the post is here
      The reason you are not seeing these things is because your AOL browser is not allowing you to. Go clean your cache and you will see more.

    69. L Says:

      How can you compare BL’s situation to OJ’s. OJ grabbed a knife went to his x wife’s house cut her throat and her friend’s, while his children slept inside. This is like someone loaded a gun and walking into a McDonalds, a church or post office and shooting people. I disagree with the comparison. As far as BL working and being at these shows and acting like nothing has happened, I ask you, how do you know what is inside his head? You DON’T !! It is as simple as that. You can’t if you haven’t walked in his shoes. How do you know what he feels when he looks in the mirror ? You don’t know what he is thinking. If it wasn’t for all those shows and autographs the Morelocks probaby wouldn’t be asking for all the money that they are suing him for. Maybe thats why he is busting his chops. I don’t know for sure, but I bet it is hard as hell for him to go knowing that there are people out there judging every move he makes. Until I have walked in his shoes or anyone elses, I think I might better leave the judging to the big man upstairs ! I am guessing that this is BL’s job and he can’t just

    70. Mike Odom Says:

      Thanks for reading and posting.
      I don’t think that any one is comparing what happened to OJ or Lane to get to court. I believe they are comparing the actions of the two in court and while facing charges. I think if you look at it this way you would see the similarities.
      Most people that have posted about Lane being in public have stated their feelings, not his. Those who have commented may be looking at someone who is going about life in a normal way with no visible reaction to the past.

      I think you are all saying the same thing sometimes, just in a different way. :)

      You are correct about who has the final say, no denying that.

    71. L Says:

      Continued……… sit around and do nothing. This is a horrible situation for the Morelocks and BL and his family. For some odd reason things happen for a reason, I don’t know why. I hope BL learns from this and turns himself around. I don’t see any good in sending him to prison, I don’t think he is a threat to you or me. I might be wrong, but maybe this has changed him and he has learned from it. My personal opinion is that most people in his situation you would also have attorneys and still continue working and hope and pray for the best and hopefully turn your life around. If he did cross the yellow line and when he saw the moped and tried to avoid it, if he had turned his truck in the other direction it might have killed his passenger, and possibly others in the other vehicles. I know he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel, but I just have to say………had it been some regular Joe
      driving without the experience he has with driving , there could have been even more fatalities that night. I think this is a horrible thing that has happened to everyone involved, especially the Morelock family. I can’t believe comparing this to OJ is very narrow minded.

    72. sandie Says:

      Why is comparing Billy Lane’s actions after he killed somebody to OJ wrong? OJ went on as if nothing had happened. Lane goes on as if nothing has happened. Exact same behavior is a fact…not narrow minded!!! I would be hiding in shame if I were walking in Lane’s shoes, would hate looking at myself in a mirror everyday knowing I took a life because I was driving with suspended license, very drunk, in such a hurry that I was speeding around three cars in a no passing zone. I think Lane needs to serve time in prison. His driving record is deplorable. Jails are full of people who get busted for driving with suspended license. It is time for Lane to face the music and pay for his crime. To judge the Morelock’s is wrong. Put a price on your loved ones life. We would have all called “SAMMY” and sued as well. Billy lives high on the hog and seems to have plenty to spend on lawyers. Looks like Lane has taken a page out of OJ’s book trying to put together a legal defense dream team. Shame on anyone who thinks Lane deserves a slap on the hand. Some nut on another blog she hopes Lane gets probation. Bet she would feel differently if it was her husband, son, father etc. that was killed by Lane. I am as shocked as everyone else about how Lane’s life goes on like he has not caused the death of a person who had the right to live. Maybe he does have to work. Lane can stay in his shop. Quite frankly, I am really surprised Lane is not already in prison………shame…..because Mr. Morelock would still be alive. I believe in having regard for the law. I do not drink and drive. I am too old and realize the value of my freedom and the right of other people to live. Mike has stated that two children have been added to the witness list in the criminal case. I guess the State’s Attorney felt they needed the two children on the stand who were in the lead car that Lane was passing. How sad for those children to have to testify about such a gruesome thing they were witness too. Bravo for the Mother who most definitely prayed and thought about it before she agreed to allow her children to take the stand. I commend her and bless those two innocent children who were on their way home from a soccer game and had to see this horrific wreck caused by a unlicensed drunk. I am sure that those two dear children will “NEVER” forget the awful sight they were witness too. After the day of drinking and partying so hard…..why was Lane in such a hurry to get home? Lane knew the road well. Lane knew he was speeding and passing in a no passing area.

    73. sandie Says:

      L: You really think drunk & unlicensed drivers are no threat to you, me and anyone else? I disagree. Look at Billy Lane, someone is “DEAD” because of him.

    74. L Says:

      Dear Sandie,
      I did not say that BL should get a slap on the wrist nor do I pretend to know exactly how I would be living my life if I were in his shoes and you shouldn’t either. I am no spring chicken myself, but do I feel like people who have their world rocked as BL has ( yes he was in the wrong being behind the wheel) can change their lives and maybe just maybe not drink and drive anymore. You don’t know how he feels about himself now, maybe he just hates himself, maybe he hates looking into the mirror, maybe he can’t sleep at night ! What would you do, you can’t answer that question unless you are in his shoes and neither can I. I feel bad and say a pray for the Morelock family everyday and pray for some positive outcome of all of this. I firmly believe that you should never assume and alot of you are posting comments on assumptions and yes, I can’t pretend to say how I would feel if Gerald were my brother. there’s no way I can put my self in their shoes and even pretend to know what they are going through. I still stand by what I said the comparison being between OJ and BL, no comparison at all.] One more thing I am not judging the Morelock family for their lawsuit. All I am saying if BL wasn’t who he is the money for the Morelocks probably wouldn’t be available for them.

    75. sandie Says:

      TO L::::::Billy Lane’s world was rocked by his actions. Lane and OJ do have something in common……both guilty of murder and both act as if nothing is wrong. Both have a strong record of not being able to stay out of trouble. I think people who stand in line to get close to Lane would be better off standing in line someplace taking communion or working at a Food Kitchen. Lane is nobody that I would stand in line to be hugged by or have my hand shaken. Lane left himself and his corporation open for liability when he got behind the wheel and drove without license. DODGE should have made sure Lane had valid drivers license before they had him driving around in their company owned vehicles to advertise for them. They were pretty stupid. I hope the Morelock’s clean Lane’s clock and Dodge’s too. After all, the little old lady who opened hot coffee from McDonalds and spilled it between her legs got a “BIG”fortune and”WE” all know coffee is hot!!!!! Lane drove without license and was drunk……..yet again…….no regard for the law and Mr. Morelock is dead. SHAME ON LANE!!!!! I would hide if I killed somebody drunk driving. Lane should be in jail. The judge who let Lane out on such a low bail should be hanging his head in shame. There are people sitting in jail with no bail for driving without license and they did not kill anyone. I strongly feel jail time is warranted for Lane and I am hoping 12 jurors see it as well. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ MT POSTS> PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SCROLL PAST.

    76. Mike Odom Says:

      L: continued
      Lane is a threat to you and others as long as he continues to drink and drive, driving in the manner that he did and does. Maybe he has learned, maybe he has not. His actions in public would say no, but you are right, maybe when he is alone this is different. No one would no this unless they have seen him alone.

      Billy is what the public made him. We cheered him on as he downed JD, we loved to see him do burnouts and build radical choppers. Does he need to keep this persona now after this terrible thing that happened? I think that he would be just as, if not more respected to change all of that. But that is what I think, not any one else. But to me, this would show that he has learned. Do you and others feel that if he is aquitted he would show change?

      Again, it is not up to you, me or any other person posting on these blogs and forums whether he does time. That will be decided and he will have to abide by the decision. It is the law that all of us must live by. No one is above that. I agree that prison has very little rehabilitating value, but if that is what is decided, then so be it. It will be up to Lane on how he makes use of that time.

      Yes, others would continue to work and certainly would want to have an attorney to defend them. Most would have a public defender or one paid lawyer at best, struggling to do so. Most of us would not be able to afford either one of the law offices mentioned here, let alone both. What is the need for more than one attorney? In both cases? Hence the comparison.

      Lane’s driving experience? Well he has maybe many hours driving, but those yellow pieces of paper that he has been collecting means that he either does not know what the rules of the road are, or simply chooses to ignore them. Passing in a no pass zone would not show the value of experience. The fact that his driver license was and remains to be suspended tells the truth of his driving experience.

    77. Mike Odom Says:

      On the point of narrowed minded
      Those who continually make comments on this and other threads about how Lane might or might not feel, what he did or did not do. Time will show and tell.

      Let us not forget the real roots of what happened here. There is a man dead who had the right to live. Please respect the fact and the feelings of the family of Gerald Morelock. Think about how they feel and how their lives were changed. Family members and friends do read these posts, respect that. Remember that things that you may say in anger, even in defense of the deceased can hurt these people.

      I am not pointing fingers and this is in regards to all posts here, not just this one. The outcome of Lane’s life has yet to be decided and I think that we all agree that we have no power over that. Gerald’s life came to a early end changing the people in his life forever. There should be no doubt in anybodies mind that these people have been hurt, some are yet young. These people need to be understood and we need to remember the very large and real effect that this tragedy has had on them.

      We all, as human beings have feelings. Some choose to keep those feelings locked inside and some just can’t help expressing them. Remember though, the feelings of the people who’s life has been changed forever when posting. Remember the one life that was taken RIP Gerry

    78. Jbb Says:

      I agree Mike. The Morelock family and friends probably read many of these posts and our prayers should go out for all of them. And Billy Lane probably has family who may be reading these also. And let’s face it none of them had anything to do with this. If he has parents, aunts, uncles, or siblings they are probably devistated over this too. The familes of drunks, drug addicts and criminals have more often than not suffered for years due to the person’s behaviors and are almost always the forgotten victims.

    79. sandie Says:

      Mike: I missed your post on Feb 4. I agree with you 100%. Well said and written.

    80. Mike Odom Says:

      Well said Jbb!
      Something like this has an effect like dominoes. It is just sad.

      Byron Morelock said it very well:
      In this, there are no winners.

    81. Liquidsteel Says:

      Well said sandie….

      Bill has had his 15 minutes of fame, now its time for Billy to serve 15 the hard way for breaking the law, blatently. Anyone else that wasn’t in front of a camera, we’d be doing the time.
      If it was your brother, mother, sister, or father or YOU, wouldn’t you people want justice?

    82. sandie Says:

      Liquidsteel:Yes, we would all want justice. Welcome Liquidsteel. I seem to be the only person on”cyril huze about billy lane” that feels this way. They are tar and feathering me. Seems like his whole fan club is there. Nobody on that site seems to think Lane has done wrong. I see it differently. None of us would be out of jail on a $15,000 bond. It would have been higher. Lane’s driving record speaks for his ability to drive. I am so stunned that DODGE gave him promotional vehicles to drive. Looks like someone did not check on his driving record nor did Dodge keep up with the status of his drivers license. If Dodge would have gave him the vehicles and the titles to put in his name and insure they would not be in this heap of trouble.

    83. Jbb Says:

      Everyone wants justice and that I believe is why the comments are so polarized. But really it’s not if you love or hate Billy Lane. It’s that we all want to see justice out of a system that none of us really trusts. We ‘ve all seen too many people with a few dollars and a name buy their way out. I’m sure some of us on here are old enough to remember Chappaquiddick.

      And with Dodge involved there’s going to be some serious legal firepower at work. So yeah, there’s the chance that justice may be diluted or God forbid denied in this case. But I doubt that will happen. And it’s forums like this that gives us all a little power to help see to it. So thanks again Mike Odham for this blog. And let’s all respect the rules so that it can continue.

    84. Liquidsteel Says:

      I strongly feel that Billy has talent when it comes to building incredible one off bikes. He has vision of steel, leather and rubber that most of us can only dream of having. But hes human. And he craps between two legs just like the rest of us. I dont hate him for what he has done, but I feel that because he is an “Icon” in the bike world, that alot of people want to stick up for him and defend what he has done. But if Billy had taken the life of one of their loved ones, or one of mine, his talent would be null and void. I want justice served, and I hope that he will curb his lifestyle, no matter what the outcome, to show that you can be a famous, talented, and have the ability of accountability.

    85. Iowalowrider Says:

      To correct Sandie,
      Everyone on the Cyril Huze blog thinks Billy is guilty. Sandie has wished for the “tar and Feathering” of Billy Lane, even after getting his autograph and taking her friends to his shop!!! Most of us just don’t believe that destroying Billy’s life will make the world a better place. Mr. Morelock did not deserve to die. We have all said that. R.I.P.
      P.S. O.J. Simpson is a piece of shit. He’s up there with Hitler and Ted Bundy. Lane should not be mentioned in a premeditated murder catagory.

    86. sandie Says:

      Maybe Lane should not be mentioned in a premediated murder catagory. It was premeditated “no regard for the law”. Yes, I am guilty of buying my nephew a book “prior” to Lane’s DUI troubles in both North Carolina and Florida. We are talking June 2006!! I am guilty of taking a friend to Choppers, Inc. who was in town from Indianapolis. My friend from Indianapolis is 56 years old and a fan who had absolutely “NO IDEA” of Lane’s criminal problems. It did not make the news in Indy, in the newspaper or television. We were on our way to Cocoa Beach and she saw the storefront and wanted to stop. It is her right to go in and look and possibly purchase merchandise. I am with Norm Fernandez, Esquire on this: it is up to 12 jurors to decide Lane’s fate……not anyone on the internet. We have the right to think what we chose to think. I agree with LiquidSteel. Heading out again for another ride. What a beautiful day. Stopped in to get leather as the sun goes down it is getting cooler. Have a good day. Ride safe!!!

    87. Iowalowrider Says:

      Everyone at cyril huze knows your with Norm!! Your comment was “Fry Lane’s butt.” It is your right to tell your 56 yr. old friend that Lane has a criminal background. I’m glad you agree that billy should not be mentioned in a premeditated murder catagory. Don’t buy EXPLICIT REMOVED from the guy and then wish to fry him you idiot!!

    88. Mike Odom Says:

      Welcome to my blog Iowalowrider:
      I welcome your comments, however try to think of other terms to describe what you want to say. I have sponsors and while others may want to risk losing theirs by allowing this type of language, I do not.

      Understand this please. This is not my only web site and it is certainly not my bread and butter. However, if I loose a sponsor here, I loose them on all sites. Currently I design and maintain just over 20.

      Thanks for understanding.


    89. sandie Says:

      Mike: You must look at the source and type of person you are dealing with above. Thanks “Iowalowrider” for reinforcing my rights under the United States Constitution…….I feel so much better. Just so you know I know my rights. “Ride Safe” and as Norm told you “Keep two wheels on the ground”!!!!!! Mike you have great web sites. Keep up the good work. Thank-you for keeping the public so well informed on Lane’s legal problems. My hat is off to you and Cyndi Bear!!!!!

    90. Iowalowrider Says:

      Sorry for the language Mike. I’ll quit posting now. I ‘ll never be able to kick someone when they are down. If Billy had killed my dad I would be very angry and want justice. I guess I have been thinking on the wrong side of the issue. For instance what if my dad had hit and killed Gerald. I’d feel very sad and depressed. I’d have a hard time telling my dad to “fry” for his horrible mistake. It’s time for me to apoligize to Sandie for considering billy to be a fellow human being. I hope the justice served will be enough for you to go on with your own life. If Billy gets the max and is destroyed for life then you should leave it at that! After Billy’s case is over and you are feeling good about yourself, you need to take the lynch mob back to South Dakota and finish off Janklow. He owes us bikers more than 100 days! Eye for an eye should apply to senators and bike builders.

      I wish more intelligent people were on the net. It hurts my brain every time I respond to you. Thank God this migraine is now over.
      Thanks Mike, and sorry about breaking the rules. I should be fried or tar and feathered. Sandie, don’t forget to Ride Safe and quote court papers. Later Hater!!

    91. Mike Odom Says:

      Don’t take me wrong Iowalowrider. You can still post here and as I said, you are welcome to. Just try to use more appropriate wording :)

      No harm done and no hard feelings here.

    92. Iowalowrider Says:

      Thanks Mike, there are no hard feelings here. I’d also like to apoligize to the Morelocks and any friends of theirs if my point of view has offended them. I’ve said Billy is guilty many times. I lost my best friend 9 years ago in a drunk driving accident. My other close friend was driving and fell asleep at the wheel. He went to prison for two years and it felt like two deaths to me.
      The driver did his time and made the most out of his life when he got a second chance. By not throwing away the key, he was allowed to rebuild and make a positive impact on society. I feel Billy will serve time, as he should. I don’t see how the system can make an example out of billy when they have let the true murders go free. O.J. will be golfing when Billy goes to prison.

    93. sandie Says:

      Iowalowrider: It is not right to kick people when they are down. 99% of a public poll confirmed they felt OJ was free due to the ability of having the $ to defend OJ in the criminal trial for premediated murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. Another poll showed the public felt OJ got off the murder conviction due to shoddy police work in the trial……I believe that poll showed to be 88%. Really there is not much more anyone can say on the subject of Billy Lane till the trials begin. For the record……….I DO NOT HATE BILLY LANE. I do not know Billy Lane to hate him. I DO NOT HATE ANYONE. It is a sad situation for everyone envolved. Janklow…..justice was not served and it is NOT FAIR!!!!! A lot of things in this life are not fair. Ride Safe and I regret if I have insulted you personally in any way Iowalowrider. I like people and try to do the right thing by everyone.

    94. Topspin Says:

      No discussion… life in prison.

      If he was a woman or elderly person, us bikers would despise him. Since he built choppers, now only some do.

    95. sandie Says:

      I agree with Topspin!! Except, I do not “hate” anyone……..I “hate” what some people do!!

    96. JR Says:


    97. JR Says:

      All the best to the Morlock family and the Lane family

    98. sandie Says:

      There are a lot of talanted and highly educated people in jail. We have the top executives of Enron and serial murders with very high IQ’s. Lane might even come up with a super way to make license plates or figure out a new speciality bike license plate[and patent them] since the State of Florida has only two to chose from for a bike and at least thirty to chose from for a car. Really, I do not think “just” people who ride bikes are disgusted with Lane. I think everyone is sick of people with suspended license driving and having absolutely no regard for the law. People would have been just as mad at you or me had we been the one driving the cager that killed Mr. Morelock or our loved one.

    99. sandie Says:

      To Iowalowrider: They do not throw away the key when you go to prison in Florida. Youserve your tme and then you get out. Sorry someone’s drinking caused you heartache. Many people have gone the way you talked about above in your post. Your friend paid his dues to society and he did not kill anyone by passing three cars while speeding drunk in a no passing zone without valid drivers license. Many factors in Mr. Lane’s case. I do not need your permission on how to spend my money. Good luck to you and ride safe. Yes, I agree with Norm Fernandez on “EVERY” single thing he has posted and believe me that man is “NOT” a ambulance chaser. He has a long list of credentials and won many cases. It never hurts to learn from someone who has more knowledge about the law.

    100. Hubless Says:

      There is a big difference between Billy Lane and OJ Simpson. We know for a fact that Billy Lane KILLED that poor man. LOve OJ or hate him, nobody saw him do it so there is reasonable doubt…Billy Lane driving like a maniac trying to get home to get laid. I hope when he gets to prison some big guy makes him his girl……Everytime he was on the TV he was drinking and driving, not to mention he is a Hack. If you want to see a real metal artist with vision take a look at Greg Westbury @….

      NOTE: Explicit Edited

    101. Iowalowrider Says:

      Nobody cares about you or your money. Quit thinking about yourself and get a life. Two family’s will be devasted for a very long time. I didn’t call Norm an abulance chaser. I don’t care about his credentials, I just thought it was stupid for a lawyer to say “Fry Billy Lane.”
      Nice plug for greg westbury. If you had called the discovery channel 3 years ago greg would be filthy rich and we’d all get to see his metal artistry. Your focus seems to be directed more towards lane’s fame and crude creations. Love O.J. or hate him?? I guess DNA evidence doesn’t override reasonable doubt. lol!! At least O.J. had enough sence to not drink and drive over to nicole’s house. Just think an accident might have happened instead of a premeditated murder using a knife!! Billy lane had no regard for the law and we all know he’s going to jail!! However, we don’t know if Billy will write a book in jail and title it “IF I DID IT.”
      p.s. I’d change your screen name, “hubless” is Billy Lane’s claim to fame. You don’t want to be labeled a butt-kisser!!
      Hey sandie, I wouldn’t put in for vacation time just yet. Lane’s trail could get moved back again. How will you go on with life if you miss the trial!!!

    102. sandie Says:

      Iowalowrider if you even own a bike. Do not hold your breathe on the civil trial being pushed back….it is going forward. Ask the Judge. The law breaking, drunk driving killer who you are such a big fan of will get his day in court. The Morelock’s deserve everything they can clean Lane’s clock for and Lane deserves the 15 years max in prison because he should not have been driving period….he knew he had no license. He killed a biker in his loaned promotional Dodge cager. Lane shold author a book on “DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK AND KILL A BIKER IN LESS THAN 90 DAYS AFTER YOU GET YOUR LICENSE SUSPENDED”. I will not miss the trial Mike Odom reports on it regularly. Mike knows what is going on before Lane does. Billy’s claim to fame is killing a biker while drunk with suspended license. Reply as you wish. I chose to ignore your comments as they are made by a lowlife with no life. Good Day. I would say Ride Safe but you probably have training wheels and wearing depends. Go some place else.

    103. Hubless Says:

      You will get to see Westbury’s work on the Discovery Channel in the coming month or so. He just did the Biker Build Off..

    104. sandie Says:

      Hubless: If you are any kind of a decent human being please let Iowalowrider know you are not me. That guy is such a “JERK”. I use my name “Sandie” if I make a comment I stand by what I comment. The JERK IOWALOWRIDER thinks I am posting under Hubless. Who is Westbury? I have never heard from him. One thing for sure, we are not going to be seeing Lane on Discovery. They want as far away from him as Dodge wishes they could be. MIKE ODOM: You better let that Jerk Iowalowrider know I am posting under my name and I am not Hubless. I know that you have a way of telling if somebody does that!!!! You know I am not doing that and I want you to say so…… if you are “honest and honorable” enough to do so. I have never named called or made remarks ugly to anyone. Billy Lane is no brother of mine. Lane is a ” DRUNK CAGER WHO KILLED A FELLOW BIKER AND HUMAN BEING WITH SUSPENDED DRIVERS LICENSE”!!!!!!!!!! Lane did the crime now he needs to do the time. The Morelock’s deserve evry single $ they can squeeze out of him. Gerry Morelock did not deserve to die!

    105. sandie Says:

      Maybe Hubless is Billy Lane?????

    106. Iowalowrider Says:

      Maybe you’re retarded? Maybe Bipolar? What we do know is sandie has extreme hatred towards Billy Lane. She buys Choppers Inc. merchandise and takes her friends to Billy’s shop!!!!! Did you drop out of school sandie? Read your posts!!! Get a Life and a padded helmet to wear at all times. lol!! By the way, I addressed you and then Hubless!! Your not smart enough to post under a different name!!
      Hey Hubless I’ll watch for westbury on the BBO!

    107. Hubless Says:

      I enjoyed watching BL on the Tube…. Never did care for his work, but he is a novel character. I have lost 2 people to drunk drivers in my life. Therefore I have absolutely no sympathy for his situation….None whatsoever… Some may look at it as a mistake…..A mistake is where you do something unentionally… Getting drunk to the point of twice the legal limit and driving is not a mistake…. Passing over a double yellow and killing a man while drunk is not a mistake…..The minute he turned the key it was premeditated murder ( In my opinion ) Sandie who the hell are you to tell me to be a decent human being. Nobody said you were me, sounds like you need to get a life. As far as the name Hubless goes it has nothing to do with Billy Lane. I envented a Hubless plumbing fitting years ago, and it has been my nickname for over 20 years. Iowa I know we dont agree, but I do respect your opinion…

    108. Mike Odom Says:

      Thank you Hubless for clearing up your posting name and with an interesting story (reason) I might add.

      PEOPLE! let’s get back to a discussion of topic here! Enough of the name calling. This article is not about the people who are commenting. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just as others are entitled to disagree.

      You can, however, agree or disagree without the name calling and remarks that have been made. None of which will change the situation and will not help those who have been hurt by this tragedy.

      Please think about what you are saying and post your opinions in a more intelligent fashion. There are men and women who have fought and are fighting for your right to speak your opinion freely, but they are not fighting for you to create a word war amongst yourselves.

      Most of you would probably agree on what is going on if it is put in a nonargumentative fashion. I certainly believe that there would be a greater deal of respect for one another if we were all sitting in the same room together.

      Remember; Nothing you say will change the outcome of what happens in court in either of the trials. Nothing that you say will change the way that either of the parties involved feel, except bring more hurt in their life! Nothing that you say will ever bring back Gerald Morelock or change the incident that brought his death.

      What happened, has happened and what is to come remains to be seen. No one here is on trial, not even Billy Lane! His trial will be heard in court and decided there.

    109. Iowalowrider Says:

      Hubless, I respect your opinion as well. Sorry about your nickname! Cool story.
      I feel that i have posted here in an intelligent fashion. I can not say the same for sandie. She has initiated the name calling. Kick her out of this blog! There’s no doubt Billy deserves to be punished, but it’s still a tragedy for both families. Do you think Billy Lane’s parents are high on life right now? How about his employees who have bills to pay!!! Sandie, two years from now you will forget Gerald Morelock’s name. You will forget because your life will go on and you have no affliation with his family. My best friend died in a drunk driving accident!! It sucks for both sides FOREVER!!! You are a dedicated lane hater and stalker!! On the Cyril Huze blog you talk about driving by Lane’s house!!!
      What is wrong with you????
      “The Morelock’s deserve every single $ they can squeeze out of him.” I don’t think his nephew cares about money sandie. He would rather have his uncle back. That’s what makes this a tragedy. Alcohol destroyes lives every day of the year!!!
      MONEY IS FAKE!! go buy the shirt you already bought his book and had it autographed!!!!

    110. Iowalowrider Says:

      I’d like to see the civil suit amended to include the Discovery Channel as a defendant. Go after everybody that used Lane’s image as a means for profit!! The discovery channel brought this beer guzzling outlaw right into all of our living rooms not just biker living rooms. Billy Lane was featured the most on BBO!! This guy is cool, it’s great T.V.!!!! They show Nicky Bootz smoking a cigarette while pouring gas into the tank. Great T.V. for 14-17 yr. old young men. The ratings will be huge!!! Get plenty of shots of the fellas drinking Corona and Bud.
      Morals didn’t matter before the accident so why should things change now? The guy’s behavior got worse each time he was on T.V. I can’t believe he survived his fourth build off after being covered in gas. How can the network abandon their self-made celebrity. Pay up Suckers, let Hugh “the chopper king” write the check to the Morelocks!!!! I Hope Hugh doesn’t shave his long made for T.V. outlaw hair over this deal.

    111. New date set for Billy Lane Case - clerical error at fault » MNO Blog-Motorcycles, News, Opinions Says:

      [...] article in Florida Today “breaking news” section seems to stirred up old news in the Billy Lane DUI Manslaughter case. The article entitled Lane scheduled for court appearance reports that two of the three charges [...]

    112. longbeard/FTW Says:

      It’s amazing to me the number of self rightous clowns that call themselves bikers these days. This douche bag calling himself LA RIDER, sounds like a real candya$$ choir boy. Yes, billy drank and drove. Yes, billy killed someone. And it will be billy doin’ the time , if any is handed down. Sounds to me like your still wet behind the ears and haven’t lived long enough to make any mistakes yet! Let’s get one thing straight, morelock was also drinking and driving. What about that??? To all the Brandos come lately, Some of us started riding long before it became main stream, long before OCC, or the discovery channel came along. I remember when it was unacceptable if you had tattooes and rode a harley…Ahhh…. the good old days…and for those of you that don’t know, riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs was a daily ocurrance, and if you got popped you took your lumps and did your time. None of this whining or crying about what people will think. Real bikers could’nt give a rats A$$ about being politically correct.

    113. Iowalowrider Says:

      hey longbeard
      LA RIDER left the building because someone offered him a cup
      of shut the f*ck up.
      can’t wait to hear you explain life to Sandie. She is going to love your point of view.

    114. sandie Says:

      Longbeard/FTW says. You are 100% percent correct. Great post. AMEN. Well written.

    115. Interested Bystander Says:

      Iowalowrider, you forgot, Sandie talks out of both sides of her mouth depending on who she is commenting to at the time. She was begging LA Rider to come back on board on Cyril Huze’s cite and now she is agreeing with Longbeard. BTW, Longbeard, you sound like the real deal.

    116. Hammer Says:


      Any guess what kind of sentence Billy may get? 5-15 years seems to be the usual here in Flroida for DUI Manslaughter. Just guessing but Possibly $10-20 Million in the Civil suit with Dodge and Billy’s liability insurance paying half each? I would think his personal auto liability insurance would cover a judgement or settlement and since he was driving the truck as a Choppers Inc marketing promotion (his lawyer could make that claim) I would assume that Choppers Inc’s corporate liability insurance would also cover the accident. Do you agree? Any word if Erin is going to file a suit? If I were in her shoes I certainly would unless there has already been a confidential agreement.

    117. Ricko Says:

      L.A.RIDER, I read the first few comments you made, and I have to say your as dumb in the head than a hog is in the a$$. And then I read the rest of what you said, I think it’s more like you have more mouth than a hogs got A$$.

    118. sandie Says:

      Hammer all you have to do is type in DUI MANSLAUGHTER STATE OF FLORIDA and it will tell you everything that you are unable to find yourself. Thought you were so smart. Guess I was wrong. My stand has always been GERRY MORELOCK HAD THE RIGHT TO LIVE. Fact is he was killed by a Lane a very, very drunk cager, speeding, crossing a double yellow line in a NO PASS ZONE that has been there for many years. Thought LANE would have learned his lesson in North Carolina. But, he did not and Mr. Morelock is dead. LA RIDER is not dumb. He just wants justice and your drunk dead friend was probably in the wrong and that is why he is dead. Gerry Morelock was not in the wrong. He was riding proper as FHP Traffic Investigators reports state, he did not deserve to die. No, you can not put a price on a human life. I wish Sammy well on his civil suit for the Moreloclk’s. No doubt he will prevail on his own without the outside help of other lawyers because he is very good at his job. LA RIDER look at who you are dealing with. Probably Lane under a different screen name or somebody close to him. Again, I will wait till trial and I hope if Lane is found guilty he gets the max. Under the Florida points sentence for sentences, he should be considered a habitual offender. Lane has no regard for the law or a fellow bikers life. Yes, I will remember Gerry Morelock. When I see someone who has had too much to drink, I will tell them the story of how Mr. Morelock was killed by drunk BILLY LANE.

    119. Mike Odom Says:

      Don’t get names and posts confused between blogs please. Hammer who has just made the first post on this blog and Chevy Small Block Hammer posting on another blog are probably two different people.


    120. Mike Odom Says:

      Your guess would be as good as mine or anyone else. We will have to wait and see.

      There are already insurance attorneys sitting in on the case and they are aware of the strong possibility of their involvement.

      Remember, Erin Derrick is listed as a witness FOR Lane, so you might have the right idea.

    121. sandie Says:

      If one will read the fine print in their car policy or pick up the phonr and call their insurance agent, they will find out you have no coverage if you are under the influence or if you do not have valid insurance. I do not think business liability insurance has anything to do with Lane’s insurance. This was a car accident, not a slip and fall injury. Mike Odom, you are not quick to identify who is not typing something in on another name. So, how do you know it isn;t the same two, not so bright people from Cyril Huze’s site. If you notice, nobody is posting on Cyril now. They have moved over here to do the name calling, be impolite and rude.

    122. sandie Says:

      Mike, I hope that when you are at the Criminal and Civil trials, you and Cindi Bear are ringside right next to the Florida Today reporter. Bless her heart, she has to be a rookie……maybe you can offer her a tip or too, she can use all the advise and suggestions given to her. As said in NASCAR LINGO……that girl needs all help, suggestions and guidance to get her on track. Last time she whole whopping 18 sentence. Your article should have been in the paper. Florida Todays was well written, I am glad that you and Cindi Bear attend the trials, because we get factual and balanced reporting. Great Work!

    123. Hammer Says:

      Thanks for the response Mike. I would be interested in knowing who was insuring Billy at the time of the accident and what his coverage $ limits were (I am sure that is highly confidential information at this point). If you sell Choppers for a living I would imagine you would want some good liability insurance.

      Sandie- Was my post addressed to you? No? Then fix a cup of that great elixir STFU. Sentences for DUI manslaughter that have been handed down by the courts range all over the place in Fla. (from probation to 50 years+). Auto insurance still covers you if you are in a DUI accident, not sure where you got that tidbit that it does not. If you are on duty working for a company and are in an accident (drunk or not), corporate liability insurance would still cover the incident. While we all know Billy was not actually working at the time of the accident, he still could make a claim that driving the truck with his mural and shop name on it constitutes working in a position of marketing the business. It is up to the judge or jury to decide if that is relevant. Bottom line is there could be a big settlement in the civil case with relatively little money out of Billy’s pocket. Like it or not it happens all the time and is a somewhat unknown area of our legal system. BTW-I am Chevy Small Block Hammer and the only person I seem to have a problem in these Forums with is Crazy Sandie. She seems to feel she has the right to judge everyone and everything from her supposedly high moral position. While she does have that right, I think many posters on the blogs pertaining to Billy Lane are sick of her shrill and unattractive voice. She even agreed with Longbeard 100% and though it was cool when he talked about riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the past. Sound’s like she’s a hypocrite to me. Don’t forget the Lady that started MADD got a DUI while she was in charge of it. S**t happens! I used to race my old Corvette up A1A back in the day in the same vein that Longbeard mentioned; it was fun and a different time back then. Many of the consequences for a mistake were the same as now. Sandie, I know it eats you up inside, but Billy is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We have a thing called the Constitution in the United States, maybe you want to blog about repealing it so they can hang Billy from a tree in front of the Courthouse.

    124. Hammer Says:


      I am not sure if you will let this post stand in light of your sponsor obligations. If you need to delete it that is fine. It does have a correlation to the Billy Lane Case.

      Subject-The current CEO of Anheiser Busch has been charged with DUI manslaughter in the past. He is now 41 I believe; his full name is August Adolphus Busch IV.

      He was in a similar situation as Billy (was out driving in a new Corvette ironically per my last post) with a pretty waitress from the bar he was just drinking at. You guessed it, he barrel rolled the Vette and the poor girl was killed. Yes, he was found to be traveling at high speed when it happened.

      So what was his sentence?

      See below for details. A huge confidential settlement of the civil case was taken care of by AB’s lawyers. (huge as in over $20 million by most estimates). No one but the insiders know the real amount and I certainly don’t.

      Jail Time?-None

      Ask your Budweiser rep about that Sandie. Let me know if he says it’s not true. I am just making a point that the final result of this case is hard to predict. The past situation of AB IV and Billy are eerily similar although ABIV has a mega-Wallet and had the best legal representation you can buy.

      The following is lifted with credit from I can’t verify the facts as it is a wiki. I have heard of the accident but it has been very low key in the press for years.

      “August IV is by far the most notorious Busch for several reasons. As a college student at the University of Arizona in 1983, he had a serious automobile accident that killed his friend, a 22 year old woman. He left the scene of the accident and police later found him at his home with an assault rifle and a sawed off shotgun. He was acquitted of manslaughter charges due to loss or damage of evidence. In 1985, he was involved in a high speed chase with police and also was acquitted of all charges”.

      Sandie has said AB may be out to get me because of my past posts on Cyril Huze’s website. With this post I am nervous lol, I certainly make no claim to the veracity of the facts of this post and everyone can look up the facts on their own. It is opinion only. It is interesting how this information is so quiet in the press. I guess there are possibly huge advertising and sponsorship dollars at risk if the wrong things are written.

    125. Hammer Says:

      Last Post tonight-me and Longrider up too late parying lol.

      I have a question,

      While I have ridden many choppers and enjoy them, I mostly have experience with the high speed stuff like Hayabusa’s. To each his own, choppers are a lot of fun.

      Anyway, I have a question for those who have bought Custom Choppers from firms like OCC and Choppers Inc. Do they have buyers sign a contract which obsolves the maker from liability such as if there is a part failure with the bike resulting in a Crash? It seems if your OCC mechanic like Mikey forgot to align a wheel or something correctly and it flew off at high speed resulting in your injury or demise, I assume you would be able to sue the maker correct?

      I know Ford payed out many millions when the Pinto’s blew up and have been making big settlements lately with the exploding Cop Car Crown Vic’s. Just curious.

    126. KD Roberts Says:

      Your correct Hammer. Another big money family using whatever means to keep their little family ‘problem’ out of jail. It was written up in 1997 in CNN Money. Nothing says not guilty like losing blood & urine evidence.

      EDIT: URL shortened to control page design

    127. sandie Says:

      Hammer you are a jerk. Liar again as well. Norm Fernandez had a problem with your posts as well. Dodge Corp is self insured. Read up if you can. Dodge is responsible for letting people drive their promotional vehicles. They are responsible as well to check their driving records and be sure that the person they loan too has valid drivers license. No ALLSTATE does not cover people with suspended license driving. Sorry…you are wrong there. I want Billy to have a fair trial and I have no doubt that he will get one. Go have another drink when you get off work at McDonals’s tonight. Yes, after the lasy sued Winnebago because she set her Winnebago on cruise control and went to fix a cup of coffee, Winnebago was sued and they now have in their owners manaul that you must stay behind the wheel. Carrol Dist. just said you were a Liar and did not even call there to talk to Ron. Seems you lie a lot.

    128. Mike Odom Says:

      I don’t want to close comments on this thread! But, I am leaving tomorrow for Daytona to do MY job.
      Can we comment without the name calling and personal comments?

    129. Mike Odom Says:

      No problem. I will let the comment about AB remain, especially with the fact that KD was kind enough to find a link to the actual story.

      BTW KD, I did shorten the URL of the article, but the results are the same.

      I once approached the local AB distributor back in 2003 and again in 2004. Seems they had no time for what they considered to be a little guy. Today, they would have to pay top dollar to put ads on any of my Florida Motorcycle Event sites. :)
      I am communicating with a couple of energy drink companies now.

    130. Mike Odom Says:

      Interesting about the Crown Vic fire problem!

      I work for a guy on occasion that sells cop cars second hand and was not aware of this problem. This story again shows how big money, in this case law enforcement, can have their way. While the law enforcement were able to return the vehicles to have shields installed, the public was never made aware. If they did question the problem, Ford would offer to install the shield at a cost to the consumer.

      As far as your question goes and relating to the Ford Pinto, I believe that case was brought about with a class action suit. I am sure there are a multitude of legal clauses to relieve the responsibility of the builder built in to the buyer order. I think given the circumstances, evidence and attorney any of those clauses could have holes shot through them.

    131. Mike Odom Says:

      Just catching up here.

      Longbeard, I can remember when you could buy a Coors at a Taco Bell drive-thru too. Cops used to make you park your vehicle and call a ride when they pulled you over for DUI. Times have changed and we have to adopt to those changes or pay the price, which today is at a much higher cost.

      Can you imagine the liability of a company selling beer at a drive-thru today!

    132. sandie Says:

      Mike: Seems like all Hammer does is call people names. If you read the posts you will notice that he always has the comment above with the name calling and rude remarks……especially if he is not agreed with on his post. Read thru his posts my man and check it out yourself. So much for no censorship. Guess Norm Fernandez’s site is the best place to post. He does not allow bashing and does not have people paying him money to advertise on his site. Norm has even deleted Hammers rude bashing remarks.

    133. sandie Says:

      When sponsors read this stuff I will be surprised if you have any sponsors left when you get back from Daytona. You and Cindi Bear have a great trip. Be safe. Look forward to seeing your pictures. You always seem to find a cool place to take pictures. Have fun!!

    134. Mike Odom Says:

      See Sandie,
      I guess you missed my point.
      You seem to carry the words and fight over from one blog to another.
      Hammer’s first post here on this blog was a question, only. There was no name calling or personal remarks made. You immediately jumped in carrying on a mess that was started somewhere else. I was not even sure it was the same Hammer as on the other blog. The questions were legit and there was no bashing involved.

      We know now that it is the same Hammer because he has made us aware of that. However, he did not carry over an attitude from the other blog. It was only after you came back at him that he responded.

      If were to take out the bashing in the above comments, which one of you would have more removed?

      Hammer made his FIRST post on THIS blog at February 27th, 2007 at 11:49 pm

      You are carrying a grudge from other blogs. I am not choosing sides and I am not going to play referee. I just don’t have the time. Bike Week is starting and I am working on a very important post regarding anti-war protesters that are trying to use the VietNam Wall as a political prop in their protest on March 17th! I do not have the finances to go to DC, but I am going to stand for what is right.

      To me this cause is more important than continuing on this subject. When I get done with the post, I am sure everyone will agree. Want to read something to set you on fire? Check out this site until I get my post finished. Want to help? Hit the donation button and help me go to DC.

    135. sandie Says:

      I will not post here. You ought to kick Hammer off. Plenty more to post on with reasonable people. No grudge here. Hammer did not agree and he started the nasty remarks. So it was drom one place to another he still started. Have a safe trip. I’ll look elsewhere for pictures, there are plenty of other people with cameras and talent as well. I have taken my address off your notification list.

    136. sandie Says:

      No more hits from me. If you have something to say……mail it.

    137. JR Says:

      LMAO sandie get a …… life.

      Explicit removed

    138. Hubless Says:

      Thank God sandie has finally shut her rotten pie hole :) :) HOPEFULLY

    139. Hammer Says:

      Hello Everyone. I was just having fun blogging about a few things on this website. Sandie seems to need some Anti-Depressant drugs or maybe to just get laid. Sandie, see your Doctor now! I will say the most important thing I have mentioned in these blogs is the Crown Vic Police cars. If you know someone that spends lot of time on the side of the road in a Police Crown Vic running radar, have them make sure there is a gas tank cage around the gas tank.(if u don’t understand look it up on the internet). These cars are murder for Highway Troopers who have a big risk of being hit in the back.

      Sandie, Usted es un idiota y debe aspirar a mi dick porque usted es los dumbass. ¡Vete a la mierda!

    140. KD Roberts Says:

      Thanks for changing that link Mike. That was a big deal back ‘in the day’ :) Unfortunately, Billy Lane is not, by far, the only notable personality who has had a DUI/DWI run in with the law. We watch ‘em smoking dope, snorting coke & wrecking Bentleys with no repercussions in Hollyweird daily. I have yet to see even the slightest hint of outrage over such actions as we have seen with Billy Lane. Even ‘ole Pete Coors proved himself human ~ irresponsible ~ but nonetheless human. These instances can, and will, happen to any one of us if we refuse to control our personal actions.

      Billy made some incredibly foolish choices, but John Q. Public has steadfastly contributed to that behavior – IMHO – as we do numerous other celebrity-like people living vicariously through them because the rest of us KNOW what would happen to us, as everyday folks, when we throw caution to the wind & party like a rock star in public. I have no doubt Billy will be facing the music related to his actions. It is a tragedy for all involved. I truly hate the fact he envisioned himself above the law when he had so much going for him.

      Glad to see you pointed out a bigger concern & problem for our country with the Gathering of Eagles link. Prior commitments keep me from personally attending; however, my own temperment would have likely landed me in jail at the site of Hanoi Jane. LOL.

      On a lighter note :) I really enjoy your photos & thats how I originally found you. I’m a freelance biker photographer in the DFW area. Local travel, events & rallys. An occasional biker wedding. No paid work yet –other than beer– but working towards it daily!

      You & your lovely wife Cindi have a great time documenting the memories that make Daytona what it is!! Will be looking forward to seeing your photos!

      Ride safe…

    141. Mike Odom Says:

      Excellent points KD Roberts!
      Thanks for the kudos my friend. We are in just about the same boat here, but we enjoy the work.

      On the Gathering Of Eagles. I finally got the post completed, it was hard to word with most already being said and having deep feelings and respect for Veterans and our active duty troops. I will have a hard time controlling myself as well, but I read a comment on the Patriot Guard Riders site that that keeps ringing in my head and will also keep my jets cooled. Here it is:

      To quote a reporter from the Chicago Tribune who just witnessed his first PGR mission, “The silence of 200 people holding flags – was deafening.”

      Well, almost time to get out of here, thanks again!

    142. Noodles Says:

      Not to change the subject here but I think you might like to know about this site They are organizing a caravan starting in San Francisco and going cross country to meet the protesters in D.C. It is called These Colors Don’t Run. I can’t afford to go but I donated some flags for them to set up. Check it out they try to remind people what and who keeps us free

    143. Iowalowrider Says:

      I bet Sandie is smokin Norm fernandez esquire/G.Q.’s pole for beer money right now and I truly wish her the worst in life. The tard has left the building so everyone now has the option to argue their opinion in a more intelligent fashion. So here we go.

      Let’s award a multi-million dollar settlement to a guy who knowingly and willingly broke Florida’s DWI laws and chose to operate a moped while intoxicated. I don’t give a sh*t what billy Lane was doing at the time of the accident. Another drunk could have hit this “Drunk Biker”, and the Morelocks would get nothing! But instead we have Billy Lane and Dodge and we are talking millions!! What is worse, little or no time served by billy lane or 5-10 million awarded to a guy who was operating a moped while intoxicated? Basically all of us blogers will pay higher insurance premiums to cover the settlement. The real “innocent victims” will be us tax payers. I only see about 4 -8 people winning in this deal. They will be the ones talking during both trials on both sides of the court room. I still find it unbelievable that billy lane just happened to hit another drunk driver. What are the odds of that? What’s the rest of the story? Where was the pass made? On a hill or what? Billy was passing 3 cars? How long was he out in that lane?
      p.s. I don’t care about suspended license, double yellow,etc. that’s old news everyone knows what billy did. I want to know what gerald was doing and thinking.

    144. sandie Says:


    145. Iowalowrider Says:

      Put down the green tea for a second and grab a cup of SHUT The F Up!!! Get your fat a** on your 883 sporty and strap that bible to the sissy bar!!! Don’t forget to show everyone your middle finger. I own two bikes but that has nothing to do with two drunk drivers. If a park ranger on a scooter is a biker then I must be a 1%er.
      Just because you’ve never drank and never will doesn’t give you the right to bash everyone else. So it’s o.k. to drink and drive as long as you don’t cause the accident? This must explain why everyone has done it. Everyone except Sandie and Jesus have sinned.
      How can you bad mouth people who drink when you don’t even have a clue what its like? Alcoholism is a disease. Your Life sucks!!! That would explain why you get on these blogs and attack people EVERY DAY!!! If you live in Florida you should be riding instead of bloging.
      By the way, no a** clown poser will ever be allowed to see my grave site Sandie. You are SOL on that one. Go ahead and Piss on yourself!!
      No one deserves to die!! Jesus died for all of our sins. Even Billy Lane’s.
      Everybody was happy when you said you were leaving this blog. So get Lost Tard!!

    146. sandie Says:


    147. sandie Says:

      For the record TARD Gerry Morelock was on a licensed street legal bike. He had the right to be on the highway. Guess you are a 1%er! You get very ugly if people do not agree with you. Blogs are for debates not name calling. You have the right to disagree as I have the same right to disagree. I have never owned a 883. In 1985 I bought a 1200 Sportster and learned to ride it and then moved up to a HD Lowrider Convertible and now a Fatboy. I admit I have made mistakes. But my life is a good one. I have a daughter in her third year of college. She is working on a Masters Degree in Nursing. My homelife is wonderful. Could not ask for better and have a great husband. I hope things are as good for you. Like I have already said, there is nothing to debate or fight about regarding Billy Lane until the trials start. Did you see on the news where the Judge in New York gave the driver of the fatal accident that killed the wedding party in their limo, the flower girl’s head was decapitated 18 years. He will get time off for time served and good behavior. He was three times over the BAC limit. The driver had consumed at least 14 drinks and turned the wrong way down the highway. Paris Hilton, another with no regard for the law. She was caught speeding, did not have her headlights on and was driving on revoked license from a previous DUI. This will revoke her probation. She is possibly looking at jail time. Drinking and Driving is a big problem every place. I am done name calling and fighting with you. I will not make comments directed at you and would appreciate it if you would be man enough to show me the same respect. Enjoy you weekend. Although, I live in Florida, the wind is cool and it looks like it could snow.

    148. Iowalowrider Says:

      Go to Hell Sandie!! I have no respect for a hateful person. You’ve attacked me and everyone else and I’m not going to put up with your B.S.
      No one has the right to operate while intoxicated!!! This includes Victims!! How did Mr. Morelock have the right to be on the rode with a B.A.C. over the legal limit you dumba**. You have debated NOTHING!!! Join my drunk friend? He served his two years and we hang out often. We’ve talked about my best friend who died in the accident it’s a healing process. It is good for everyone involved. I saw both sides. No winners. You want to pee on my grave with your friends but at least you went to church this morning. LOL!
      I don’t care what bikes you have owned or ridden. I think you buy Harleys in order to get attention and impress your neighbors. This is the first characteristic of a true poser. The “dirty” long haired tattooed people as you call them, symbolize freedom and they are the reason motorcycles are so “cool”. These are the people most commonly referred to as bikers. The scooters they ride range from 1200cc to 1800+cc. You might catch these outlaws changing their own oil and doing other maintanence, they might even build a bike from scratch since some can’t afford to write a 30K check. Your right about more preppy folks riding. Why do the preppy folks try to look like the dirty guys? Why do the perfect people put themselves right in the middle of an environment where people are drinking beer and riding bikes?(ex., Rallies) Would you scold Indian Larry if he passed you on the shoulder or would you follow him to get an autograph and buy a book?
      Finish the cup of shut the f up and leave like you promised!!!

    149. sandie Says:

      IOWALOWRIDER YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY A SICKO! NO, I will not shut up. Hang with your DRUNKS! You know that old saying ” YOU SMELL LIKE WHAT YOU HANG AROUND WITH!!! JAILBIRDS THAT DON”T FLY AND DRUNKS WHO REEK OF BOOZE COMING OUT OF THEIR PORES. If you did not care what I ride you should not have mentioned a 883. No matter what you say it does not matter as far as the court system about Mr. Morelock’s BAC. We do know Lane had revoked license and should not have been driving period…sober or drunk and if Lane had obeyed the law Mr. Morelock would not be dead. Mr. Morelock had the right to live!! I take my bike to the Harley Dealership for maintenance. That is what I prefer to do and I can do it. My neighbors have Harley’s. Actually Harley’s do not impress anyone. It is a personal decision as to what you want to ride. Some buy boats, some buy sports cars, some do what ever they want with their money. Believe it or not but everyone who shows up for the monthly HOG rides are called bikers too. As are the people who go on Kyle Petty’s ride each year to raise money for Victory Junction. You are a hateful person. I have many good and loyal friends that are not just released jailbirds and sit around and drink. There is life without a bottle in your hand. Actually, I liked Indian Larry. He was a cool guy. May Indian Larry RIP. Hate to tell you but we have Bank Presidents, President of Turkey Point Nuclear Plant, several Florida Power & Light employees, a couple lawyers. retired NYPD Detectives, doctors, and Indian River Sheriff’s that are bikers. Some have tatoos and even a few piercings. There is not a sterotype of a biker. Guess what TARD, I am not going to shut up. Thank You United States Military. We have the freedom of speech and can think what we want. You are not getting BS. You are just not getting somebody to agree with you. Too bad. Remember to thank a teacher if you can read and thank a Marine if you can read in English!!!! Now I think I will have a cup of Cindi Bears Tea. Excellent recipe Mike. Iowalowrider you ought to try it and it will make you feel better. Natural things are good for your health. It will do more for you than getting drunk. Check out MiKE’S recipes they are wonderful. Mike’s recipes would be a good discussion since there is nothing to debate, discuss or name call till Lane’s trials start. Check out some of Mike’s pictures. They are great and you will see what a wonderful place we live in. I highly recommend the pictures Mike and Cindi Bear took on one of their trips to Virginia. It looks like a great place to go for a bike ride.

    150. Liquidsteel Says:

      Quoted from sandie: “No more hits from me.” “If you have something to say……mail it.”
      You do realize that youre bringing most of these comments about you on yourself, right?

    151. sandie Says:

      Yes Liquidsteel;I “JUST” Could not refrain from commenting on Iowalowriders remarks. Kind of a freedom of speech thing and defense thing. Of course, I should consider the source a “TARD”, his word. Words do not hurt and we are all entitled to our opinion. We do not agree on everything, nobody does. If we all liked the same thing we would not be able to find our bike at Daytona because they would all look the same. Now, it is just plain ole mud slinging and name calling. You can see who started the name calling “TARD”, his word. There is nothing more to say on Billy Lane till the trials start. I am quite sure you would have commented to the “TARD”, his words, if these nasty remarks were directed at you. I think “TARD”, his word is a very hateful and bitter person. You can bet I will fire back at his nasty remarks. I have met Mike and Cindi Bear, and really like them both. Have telephoned Mike with scoop news. I am really surprised and disappointed that he has allowed this site to become what it has become especially the name calling and foul language. I know somebody that will no longer let their fifteen year old son read this blog and Mike knows the person as well. The young man now reads Bikerlawblog. Comments and bashing of “TARDS”, his word, have been deleted. Have a good day Liquidsteel. Ride Safe, Curious, how did you get your nickname? I like it. “COOL”!

    152. sandie Says:

      Liquidsteel your February 9th comment was right on.

    153. sandie Says:

      Liquidsteel your December 26th comment was correct as well. It was well written and to the point. I must give you credit for the ability to write what I feel and agree with you and you do not get bashed or name called. Actually, I am embarassed with this “TARD” thing. But, one can not make everyone happy.

    154. Liquidsteel Says:

      Got the nickname from several differnt things. I can weld, not the best, may not be pretty, but it works. I also created a comic book character waaaaaay back in 6th grade art class. That and my freinds/family tell me I can conform to whatever situation/environment Im thrusted into.
      One more thing about me. I dont currently ride, but I used too. I do support the 2 wheel lifestyle, cause I know what its like. Not all people who ride are good, not all are bad either. Cant judge a biker by his attire, you gotta sit and have a beer with them to get to know them.

    155. sandie Says:

      Good way to come up with you name. Like it even better now that I know how you came by it. Have a good day. Going to do something productive. I am taking books to the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach. Spent the morning at a local drinking hole filling boxes to send to troops in Iraq tomorrow morning. We have adopted three Marine Squadrons. We baked cookies and made candy. Everyone buys things the troops can not get there. Like soap, shampoo, deodorant, magazines, books, cigarettees, trail mix and things they enjoy. Each person buys a card and writes a letter and sends pictures if they have been on vacation. This is done monthly and postage just kills us. But it is worth it. The squadrons share everything. One guy said it is like Christmas.

    156. Iowalowrider Says:

      One minute your telling Mike what to do and threatening to leave his blog and the next minute your kissing his a**!!! You call me a drunk and bad mouth drinkers but I’d bet anything you kiss their a**es every time you see them at the local bike nights and rallies.
      It looks like Liquidsteel would have a BEER and get to know me. I’ll just meet up with him on my moped that way it will be legal when I drive off drunk. No one deserves to die and NOBODY has the right to start any vehicle when they are over their states B.A.C. level!!! Quit dodging the issue and changing the subject. Try answering the questions I’ve presented or just keep on embarrasing yourself.
      Answer these two questions: Was it legal for Mr. Morelock to operate his vehicle while intoxicated? Did he have the right to operate his scooter with a B.A.C. over the legal limit? These are yes or no questions!! Answer them with a yes or no to show your not biased towards long haired tattooed “dirty” people who might drink but not cause accidents. Everyone knows lane is guilty and you’ve done your part to mention it a few thousand times.
      p.s. Try to stay out of the “local drinking holes” especially in the mornings. don’t make excuses for why your really there. Jesus would be pissed. I bet he drank wine because budweiser was not yet available.
      I love your comment to liquid, “I must give you credit for the ability to write what I feel.” I’m sure glad his december 26th comment was “Correct”, well at least in your mind Sandie.
      don’t forget YES or NO, the B.S. isn’t needed.

    157. Hammer Says:

      Hi Sandie,

      August B IV said he wants to take you for a ride in his new viper. No need for you to wear a seat belt, just hang on. Don’t worry about the glass roof above you. Try to suck it up to AB like usual and hang on tight.

      Your talk about urinating on peoples graves is very disrespecful. While we have had our differences that truly is despicable to talk about urinating on someones grave, Sandie. I am not sure where that crap came from.

      To everyone else, happy Springtime and good riding.

      Chevy Small Block Hammer.

      P.s. I smoked a 5.0 mustang today at a traffic light today, he was reving his engine and everything. Sucks to lose! Chevy small blocks rule!

      Edited 3/8

    158. sandie Says:

      Iowalowrider the answer to both of your questions is NO. That is no BS. Gerry Morelock was still not at fault in the accident that took his life, nor did he cause the accident. We will fight again when the trial starts. Till then here is nothing more to discuss. Drinking and driving do not mix. It is against the law if you consume more than the BAC level of the State you drink in. I believe you have embarassed yourself all by yourself.

    159. Mike Odom Says:


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